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2015 A to Z Crime Fiction Murder Mystery Challenge:


Case - Witness List

Witness List:
Martha Clinton — Victim (deceased) 28 year old married female, occupation: Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics; Employer, Dr. Zachory Russ

Thomas Clinton — Husband of the deceased, Martha Clinton. 42 year old personal injury attorney at the law offices of Auld, Baker, Boudreaux,Clinton, & Richard & Associates, LLC

Detective Wayne Coker — Lead homicide detective, Law enforcement officer (LEO) 64 Year old, Sgt., former Lt., but was demoted two years ago during an undisclosed New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) situation 

Sam Watson — White/Male 38 years of age. Located victim’s body — placed 911 call. Claims to be a “very good friend of the victim,”other witnesses claim he is the disgruntled ex-lover of the victim. It appears he may have had a very different view of the relationship/affair with the victim than others.

Dr.  Bowers, Chief Medical Examiner — Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Annabelle Kelly — Best friend of victim, Martha Clinton

Dr. Aiden Russo — pediatrician, victim, Martha Clinton’s employe

Elisa Smith — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics

Frances Cush — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics

Jenny Hebert — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics

Michael Prejean — Nurse  Jenny Hebert’s boyfriend, leases the garage apartment behind the Clinton’s home

Eric Dupuis — Victim, Martha Clinton’s divorce attorney

Angele Landry — Husband, Thomas Clinton’s legal assistant and rumored to be his latest girlfriend/lover

Lance — NOPD Internet Tech Support

Daryl Kelly — Annabelle Kelly’s husband

****** New Witness******
Special Agent Joe Marone - FBI

Tyrone Mitchell - Suspect in cold case with same gun found in victim Martha Clinton's hand

Pam Robinson - Tyrone Mitchell's girlfriend, Elisa Smith's former roommate 

Michael Prejean's mother

Saul Watson - Sam Watson's identical twin brother

Rose DeSimone - girlfriend of mobster, Frank Mondello

Frank Mondello - Head or organized crime in New Orleans

Brian Sepulvado- His DNA was a match to Martha Clinton's rape/murder, but he has an unshakeable alibi. He was in jail

Unnamed female witness who identified Michael Prejean from photo line up and later recanted her statement

Case Update:

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Letter A - Autopsy
Letter B - Bad guys & Villains
Letter D - Digital Forensics
Letter E - Epithelial Cell DNA
Letter F - Forensic Update on Martha Clinton's Murder
Letter G - GPS Darts
Letter H - Hearsay Evidence
Letter I - Identification
Letter J - Jury Verdict
Letter K - Ketamine
Letter L - Law Enforcement Goes High Tech
Letter M - Means, Motive & Opportunity
Letter N - NCIC Rap Sheet
Letter O -Obtaining Prescription by Fraud
Letter P - Probable Cause
Letter Q - Questioned Documents
Letter R - Robbery
Letter S - Spoof Card
Letter T - Trace Evidence
Letter U - Undercover Cop
Letter V - Verdict, Verify & Validate
Letter W - Witness Tampering
Letter X - Excuses & Exculpatory Evidence
Letter Y - Year and a day Homicide Rule
Letter Z - Zygote

A - Not an accident
B - Backstabber
C - Cancer
D - Deception
E - Elusive
F - False Positive
G - Geofeedia 
H - Heredity
I - Identical
J - Junk Science
K - Kidney
L - Leukemia
M - Myeloid
N - Nullomers
O - Operation
P - Phone
Q - Quarter
R - Replication & Rejection
S - Semen
T - Twin Defense/Transplant
U - Urine
V - Vasectomy
W - Warrant
X - Xerox
Y - Yoke
Z- Zygote

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