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The Kind Worth Killing - Non Spoiler Review

Murder Mystery & Mayhem:

The Kind Worth Killing by: Peter Swanson

If you have read this book, jump over to my review/analysis of The Kind Worth Killing, which includes spoilers

Title: The Kind Worth Killing
Author: Peter Swanson
Publisher:  William Morrow/Harper Collins
Publication Date: February 2015
Hardcover Pages: 320 (Book Length actually 308 Pages)
ISBN -13: 978-0062267528
ISBN -10: 0062267523
Source: Purchased
Verdict: 5 out of 5
Purchase: Amazon

Remember Patricia Highsmith's novel, Strangers on a Train, and Hitchcock's film 

The Kind Worth Killing: Strangers on a Plane

Lily and Ted meet in an airport bar and share a few martinis. They end up on the same overnight flight from  London to Boston, sitting together and knocking back more drinks. Cocktails lead to a game called the truth game and the strangers share information most of us wouldn't tell our shrink. But, you know what airplane flights are like? We can be ourselves, share intimate details because we're never going to see our companion again. 

Ted confides in Lily. He tells her of his wife Miranda's infidelity. They are building a multi - million dollar home near Boston. He will do anything for Miranda. Anything, that is ... until he discovers she is having an affair with Brad, the ruggedly handsome contractor. Ain't that a kick in the face. The man is taking his money and banging his wife.

Lily asks Ted what he intends to do about it and he playfully says, he'd like to kill her. Expecting shock from Lily, he doesn't get it. Instead she replies, "I think you should." A plot is hatched to kill Miranda. As we all know, nothing planned ever comes off without a hitch.

It is far too difficult to truly review this book without giving anything away and if you have not read it, you should read it and you need to read it without any spoilers. You won't be able to experience the depth of the cat and mouse chase, the chess game like story of murder, double crossings, and neurotic roller coaster dips and turns. 

If you've read the book, you can read my thorough review, including spoilers, here

The plot of this dark, suspenseful, psychological thriller is being compared to Strangers on A train.

Many people are comparing this novel to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. All three novels are narrated by more than one unreliable narrator. I loved Gone Girl and the Girl on the Train, but I have to admit starting both novels and putting them down before the end of the second chapter. Not so with The Kind Worth Killing. I finally forged ahead in the other two novels after repeated and insistent requests from writers and readers I admire. I'm glad I did because both Gone Girl and the Girl on the Train, finally picked up the pace and mesmerized me.

I didn't have that problem with The Kind Worth Killing. It grabbed me on page one and never let up. There are more unexpected plot twists than you can imagine. each plot twist manages to out do the other, with the exception of the mid point plot twist, which I never saw coming. It knocked me over the head and on my ass.

The Kind Worth Killing in told in 3 Parts. The first Part, The Rules of Airport Bars, switches back and forth between first person POV chapters narrated by Ted and Lily. The Second Part, adds a third narrator, Ted's Wife Miranda and the third and final part introduces a fourth narrator, Detective Kimball. Sadly, I cannot even go into the characterization of any of the characters because even that would give away too much of this expertly plotted novel.

Peter Swanson is a master of plot twists and surprise endings. Even those who are avid crime fiction readers will be surprised and shocked by many of the plot twists and reveals. I wish I could go into more, but doing so would deprive you of the thrilling ride this novel will take you on. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries, novels of suspense, thrillers or any crime fiction. If you like trying to figure out who the villain is ... this is your kind of book. If you like it even more when you guess wrong and the author continues shaking things up until the very last page, you will absolutely love this book. If you enjoy playing chess or solving impossible puzzles and mysteries, you must read this book.


Anonymous said...

Any books you can recommend after reading the kind worth killing?

P.s I love the idea of Lilys TRIAL! !

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I highly recommend reading the book The Girl on the Train: A Novel.
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The Girl on the Train: A Novel

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