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What to do with the dead body? Letter B #AtoZChallenge

How to Get Away With Murder

Letter B is Dead Body? What do you do with the body

Not an easy task -- Just ask any of the characters on the hit show How To Get Away With murder

So, you've done it, huh? Sill standing ... your still alive and I'm laying odds you're nervous as hell. So anxious you're about to pee yourself. Yup. Not as easy as you'd thought. You did the deed ... killed the bad dude (or maybe he wasn't such a bad dude). And now you have a human corpse in need of quick and preferably permanent demolition, disappearance,

Now what? What the hell do I do with this bloating, smelly, decomposing body? 

Turns out the longer the perp stays in/on or around the crime scene, combined with the more time she spends with the dead body -- she's increasing her odds of unintentionally leaving minute amounts of DNA behind, hair, fibers, and a shot of other trace evidence that the police may be able to use against her at a later date.

Keep it Simple, Stupid Criminal ~~~ Let that become your meditation mantra. Get some Mantra beads. Chant. Repeat. Count off your mantra on your beads until it becomes peaceful second nature

In order to have a crime to prosecute you must establish the Corpus Delicti: The Latin Term Meaning "{The Body of the Crime}" that refers to the idea that the requisite elements of a crime must be proven before an individual can be tried for the crime.

The victim died as a result of 

1. a homicide 
2 not natural causes or

3 not suicide or
4 not an accidental death

Looks can be deceiving. An eager diver could have been pushed to her death or maybe she knew how shallow the water was and committed suicide? If you find an overdosed body with a bottle of pills what do you assume? Junkie accidental OD? Maybe it was accidental? Suicide? Or ... maybe her husband wanted her out of the way so he killed her and staged the scene. Easy to do if she's a known druggie.

So … if … the victim is even dead — and — and this is a big and

The defendant (The accused) is the person who caused the homicidal death of the victim 
Then the state meets the first hurdle of showing the Corpus Delicti .  A homicide occurred (which they have to prove though circumstantial evidence because they don't have a dead body and a coroner testifying that "Yes, Valerie Victim is in fact dead. Yes, her cause of death was a homicide. The manner of death was a single gunshot wound to the head ... or blunt force trauma ... or multiple stab wounds." You get the drift

When there is no body.

All of that really important stuff has to be proven by circumstantial evidence. Okay, I'll bite.
 It may not be too difficult to establish via circumstantial evidence that a vic is dead. Let's say she's a school teacher who's never missed a day of work in ten years -- until now. And she's a mother of three young kids and she failed to pick them up from gymnastics two weeks ago and hasn't been seen or heard from since. There has been zero activity on her credit. No cell phone activity. Finally her car was discovered parked in the long term parking at JFK, her phone lodged between the seats. Ms. Anal retinal, overly organized most definitely hadn't planned a trip, not a vacation without a suitcase, carry on bag, good book, and most importantly her travel itinerary  
Oops, wrong victim in the case, doushebag. I'd say you should've properly vetted and more exhaustively surveilled your prey.. Most criminals really aren't known for their IQ or aptitude  Nope, or their nickname wouldn't be "Doing Time Tim." A simple forensics search revels Traces of blood and hair inside the trunk which are later determined to be a perfect match to the vic's DNA. A partial palm print (butt of the palm) is found just inside the trunk. Police run it through AFIS, unfortunately no hit.

We can assume the vic met with foul play. We might even assume she's dead. We might even assume she's the victim of a homicide. Suppose the police get lucky and arrest a suspect. How hard will it be to convict slimy suspect when the prosecutor doesn't even have a body. The medical examiner cannot testify beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim died as a result of a homicide. Can she? How can she without a body to back up her forensics

Most of the Soprano, Corleone, Costellos, and now even the Cody boys who we love to hate or more likely many of us love to love have taught us different criminal rules to live by

1.     Leave the body
2.     Use a .22 up close and drop the gun (but grab the cannoli) Leave the gun only if your 100% certain it cannot/ will not ever be traced to you or your family or any person you know
3.     Casually walk away, avoiding all cameras
4.     Don’t cover entire face
5.     Don’t draw attention to self
6.     Leave gun or dispose of it in lake or river or ocean
7.     Do not touch the body or anything at crime scene
8. If you cannot leave the gun, you must police your brass
9. Wear thick pair of leather gloves

The other group errs on the side of getting rid of the decomposing, stinky ass body and anything that ties the killer to the body ASAP. I mean, c’mon you’ve got a dead body on your hands. Hopefully you're alone or don’t have a group (Best friends till the end drunk frat bros with you) b/c they’re gonna sing  —Singing Soprano to the cops faster than your basement rats race for yesterdays cheese. 

Remember the rule of one (1) Don’t trust anyone. 
So, now what? You’ve got a dead body on your bloody hands? Mama can’t fix this one. What da ya do?

Dispose of the smelly body before it decomposes? Good idea.

Be sure to check back later during the challenge under a different letter for three perfectly acceptable ways: 

Hope you're enjoying the 2019 A to Z Blogging Challenge

*This is not legal advice. This is offered for entertainment only -- for the A to Z Challenge. 



John Holton said...

Very interesting! I think the rush of committing a crime makes murderers more likely to stay at the scene of the crime a little too long.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Melissa - I'd hate to worry about a dead body ... but so interesting to read - cheers Hilary

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