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Blog Finally Updated - Under Construction

My Blog Makeover is Finally Complete!

The Suspense is over!

Please be patient while I update my stand alone pages. I just noticed that the labels do not match the page. I will work through the weekend to get all of my A-Z post under the A-Z tag, for example.

I am so excited that my blog is finally finished. I must say I am very disappointed about my comments. 

The main reason, (I mean I did want a cosmetic change), but the main reason I hired a professional from TCBOTB to revamp my blog was so I could rid myself of the awful Disqus comment platform. I know how many of you complained about it and I hated it as well. I tried, unsuccessfully, to switch back from Disqus to blogger many times over the past couple of years, but I could never figure out how to do it without losing all of my comments.

Hence, the reason for hiring a professional. So, I have to say, while I like the style and look of my new blog, I am so very upset and disappointed to find that all of my comments are gone!



They just ceased to exist.

I truly valued all of your kind words, comments, suggestions, ideas and thought. It's disturbing. I can't read them ever again. It truly bothers me. 

If I had known they were going to lose my comments during the transfer, I would not have waited two years, I would have just done it myself a long time ago. 

There's nothing I can do about it now. I mean that was the number one priority that I stressed when making plans for the blog makeover, but there's no sense crying over lost comments. They are just words.

Just words you say ... what are words to a writer? Ugh. I want them back!

I will be returning to a regular blogging schedule this Monday. Many of you may not be interested in my first post, but several people have asked me if I would write a post about how I planned my daughter's Super Sweet 16 Party. So I did. It's long, so I've divided it into a three part series. 

I'm looking forward to reading your posts and hopefully hearing from you and collecting new comments.

My comment section is rather lonely. 
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