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As you can see, my name is Melissa Sugar. I'm married to a lawyer so I kept my maiden name (Sugar) for professional use. I sometimes hyphen my name, but since my husband's last name is Gold, half the people think I'm making my name up and the other half probably think "Sugar-Gold", is my stripper name.

I always wanted to be an actress, but my parents threatened to cut me off, so I did the next best thing: I went to law school and began a career as a trial attorney. You'd be surprised how much actors & attorneys have in common.

 I'm a full time mom & part time lawyer (not currently practicing) & an insomniac four A.M. mystery/suspense/ thriller writer. I am currently seeking representation for my legal thriller, Justice for Sale, and I am about seventy- five percent finished with the first draft of my second legal thriller, Bayou Justice. I love to write. I go into major withdraw if I am unable to write everyday. I read & write while soaking in a hot bath (when I can get away from my husband and kids). I'm not ashamed to admit that I often hide out at night, from my husband, kids & the dogs. I'm not too hard to find- I'm in the bathroom with my laptop, a notebook, pen and a glass of wine (and the occasional cigarette), but you absolutely must keep the last part a secret. I quit smoking in January.

I was a prosecutor for twenty years before entering the private sector as a criminal defense attorney. I'm married to a criminal defense attorney, together, between us, we have six kids. My ex- husband is also a criminal defense attorney. There's usually a power struggle happening at our house and we debate almost every issue.

My kids are my greatest accomplishment.  I gave birth to triplet girls fourteen years ago. They were very premature and Blake is my only surviving triplet. She weighed one pound thirteen ounces and was not expected to live. Today she is a healthy, happy, beautiful, fourteen year old. She lost her hearing when she was two and she has a cochlea implant, but that does not keep her from being all that she wants to be (I really wasn't going for an Army slogan there). She is an honor roll high school freshman, in a regular classroom, a cheerleader and plays soccer. My son Bennett is adorable and hilarious. He was the MVP on his soccer team and he runs track.

I love peanut butter and I eat it on everything. When I work from home, I work in my pajamas. I like to garden,  take photographs and travel to the beach or our lake house.  I love being in the water, swimming & all other water activities. I'm told that I'm a little quirky. I have severe ADHD, so I tend to get on my husband's nerves, but I don't get on my own nerves...not yet, anyway.

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