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D - Dark Web vs Deep Web: The Lawless Frontier of The Internet

The Dark Web and The Deep Web are not the Same

The Lawless Frontier of The Internet

First of all the Dark Web and The Deep Web are not the same. While many articles use the term interchangeably, they are very different beasts. Let's start with what you and I and most people think of when we surf the the web. We surf what's known as the Surface web, according to the biggest expert in the field and the only expert to have actually harvested (the equivalent of a search engine) the amount of deep web information that could rival Google's Surface Web, I defer to Bright Planet. However for quality and quantity of dark web scoop you can't go wrong with Deep Dot Web, which is a dark web pipeline and even has a Q & A board.

So we have the Surface web, that's the stuff and all the sites on the surface that the majority of us find when we type in a a query or we google a question or we search for a site. These are the sites that Google, Bing, and other well known search engines want us to find and they direct us to according to their search engines' crawling technology.

Below the surface is the Deep Web. There's nothing spooky, nefarious, corrupt or evil about the deep web ... not just because it is the deep web. If the Surface Web is anything that a search engine can find then the deep web is anything the search engines can't find. Nothing sinister about that. Not in and of itself. Password protected bank sites. I read somewhere that if you consider all of the pages that just one email account generates, you can see why so much of the internet is considered Deep web. My email is not accessible by a search engine so it would be considered Deep Web. Nothing sinister about that, but newspapers can make it sound mysterious and bad. But there is a part of the internet that most of us cannot access that can be a very dangerous place. There's a host of reasons search engines can't find something on the web. Herein lies the confusion between the Deep Web and the Dark Web. 

Back to the resident experts where I turn when I don't understand the Deep or Dark Web. Bright Planet to the rescue again. It's not always something illicit or scary, according to Bright Planet, it's just that anytime you navigate away from Google. So you know those little search boxes inside of a website, well if you type directly inside the box you will get to where you want go, but if you are on Google's site you can't just type that information without first being on the website.

So now for the Dark Web: 

Cloak & Dagger ... Illicit Dangerous Underground Playground

This is where it does get Scary, I mean it scared the crap out of me

The Dark web is the unindexed part of the web where people are anonymous and it has been intentionally hidden and it is normally inaccessible to people like you and me.  It must be accessed through bullet proof TOR Networks and Tor Browsers or Onion Networks and Browsers.

No one knows exactly how big the dark web is, but experts gauge the size at roughly at least five hundred times as large as the size and depth of the surface or visible Internet. 

The Dark Web is the portion of the Internet most known for criminal activity because it is associated with:

Illegal drugs
Human Trafficking/Rape/Murder
Hitman for Hire
Illegal Weapon Dealers
Murder for Hire
Child Pornography
Credit Card scams
Forged Documents
Counterfeit Currency
Identity Theft
Purchasing American Passports - see From Drug Dealers to Killers: Exploring the Deep Web, a CNBC report.

Any Legitimate Reasons for the Anonymity of the Dark Web

Free speech in countries where it is not allowed
Hosted Blogs in countries where it is not allowed
Wiki leaks
Global leaks
New Yorkers Strongbox, which is a Tor hidden magazine for whistleblowers 

If you are interested or if you are brave enough to scour the dark web you can check out any of the below listed sites. You don't have to click on anything. 

If you really want to know how to access the dark net, you'll need someone far more experienced than me. It took me hours of research and lots of trial and error to get where I did. I have no plans of going back. I'm glad I toured the dark web because I'm the kind of person who's curiosity would never have been satisfied. If I hadn't done it now for the challenge, I may have waited and who knows I may have stumbled into something even more sinister and dangerous. Like many have said, there are predators out there so be careful. And there are posers out there as well. Who knows if everything I saw and read was even real. It's very possible that with more and more curious, innocent people like me poking our heads underground where it doesn't belong, it's likely that people get off on scaring the shit out of us. Consider me scared. 

So, if you want to go lurking down below, try The Hacker News: Deep Web Search Engines to Explore the Hidden Internet for a tutorial and some search engines to get you started. Be careful and remain anonymous. 

How are you doing so far in the challenge? How many blogs have you visited in the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge?

Any of you have any plans to visit the Dark Web? Do you understand the difference between the deep web and dark web?


Unknown said...

I’ve tried to download the TOR browser, the FreeNet browser, and several other browsers listed. The computer I’m using just says it is unable to locate the server. How the friclin HELL do I get onto this system??

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