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Othello Syndrome: Morbid or Delusional Jealousy

Othello Syndrome is a dark and dangerous condition named after the Shakespearean character Othello who killed his wife Desdemona after suspecting infidelity.

Irrational and Uncontrollable Jealousy

Blinded by Emotions: People Suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder Believe their Spouse/Partner is Cheating Without any Proof. Othello (morbid) Jealousy has no Basis in Reality.

Have you ever had a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend? Sure. We've all been jealous. It's normal. I'm not talking about the occasional pang of jealousy ... you know the burning sensation that creeps into your chest when you spot your beaux flashing his baby blues at the hottie who has eyes for him at a cocktail party or the pain in your jaw from clenching your teeth when she slides her hand across his chair on her way back from the ladies room. Nor am I talking about the pulling sensation in your gut as an unfamiliar number pops up on your wife's called ID. Your mouth goes dry, but you stop yourself from interrogating her because you trust her.

This is a different kind of jealousy.  I''m referring to a jealousy so morbid it's often called morbid jealousy. It may involve a real rival, but it usually only involves a perceived rival for one's love or affection. The insecure person attempts to control the relationship and accuses the partner of betrayal. There’s nothing the innocent partner can do to appease the jealous partner. It's a disastrous jealousy intensified by the perceived threat of losing the object of their affection.

Persons suffering from Othello's syndrome often put their partner through elaborate tests of loyalty.

 Checks your cell phone constantly (with you knowledge)

 Cell Phone Spying (without your knowledge)

 Asking whereabouts then trying to catch you in a lie

 If an ex is involved or another rival, requiring the partner to allow them to inspect all incoming and outgoing text messages, even going so far as to require the partner to copy and paste all messages from the ex and forward to the person with Othello's Syndrome.

 Inspects all cell phone logs: incoming/outgoing calls

 Insinuates self into your business/professional life

Checks on you at work during the day, by phone, text, email, or pop in visits.

Gets mad when you don't answer right away then accuses you of talking to someone else.

Talks to friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, asking them about suspicious behavior that might indicate you are cheating.

Telling you that it's not you she doesn't trust, it's the other woman who's after you/ or if it's a man, it's not you he doesn't trust, it's the other men you work with, the dirty rotten men who only have one thing on their mind.

Tells you that "people," are telling him you are cheating, but won't reveal his source.

Little by little cuts you off from your friends and family. You have given up many friendships, even family contacts just to make life at home easier and as peaceful and conflict free as possible.

 Is always coming up with outrageous stories, but none of them can ever be verified.

Accuses you of putting other people before him/her.

Accuses you of not loving her/him enough to cut other people out of your life.

Accuses you of looking at other people, paying more attention to other people. Pouts when doesn't get way.

Will read your diary/journal/online or Internet calendar to discover every single secret you have.

Interrogates you about all phone calls, even the most innocent phone calls, you often feel like a

Takes your car keys, money and/or hides your belongings so you can't/won't leave.

Lays down the law/stipulations for contact with people you "have to see" such as an ex, when exchanging the children.

Cannot being reassured, incapable of trusting you

Always has an excuse for being jealous; blames you for their jealousy.

Accuses you of having an affair. A man will accuse a woman of a sexual affair. A woman will accuse a man of an emotional affair. Both will accuse the victim of "thinking of the other person," when your libido suffers because of one of the above.

Gaslighting techniques: always trying to confuse you, make you not trust yourself, prove to you that they have every right to be jealous. Gaslighting over a period off time will drive even the most sane and healthy person bonkers.

What causes someone to become this jealous?

Low self esteem
Difficulty seeing merits and virtues in himself
Affective losses during childhood
Hypercritical parents with high demands
Poor role models

This one minute youtube clip show a woman suffering from Othello Syndrome/Morbid Jealousy and she actually makes her husband submit to a polygraph test every single night.

Have you ever had an experience with someone suffering from Othello Syndrome or Morbid Jealousy?

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