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Check out Kristen Lamb's Post

The talented and intuitive Kristen Lamb has penned an excellent article over on her blog - 

Lies, Denial and Buried Secrets - How to Create Dimensional Characters:

I'm posting this from my phone so I can't mange to create a hyperlink to her blog.

Lies, Denial and Buried Secrets - How to Create Dimensional Characters. 

She expounds on how we show a different side of ourself to different people and we don't do it to be deceptive . It's part of life. We all do it. We have our mom face, work face, the face or mask we show our acquaintances, neighbors, friends and then the truer face we share with our more intimate friends.

It's an interesting read and a helpful article for anyone struggling to create more believable, dimensional characters. Take a look. You'll be glad you did. 

She is also offering a second chance for writers to participate in her class: Hook Your Readers - The First Five Pages

Check out her blog now to find out more and read all about using lies and secrets to add character depth and also tension, mystery and suspense to your novel.
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