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F - Invasion of the Fetus Snatchers

Fetal Abduction Cases: A Recent Surge in the Most Horrific Kind of Abduction/Murder:

Fetal Abduction also known as Caesarean Kidnapping 

When someone (perpetrator is usually a woman) rips/cuts/ the unborn child from a pregnant mother's wound and attempts to pass the newborn child off as her own if the infant survives the brutal, traumatic birth.

Law enforcement believe the age of instant online information and online sharing affords these unstable women a host of pregnant victims thus contributing to the rise in this crime. Think about how many of your friends cheerfully post updates about the progression of their pregnancy. It's only normal right?

FB Post: 

Photos of sonograms. It's a boy! Like! Like! Another like! 

Tweet. RT! @msugar13.

We're having a girl! 

_msugargold my B/F/F  baby shower look at this adorable crib. #instafamily #instacute. #picoftheday #instalove.

It feels safe to us. We are sharing our good news with our friends, but we don't always know who else is reading. Some of these heinous crimes were committed by someone the victim knew, but the majority were committed by someone who befriended the victim via social media or Craig's List.  I'm not going to go into the crime details, but I will list what most, if not all of the fetal abductor perps have in common. The pattern or M.O. to guard against.

They stuff their bellies and fake their own pregnancy.  Be on the look out for women who's due date continuously changes and moves forward. 

While faking their pregnancy they befriend target a pregnant neighbor, co-worker, stranger, someone on the Internet, or suddenly ( out of the blue) rekindle a long lost friendship from high school or many years ago. All the while they are planning to steal one or more of their target's full term babies and pass the child off as their own. In their own demented mind, this plan will work. They fully intend to pull it off without a hitch. Why must they steal someone else's baby? It's the oldest story in the world. They need desperately to hang on to a man. No, let me correct that. They need desperately to control a man. Notice I didn't say they desperately need a child. We aren't dealing with a woman who is so depressed over her infertility that she snaps. If that was the case then we'd have an epidemic on our hands. I know first hand the depression that comes from infertility and the uncertainty  (that's another blog post) and frankly it's life altering and debilitating and I don't wish that pain and agony on anyone. 

But folks that's not what we have here. We're not dealing with a maternal woman with the urge to mother and love and cuddle the infants. Uh huh. Hell no. These are some mean - ass -vicious women with no regard for human life, who don't give a damn about the babies. They want their man -- their so called baby daddy and that's all she wrote.

So, these women might advertise on Craig's list or post on Facebook. They claim to have a heap of old baby clothes they're willing to let you take off their hands for just a few bucks. So imagine if you're young, on a tight budget ...  I mean Raman Noodle & peanut butter and jelly sandwich tight. Cheap baby clothes sounds appealing. Or they offer the sale of a car at a price that seems too good to be true. Stop and think. An eight and a half month pregnant woman can't put up much of a defense, alone, even against another woman. Now consider that other woman is armed with a butcher knife and has just driven you into an isolated wooded area with no cell phone reception.

Or worse. You've grown close to this person over the past few months. You think you are friends so you go with her willingly. You won't know what hit you. She drugs your drink, binds your hands and feet and starts butchering.

The scenario usually plays out like this:
 Pretend Pregnant woman cuts baby out of real pregnant woman then kills her, if she isn's dead from the trauma. If the infant survives, the woman races to the local hospital and claims she gave birth at home or in the car on the way to the hospital. The gig is always up when she either refuses the exam  or upon examination. Then her story changes. You can read the link below if you want the gruesome details of the actual fetal abductions.

Theresa Porter, a Connecticut forensic psychologist scotched the notion that the prime motive is an obsessive desire for motherhood. 

"This is not the maternal urge run amok," she said. The perpetrators are driven more by narcissism and grandiose delusions than obsession to nurture, she said. 

"There's no evidence they bond with babies they snatch. These women are often extreme con artist. They are psychologically impaired but the majority are not psychotic," she said."

Read the entire article on Fetal Abduction Attacks - Here, which includes sixteen of the latest cases, the most recent in 2015.

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