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Have You Ever Used Google Earth As A Spy Tool?

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We can zoom in on our on homes. I zoomed in on my old home a few years back was amazed by the vidid imagery. I could actually see my grandmother in the rocking chair on my front porch. It freaked me out. My grandmother is dead. I guess they don't update daily or even monthly. But did you know about the secret sites they don't want you to see?

No, The White House is not blocked out. We can even view the Pentagon. Of course, for security reasons Google Earth isn't permitted detailed street level maps of U.S. military bases. 

The Google Earth Blackout?

I'm not talking about images or maps intentionally blocked for security or military reasons. I'm not talking about a glitch because of weather or satellite or some other flimsy veiled excuse. I'm talking about places that are obscured from our view for no apparent reason or one that no one is willing to provide. No, I'm not a conspiracy nut, just inquisitive.

Places that are either blurred or completed blacked out:

1. Anthax Island - Gruinard, Scotland - a minuscule island best known for the explosion of anthrax bombs during WW2

2.  Garden of Gethsemane - Jerusalem, Israel The place where Jesus went the night before he was crucified.

3. N. Korea. - Just about anywhere in North Korea - but that's an obvious one

4. Volkel Air Base - The Netherlands - The Dutch Airbase holds 22 nuclear bombs that belong to the United States.

5. Roswell, New Mexico - Home of the notorious UFO sightings. Residents witnessed a spaceship crash into their back yard. Government agents rushed to the scene, buried the mothership, and whisked the aliens away to a top secret facility. Of course the government denied the alien spaceship claims and countered with their own story. They were test flying a weather balloon and it crashed. End of story. People who see little green men and spaceships are disturbed and need help. If you repeat the story you will end up on the psych ward.

6. Area 51. Less than 100 Miles From Nevada - United State's Most Secret Military Operating Area (rumored to have been the place to destroy the spaceship that landed in Roswell, New Mexico)

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