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Y - Year and a Day Homicide Rule

Y- A Year and a Day - Homicide Law

A common law rule that stated a victim had to die within one year and one day from the time the suspect caused the injury for the suspect to be charged with murder. So if someone stabbed and bludgeoned a person and put them in a coma, if the victim did not die within a year and a day of the injury, the bad guy could not be charged with murder.

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Sam & Elisa were spotted in Yolet France. Did Sam kill Martha and then abscond with Elisa?

A xeroxed copy of Martha Clinton's diary was seen in Michael Prejean's apartment, but Michael covered the content with his hand once he noticed Detective Coker eyeballing it.

What was that weird word that the freaky twin brother said to him. Chimney. No ... what the hell was it? What had the frezkazoid said? It sounded like something you would order at a Mexican restaurant. Chimichanga? No. Damn it, what was that word.

Coker, scratched his head, squeezed his eyes closed tight and replayed the conversation he'd had with Saul, pretending to be Sam. It was after he admitted he was Saul, the twin. He'd said ... it's coming to me.
     Saul said, "Guess you never heard of a chimera, then?"

Chimera. That's the word. What the hell is a chimera? Detective Coker got busy doing research and came across the most bizarre case, One Person, Two Sets of DNA, The Strange Case of the Human Chimera.

What was Sam Watson's blood type?

Detective Coker spoke to the husband who admitted he arrived home and found his wife's dead body.
     "There was nothing I could do. She was dead. I swear. I didn't kill her. You have to believe me. No, I did not put a gun in her hand. Why would I do something so stupid. I didn't want her death ruled a suicide. Then her life insurance wouldn't pay off. I am desperate for money. I owe money to the mafia and I have to come up with it fast. That's why I took the ring off her finger. She was dead. What would be the point of burying her with that ring. It's a family heirloom. It's mine. So technically, I didn't steal it. I can't steal what belongs to me. Can I? I offered it to my bookie for my debt. He turned it down. Said it was too hot. I did not kill my wife. I did not."

Detective Coker realizes that the answer lies in the DNA. There is clearly something wrong with the blood DNA. He is convinced that one of his original male suspects killed Martha.

Thomas Clinton
Dr. Daryl Kelly
Michael Prejean
Dr. Aiden Russo
Sam Waston

So, he obtained a new warrant for DNA, this time he will get DNA from a variety of sources from each suspect. He will get another blood sample, a urine sample, a bucal swab of each suspects cheek, and a sample of each suspects hair.

He is tired of being played for a fool.

Time to get back to the basics: Means, Motive and Opportunity

Let's concentrate on Motive:

Thomas Clinton: The husband, wife wanted a divorce, husband was cheating, so was wife

Dr. Daryl Kelly: Once had an affair with Martha, also has knowledge of the drug Ketamine, used to incapacitate the victim

Michael Prejean: Hmm, he could also have knowledge of Ketamine and the means of obtaining it. What would his motive be? Why does he have a page of the victim's diary? Why has he lied so many times? And what's up with that weird travel diary?

Dr. Aiden Russo: A freak on paper. Maybe too much of a freak. Detective Coker has a nagging feeling that he looks like a freak because the feds want him to and that they may have manufactured his NCIC Rap Sheet. He's probably an undercover cop or perhaps a confidential reliable informant, but Coker isn't gong to stop investigating him

Sam Watson: Access to the gun planted on victim, has a twin brother, so maybe that's how he faked the DNA results. He also fled the country. But, Coker has his toothbrush, hairbrush and other sources of good DNA samples.

It has to come down to the DNA, Coker is convinced. Someone managed to either manufacture the blood DNA or there must be a reasonable explanation for the reason none of the original suspects were a blood DNA match.

Detective Coker travled to Texas and spoke to the man whose DNA was a match and discovered that Brian Sepulvado was a bone marrow donor a few years ago. He doesn't know the name of the recipient, because it was anonymous. He assumes the recipient must have his same blood type or a similar blood type or he would not have been a match from the national blood donor registry. Brian Sepulvado has AB negative blood.  

Sam Watson didn't have a negative blood type, did he?

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Today's Clue: Letter Y - Yoke

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