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Y - Yandere Can be Your Fictional Character's Fatal Flaw

Y - Yandere: A Yandere is a Character Who is Obsessively Crazy About Someone Else

Many times literally and violently. The victim of their rage is most often the person they perceive as the rival for their lover's affection. 

The Yandere  is one of the lesser known of the Jealous/envious characters and they don't always get as much screen attention. The are known or identified by their crazy, but often beautiful eyes.

Their beautiful or cute and harmless surface appearance allows them to deceive others, but only for a while because the yandere will always go off the deep end ... it's only a matter of time. On the surface she appears in control of her life and relationship, but she's obsessive, scheming, and sometimes she's just plain old insane. Constant scheming is time consuming and it's also emotionally draining. The yandere's mind spins out of control.

Get out of a relationship if you are in one with a yandere. Most characters are female, but male examples do exists according to TV Tropes.

Yandere possesses theses character traits:

Psychotic behavior
Will kill people who get in his/her way (hence the term go Axe Crazy)
Most Yanderes have a history of mental instability
Many are the product of a "Dark and troubled past."

Compare with Tropes:

Clingy Jealousy Girlfriend
Love Make You Evil
Stalker With A Crush
Violently Protective Girlfriend
If I can't Have You
Psycho Supporter
Psychotic Love Triangle

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Oh, another great word to add to my collection. Thank you for a great post. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

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