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Unsolved Mystery - Eugenie Boisfontaine on The Killing Fields

Louisiana's Unsolved Murder - Eugenie Boisfontaine

Who Killed Eugenie Boisfontaine?

A reality TV show The Killing Fields began season 1 by launching an investigation into the cold case murder that occurred two decades ago in Iberville Parish, Louisiana. 

In June 1997, Eugenie Boisfontaine was last seen near LSU lakes, nearly two months later her badly decomposed body was found in a bayou. She died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. No murder weapon was found. The police had no leads. Who killed the young girl? Why? Could she have been another victim of convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee? He’d killed women just three doors down from the victim’s home during the same time period. 

Retired Detective Rodie Sanchez was assigned the case in 1997 & he never stopped thinking about the case. He promised the victim’s family justice.

Fast forward to the year 2016, with the advancement of DNA, social media and a hot-shot detective by the name of Aubry St. Angelo.  Now Sanchez may get to fulfill his promise to the victim’s family. Sanchez convinced the Sheriff’s office & the District Attorney’s Office to reopen the cold case and we get to watch the dynamic duo do their stuff on national television. 

You’ve got the old timer, Sanchez, whose been married six times. He’s the rugged, coarse, outspoken, stellar detective who goes by instinct and gut,  who’s never heard of Google or Siri ...  paired with the polished, young gun ― an impatient, driven, overenthusiastic, alpha detective. A mismatched team of top - notch detectives who compliment each other and just might have the right set of skills to lure the killer into a trap.

The first season aired six episodes in 2016 and followed the detectives as they started the case over from the beginning. They re-interviewed all the old witnesses, sifted through decades of old evidence boxes, retraced the victim’s steps the day she disappeared and took voluntarily DNA swabs from those who would give it. They visited the scene where her body was found, searched the bayou for a murder weapon and turned up dozens of new leads. Season two begins with her ex husband in the hot seat. 

The The Killing Fields airs on the Discovery Channel and viewers watch the case unfold as it happens. It’s a crime reality show. If Sanchez & St. Angelo catch the killer we will know it at the same time the police do.


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