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Do You Mary Sue?

It's Up to You ... Do You Still Like Mary Sue?

It's Been a While Since I've Screened My Characters Through the Mary Sue Test:

Is your character all knowing, powerful, flawless, pretty & perfect?

I'm sure my characters have enough flaws, maybe too many. But whenever I see this test, I can't help but give it a spin. If nothing else, it's quite fun.

It just might be time for another Mary Sue test for the protagonist of my current novel.

I'm a little worried that I may have taken her from Mary Sue to Bitchy Brenda Lou.

Here's another test, I came across. It's an interactive Mary Sue Test. But, this test is definitely geared more for fantasy novels. The first one works for all genres. 

This Mary Sue -test is a lot more comprehensive and asks the questions I remember from years ago, like if your character is named after you, resembles you or works in your same industry or profession.

And here ya go, for all the male protagonists ... is your character a Marty Stu? Damn! Poor dude. He has to lose the name or his looks might not be enough.
Because a Marty Stu + a Mary Sue = one
 dimensional, unbelievable characters who are too perfect and laughable. 
Don't get me wrong. I'm not implying that your characters have to be ugly, stupid, and so flawed that they are beyond redemption, but you get what I'm saying.

Most of us know if our characters are a little too good to be true. Hey, we don't like making a mess of someone we created, especially if their image and features and personality are already second nature to us. That's why it can't hurt to take an objective step backward and participate in a few fun quizzes, just to make sure, we've given our beloved characters enough flaws and imperfections to make them real on the page.

Or try this one on for size. Are you a Mary Sue & Marty Stu Critic? This quiz will (supposedly) alert you if you've gone overboard in the opposite direction. Are the characters you taged as Mary Sue or Marty Stu, really that bad, as in too good?

Or are you someone who harshly judges other writers' creativity? Whoa! A site making fun of those who judge Mary Sue characters. This should be fun. Or not.

And finally ... the official Mary Sue litmus test

Then just for the hell of it, hop over to Fuck Yea Character Development

This last site is not for taking the Mary Sue test, bur for questioning the absurdity of such test. Check out the Original Anti Universal Mary sue Litmus Test

Wow. Who knew? So much conflict for poor Mary Sue and Wimpy, but hot & sexy Marty Stu. Marty Stu needs a better name or he's gonna continue getting his ass kicked, wherever he goes.

Need some more ideas?

Want to morph your pantywaist, paladin, demigod, diva into a sneaky, badass Mary sue? Try this site for ideas on transforming your loyal, perfect character into a badass.

Have you taken these test? For fun? Or do you place any stock in the answers and outcome?

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