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Bloodcurdling and Greedy Motives for Murder

Do You Know Your Character's Inner Motivation?

Letter M is for Motive:

In many jurisdictions, motive is not an element of the crime. What that means is that the prosecutor is not required to prove to the jury what the defendant's motive was for committing the crime. However, It was my experience, as a long time prosecutor, that even though the jury is told that they cannot and may not require the prosecution to prove motive and that it is absolutely not an element of the crime: guess what? The jury still expects to hear it?


We all do?

It's human nature.

We all want to know why a person does what they do. We especially want to know why the the bad guy/villain commits the horrific heinous acts he commits.

It's usually someone we know who does the deed.  According to Australian news.

"A STRONG sense of jealousy, a sense of entitlement and insecurity — these are the attributes found in people who kill. And it’s usually someone you know. See Australian Lifetime News Blog

Why? Why? Why? 

Your Readers Demand Answers! 

We must show our readers what motivates our characters.

Psychologist, criminologist and other experts have labeled or categorized motives and the experts disagree on the terminology so I will give you what I believe are the possible motives for murder and other violent crimes. Many of these can and do overlap and some can be placed into more than one category.

The Primary Motives for Murder:






All of the other Motives for Murder or Violent Crimes:

Cover up another crime
Frame someone else for a crime
Hate (see above)
Jealousy (see above)
Love (see above)
Lust (see above)
Mental Illness
Protecting someone else from being convicted of another crime
Self Defense
Serial Killer
Thrill Kill

I'm sure there are other motives, but here are the ones that came to mind and I'm willing to wager that if you come up with a different one, it will fit in one of the above categories. 

Can you think of any other possible motives?

Have you read any books or seen any movies with disturbing motives for murder? How many of you have seen the 2003 film Monster? I didn't believe the actress who won the Oscar for best actress was actually Charlize Theron. What an outstanding performance. And that was a true story. 

Here is a short clip. Watch it if you never had a chance to see the movie. What a fantastic performance and wow, what a movie. You really should watch it, it's only like a one minute clip.

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This information is for entertainment purposes only and for the A to Z Blogging Challenge. It is not offered as legal advice. It is not intended to be construed as legal advice. 

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