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A to Z Theme Reveal 2016

Should I Have a Theme?

I can tell you from personal experience that writing blog posts with a theme in mind makes the challenge go much more smoothly for me. My goal for the month of April is to meet as many new bloggers as possible, visit old friends, stay acquainted with friends I've made from past challenges while visiting and encouraging new challengers. I can only do that with a game plan.

Game plan:

Theme + Strategy

As you can see from visiting this blog, I write crime fiction and I blog about crime fiction so it's no stretch of the imagination to assume my theme will revolve in some way around, duh, uh ... can you see any clues? Why yes, I do believe you're right. Crime Fiction, of sorts. But, I'm going to change it up a little this year. Yea yea, I know, but there's only so many episodes of Law and Order and you can be the biggest fan in the world, but watching the same reruns over and over gets old. So, I'm staying with my crime fiction theme, but I'm adding some layers to it. 

I visited a theme reveal last year Pen in Her Hand and I loved it. She had a unique twist to her research related back to elementary school and what she called her 3 R's, and I'm sort of  borrowing stealing, (they say imitation is the best form of flattery or some other similar cliche) anyway, the alphabet will correspond with a one of 3 things I do. 

Crime Related Things I:

(1) Read About
(2) Write About
(3) Research for #1 or #2

Yup, I stole this idea from Pen in Hand Blog Reveal 2015


I'm long winded and my blogposts tend fall between 1000 and 1500 words. Is this good? Who knows. Is this good for the A to Z challenge? NO! Longer posts take longer to write and they take a long time to read. During the A to Z challenge brevity is valuable. Brevity = valuable prime time real estate.

A to Z participants want to pop by each blog, read the post, say hello, leave a comment and move on to the next. So my strategy this year is to cut my blog posts to a maximum of 500 words. Now, I have to go back and start cutting because I've written most of them and they come in between 500 and 800 words and a few are over 800. Time to chop. Chop. Chop. 

I've retained the original design company who created my blog design to do a complete blog makeover and I'm assured it will all be up and working by April 1st, the problem right down is that my blog is taking forever to load. I hope those of you who stopped by won't be put off by this problem. Please stop back by on April 1st. I've been assured the speed issue and loading issue will be resolved. And ... drumroll ... I will have my blogger comments back. No more Disqus comments. I know how much you hate them. 

Good luck on the challenge. 

Have you you checked out the other blogs on the Theme Reveal Bloghop?

See you in April

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Stephen Tremp said...

Melissa, that's a great theme! I'm always looking for new inspiration and look forward to your posts!

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