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Casey Anthony Trial - Letter C

  1. State of Florida vs Casey Anthony
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  1. Casey Anthony was charged with 1st degree murder for killing her daughter in 2008
  2. Little Kaylee’s body was found in a trash bag within a mile of the family home
  3. The M.E., couldn’t provide a true and accurate cause of death
  4. They found no weapon, No DNA tied Casey to the crime and she never confessed    
  5. I believe the state seriously underestimated Jose Bias, the defense attorney and his ability to connect with the jury. 
  6. The new scientific evidence introduced in the Casey Anthony Trial was the“Death Smell Test.” 
  7. What is the Death Smell Test? Many witnesses — even Casey’s mom, claimed they smelled “death” in the trunk of Casey’s car. How many of you have smelled a dead body? Well, I have. If you’ve ever smelled a dead, decomposing or decomposed body, I assure you, it’s an odor you’ll never … ever forget.
  8. Can you scoop air from the trunk of a car into special vacuum sealed container and send that apparatus via mail to a specialist and have said specialist test the “trapped air,” for the “odor of death?’ Or the odor of “The presence of a decomposed or decomposing body?” I don’t know. That’s what the state and defense experts argued about in the Casey Anthony Trial. And how long would the Death Smell remain in a car after the body was removed? A day? Week? Month? Year? 
  9. The Verdict — how many of you were truly shocked? I knew in my heart the jury would find her not guilty of first degree murder. If the jury did their job and followed the law, they would not convict her. I prosecuted too many cases and had my heart broken too many times. Of course, juries have voted guilty despite the evidence, even when the state failed to prove the case — when it was a close call — and that was still likely here. I mean, Casey Anthony was the most hated woman in America. But, the judge was fair & he went out of his way to clearly explain everything to the jury. I had faith that this particular jury would do the the right thing. Sadly this time, I didn’t like the right choice.
Problems — As I saw Them:
  • The State failed to Prove the case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Without being able to prove cause of death, there was just no possible way the jury was going to find that girl guilty of first degree murder
  • The state over charged the case. They went for the death penalty. I don’t blame them. A precious little girl was dead. A mom didn’t even report her missing. She is finally reported missing 31 days later — then only by the grandmother. While that sweet girl is supposedly missing, her mom is out partying — doing body shots of liquor. Hell, she knew her kid was dead and she’s partying like it’s 1999 (that’s just a little throw in for old folks), stealing, booze and cigarettes and cashing hot & stolen checks at Target (on video).
  • Watch any of those jail house interviews with Casey and it’s all “Me … Me … Me.” Never a word about her daughter.
  • She made up a fake kidnapper. 
  • Then how dare she throw her own family under the bus at trial. (Her defense attorney’s strategy is my guess, but she fed it to him)
  • But did she intentionally murder her daughter — I don’t think so — I could be wrong.
  • Did she drug her with chloroform so she could go out and party? I believe so. Was it the first time? Probably not. 
  • But this time she probably gave her too much. She returned from partying & found her ole standby babysitter (chloroform wasn’t all that reliable). Maybe she gave her a double dose so she could stay out a little longer … who the hell knows. But she found her baby girl dead or not breathing and panicked. 
  • If the DA hadn’t jumped the gun and demanded the death penalty and just gone for second degree murder, manslaughter being an automatic lesser included offense, I truly believe the jury would have convicted Casey. It’s only my opinion, but I believe the jury was so focused on having to choose whether or not Casey would live or die that they only focused on whether the state had proven the elements of first degree murder. 

  • The state had not. 

  • As much as it pained me and as much as I wanted Casey Anthony to rot in prison, I cannot fault the jury for following the law.

  • ◆ If the District Attorney had slowed down and spent more time educating the jury on second degree murder and manslaughter — instructing them that even if …  Casey didn’t intend to kill her daughter … but, she had given her chloroform or any other medication with the intent to cause her to go to sleep — so she could leave her unattended and instead it caused her death then she, Casey Anthony was guilty of aggravated child abuse and that was an underlying felony offense that would bump her charge up to guilty of 2nd degree murder.  

What do you think? Did the jury get it right? Do you agree with their verdict? Do you think Casey Anthony was guilty or not guilty of murdering her daughter Kaylee? Do you think she murdered her in cold blood? Did something else happen? Do you agree with letting the system work? Because if the system doesn’t work for the guilty it won’t work for the innocent either. Think about that. It’s important to understand that. Yes, people who commit crimes will be found not guilty when the state fails to prove each and every element beyond a reasonable doubt. But would you want it any other way? 

What happens when it’s you or you loved one being falsely accused? Don’t you want the state to have the same tough burden? Don’t you want the prosecutor to prove the case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt? This is where many people get confused and think it’s innocent vs guilty. It’s not. It is guilty or not guilty. 

No legal advice or opinions offered in this post.


Bob Scotney said...

It seems dangerous to me to second guess a case like this, and that's all that I can do without hard evidence. I agree about the smell of death - just once and never forgotten.

Iain Kelly said...

Fascinating case. With all these stories I hear on the news I always think I should reserve judgement as I don't have all the facts. You have to trust that the jury and the court does and gets it right. Look forward to reading more.

emaginette said...

I believe the system is only as good as the people in it. They need time to do a good job and the focus and commitment to see the facts as they are. Not everyone is perfect. But in the case of life and death, or guilty and innocent, there should be fails safes. I thought they were a combination of the the police, the court and finally the jury's verdict.

Anna from elements of emaginette

Zulu Delta 45 said...

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Deepa said...

This case isnt as clear as it looks, it more comlicated, i feel there might be something we are missing something

Tongue Twister for E

London Clarke said...

I remember this case so well. I tend to be an ID Channel junkie anyway, but I followed this one pretty closely. It was such a TRAGIC case all the way around. I have to agree with you regarding the burden of proof, however. Lots of mistakes made in this one. Enjoyed reading this! Visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

Melissa Sugar said...

I agree with you. Lots of mistakes. Plus the Florida court system does things a lot different than many other states. The state and defense (if my memory is correct) were each required to submit all of their questions and evidence to the judge prior to court and could not deviate from it -- absolutely no exceptions. I remember from my days as a prosecutor in Florida that we did not have what is commonly referred to as "Trial by Ambush," you couldn't call any witness that was not on your witness list. Plus the defense had the right to depose (take a deposition of) all witnesses the state intended to call to the stand to testify at trial. Basically, there would be no surprises at trial.

Melissa Sugar said...

It was complicated and there were obviously more lies told than the truth. The true tragedy is that little Kaylee is dead and we will never know how she truly died. The next worst part is that whether it was international or accidental, her mother does not seem even the least bit remorseful. That breaks my heart. Her grandmother Cyndi seemed to really love that kid, but that whole family seemed kind of messed up and they held too many secrets.

Melissa Sugar said...

You have a healthy way of looking at it.

Melissa Sugar said...

That's so refreshing to hear. Most people make up their mind based on the media buzz

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Melissa - I don't like that the lawyers can be 'unfair' and put pressure up ... so the balance is lost - we see it happening all the time ... but I didn't enjoy the read ... ie I hate to hear of a child dying and no-one sorting her death out ... not easy - but thanks for writing it up for us - cheers Hilary

Melissa Sugar said...

Another refreshing comment. It is very difficult to second guess a jury's verdict. You wouldn't believe how many disrespectful people who have no idea what the jury heard or didn't hear. stood outside the courthouse ready to condemn the jury for not convicting her. Who are we to second guess what 12 fair and impartial citizens decided after listening to 31 days of testimony and evidence. And I'm quite sure they wanted a reason to find her guilty. But, they also had to live with the consequences of their choice for the rest of their lives as well. Thats why we have jury trials and why the burden, before taking away someone's liberty, freedom and god forbid, their actual life, is the highest burden of the land. If you get it wrong, you don't get a second chance You can't say, "Hey we messed up. we want a do over. We take that back. Or can, we vote again." No, once you vote to end a person's life you have done just that. And do you know what goes on the death certificate when a person is lawfully executed after being sentenced to death? You know a death certificate can read: ACCIDENT, HOMICIDE OR SUICIDE OR UNDETERMINED. After someone is executed their death certificate reads: HOMICIDE

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