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A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal -- 2019

A to Z Blogging Challenge is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary 

Wow! What an amazing accomplishment.  Most failed marriages don't make it to the big 10. 

Most marriages, new businesses, partnerships etc., that are going to fail ... do so in the first ten years. But not when put into the ingenious. accomplished hands of the shining star, super hero, my friend, Lee Bird, over at Tossing it out

How To Get Away With Murder?

I'm sure if you've ever been on the Internet or read a blog that you've heard of the A to Z Blogging Challenge which began as a little experiment a decade ago and has grown into the biggest blogging challenge on the web. Each year the numbers increase and the number of participants is now well over 2000.

Unfortunately, after suffering another death in my family (we've had back-to-back deaths once over again and again, I had to drop out of the challenge last year. It was the first time I ever dropped out and it was a difficult decision for me. I have skipped a year, but never dropped out mid month, but I had no other option. I noticed when I finally decided to sign up this year that its been a year since I've blogged. I have written, but I sort of sunk deeper into depression again in September when my mom was killed in a car accident. I was like "Hey God ... are you kidding me?" Can you please go pick on someone else for a while." 

They say that God never gives you more than you can handle. Who are these people we always hear about? The ones who know everything. You know, you've heard them referenced as a reliable source ... "They." 


They said.

Well I hope to hell they are right. 

Because I am tired of being tired. Tired of being sad. 
I know I have to pull myself up and return to the land of the living.
 My dad and everyone I've lost in the last two years are shouting at me, "What's wrong with you? Where did your spunk go? Where's your fight? Your zest for life?"  

I read something today that not only encouraged me to join the challenge, but I know it was a sign that I need to join and get back into my writing routine. My blog writing routine and novel writing routine. And I have to do it for me.

It should come as no shock to anyone who knows me (but I'm guessing not many of you know me since I've been on a a year long blogging/writing hiatus) that my theme for 2019 is .... drumroll ... 

Crime Fiction

But I'm changing things up a little bit. This year I'm not offering crime fiction resources for writers, per se.

I've put a spin on my usual theme. 

My Theme Has a Twist

How To Get Away With Murder (or not)

 No. 1 Rookie Amateur Mistake: Never ever shop at the same store on the same day for necessary items that belong in your murder kit. You especially don't want to do this impulse shopping at your local Home Depot where you will be recognized by others, you will be on security cameras and on a date so close to your chosen target date for execution of plan.

Better idea: Drive to a store in a neighboring town ... preferably across state line. Pay in cash. Wear a disguise. Do not buy all items at one store during one shopping excursion.

Each letter will discuss how a person can attempt to get away with a crime (let's just say Murder) to be dramatic. I'll discuss hypothetical scenarios, real life crimes, and what some of our favorite characters on the television show of the same name How To Get Away With Murder have managed to successfully pull off and the plethora of rookie criminal mistakes they've made that would have already landed most of them in the slammer doing hard time.

I'll be discussing some interesting true crime cases. Some that are haunting and remain unsolved and others that have been solved with strange, unique, and bizarre evidence.

See you around in April. I'll be visiting blogs through the Master List and 

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