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Egg Donation: Big Bucks for Elite Eggs

Egg Donors: An Altruistic Gift for Infertile Couples or a Baby Factory?

Seeking: Single white female, Ivy League college degree, blond, blue or green eyes, tall 5'9 minimum, slender, athletic, IQ 130 or above, musically inclined,  Jewish heritage, SAT score 140 minimum, excellent bone structure, gifted, excellent health, non smoker, no alcohol or drug problems in extended family, no mental health issues, coordinated, perfect vision and hearing, excellent breeding. 

Nope. This is not Harry the hunk's online dating service profile.

Nope! Not a job listing in the classified section.

It's a human catalogue. Egg donors fill out questionnaires and fertility clinics catalog the available egg donors with pages of beautiful, young, educated, talented, women. Prospective egg buyers peruse the catalog scrutinizing the girls and their pedigrees. Females offering their eggs are required to list their names (some companies use code numbers), height, weight, hobbies, IQ and asking price. Yup, you heard me. A price tag accompanies the offering. This is after all a business transaction.

And many couples are searching for the Golden Egg

 And they are willing to pay top dollar for A Perfect Match. Click on the link to the left and take a gander at some of the perfect match ads.

Bright Creative Egg Donor

Wanted by playful Boston couple. We recycle, floss & respect our elders. 

Generous Compensation Provided

Men have been donating sperm to sperm banks for decades and with the advancements in assisted reproductive technology more and more infertile couples are becoming parents. Reproductive technology will always be a controversial subject and many have strong opinions on the topic. I'm all for it. If not for a variety of assisted reproductive options, I wouldn't have any of my loving, bright, beautiful children.

But not eggs are created equal. Fertility and egg donor organizations have what they refer to as their "A" list; exceptional donors and the price tag on Grade A eggs reflect what people consider the quality of the eggs.

A Perfect Match advertised a $500,000 reward in an Ivy League Newspaper for egg donors meeting their criteria.

I'm all for assisted reproductive technology and I am in favor of sperm donors, egg donors, embryo donors, surrogate mothers, gestational hosts, IVF, adoption and other means that allow loving couples to fulfill their life long dream of becoming parents. Becoming a family. I advocate the rights of women to choose this option and the rights of women to donate eggs. I firmly believe the donor should be adequately compensated for her time and any pain and suffering involved in the process.

I don't know exactly where I draw the line. I think most of us who may have traveled this area, and given the option to choose your egg donor, would attempt to match with a donor who shares some of your physical attributes. There's nothing wrong with wanting a child of your same race and even who shares your basic physical components. If I were using an egg donor I would be interested in her mental and physical health history and that of her family. It's the same with adoption.

But ... when does one cross the blurred ethical line.

My search on the Internet showed me that Jewish and Asian donors with exceptional educational backgrounds and pedigrees are currently in high demand.

What's you take on this subject?
Should we be able to choose purchase the best that money can buy. Does the government need to step in and offer some real guidelines in this industry

Please watch this short trailer shown on We are Egg Donors. Sonja O'Hara, a New York writer and actress, starred in the narrative film based on her experience as an egg donor. Ovum is meant to spur conversation about eugenics and the unseen side of the market for elite and top shelf eggs, according to We are Egg Donors.

This teaser trailer is very short, but a must see.

Please share your thoughts on egg donation. For it? Against it? Should we be permitted to get into bidding wars for elite eggs. What about siblings who grow up not even knowing they are related? What problems can we foresee in the future?


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