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Valuable Fiction Resources You Need Now

Just about Everyone Needs These Resources in their Fiction Writer's Toolbox

Letter J 

Seemed the most appropriate letter for this post because as I sifted through the many websites and blogs that I turn to for advice (yup there's a lot of 'em), and I'm sorry for leaving so many of the great ones out of this post, but I was was amazed at how many websites, books, authors, blogs, etc., that  had the Letter J in common. It was screaming at me for a blog post.
So, not in any particular order, here are some of my favorite writing resources that I often turn to for help, all of which have the letter J in common.

I'm absolutely in love with Jami's Tag Line: Why be normal?
Jami now offers an editorial service for writers, along with her worksheets and workshops. This is one site I always turn to and I highly recommend for other writers. While Jami writes Fantasy & Paranormal Romance, which is not the genre I write, her writing articles and workshops, and editing services work for all genres. One of her most popular workshops is Lost Your Pants: The Impatient Writer's Guide to Plotting a Story

Of course, in addition to Jodie's blog, you don't want to miss out on any of her writing how to books and right now you can get almost steal them them for a heck of a deal at Amazon. She is the author of 
Fire Up Your Fiction
Writing A Killer Thriller
Captivate Your Readers: An Editors Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction
Quick Clicks Spelling Words
Quick Clicks Word Usage
I don't know if Ms. Renner is currently taking on new freelance editing clients or not. Her website isn't clear on that. The last time I checked she indicated she was completely booked and not taking new freelance clients until May 2015, but I intend to check with her soon. She is the editor the Twilight series and many more breakout novelist. Jodie also contributes to the amazing crime blog The Killzone

3. Janice Hardy's Fiction University and her books on Amazon

4. Jody Hedlund I like how her article on opening chapters stresses the importance of a critical life altering disturbance and she encourages the writer to plunge into immediate tension and conflict. Her blog is chock full of other must do's. You will find hundreds of informative and helpful writing articles on her site. Jody's blog is also featured as one of the Top 100 Writing Blogs for Authors & Readers 2016 

5. Jodi Henley Her blog and her Amazon Books Practical Emotional Structure: An Easy to Understand, plain-English Guide to Pertinent Backstory, motivation and conflict. She's my go to girl for character motivation or backstory.

5. Steven James Author of many best selling thrillers and the writing craft book Story Trumps Structure. I spent years reading books on structure and felt enlightened when I read this book.

After reading book one, The Pawn in Steven James, Special Agent Patrick Bowers Series, I fell hard for James' writing style and ordered the rest of the series. His natural storytelling ability resonated with me and his book Story Trumps Structure made even more sense. Whatever works for you, the writer is what you should do. We all have to find our own way, none of us can follow a paint by numbers system. I like the way he writes and I like the way he tells us to just write from the heart and to forget about trying to make it all fit into certain categories or acts.

The Forward by Donald Maas says it best, "I don’t think any fiction writer can fully explain the process or give you every tool, and maybe no one should. But Steven James comes close."

6.Janet Reid Oh yeah, I can take a beating and keep on ticking

7. Jane Friedman A wealth of resources for writers including her blog, books, online classes, events and conferences.

8. James Scott Bell Write From the Middle Method

9. Jordan McCollum one of my all time favorite authors and writing instructors, offers a boatload of free writing resources for writers on her blog.
Be sure to check out some of her writing craft books on Amazon. They are reasonably priced and well worth every (almost free cent).

You can read my Review of Character Arcs Here

And I just love her tag line ...

"I write novels about love, lies, secrets & spies, and I teach writing craft."

That Just about covers it for the letter J.

So, how many blogs have you visited so far during the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge

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