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A to Z Blogging Challenge Reflection Post

A to Z Reflection Post:

Best Challenge So Far:

My theme this year was crime fiction and I hosted a mini contest on my blog, a Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

My murder mystery took place in New Orleans, Louisiana and a woman, named Martha Clinton was murdered. I realize now that some of my post were rather lengthy and I want to thank everyone who took the time to read them. Unless I missing something, and I have searched back through the comments and emails, I don't believe anyone has solved the crime. I do hope that those of you who participated will at least take a stab at solving it, because the grand prize is a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

Shell Flower at Tangent Shell, made a good guess, and I hope she will try again. That goes for all of you who read the mystery. I especially enjoyed getting to know some of you who took the time follow my Detective Coker series. Hilary Melton-Butcher at Positive Letters & Inspirational Stories paid very close attention and I hope she will attempt to unravel the unusual DNA twist and solve the murder. Chrys Fey is another blogger I met through the challenge, who should try and solve the crime. I hope we stay in touch and if you didn't visit her blog, I recommend you do.

Nick Wilford had a unique theme that I loved. He chose a random word from the dictionary that corresponded with the applicable letter of the alphabet, oh and it had to be a word he was not familiar with and he wrote a 100 word piece of flash fiction. They were fun to read and each one ended with a twist.

I loved the setting as a character theme offered by J. Lenni Dorner & will post a review on her terrific book of the same topic, next week.

I've read some enlightening reflection post this year which is in tune with the overall make up of the bloggers who participated this year. This is my 4th year participating, but I did not participate last year.  The list of blogs participating in the 2015 A to Z Challenge, by far surpassed the quality of blog post I've read in the past. It seemed like every link I clicked on invited me on either an amazing adventure to far away lands or offered incredibly useful writing and/or social media advice.

I want to start out by once again thanking Arlee Byrd, for inventing this creative and rewarding challenge. I would be here all day if I went though the list of all the co-host, but I do want to let them all know how grateful we all are. I am sure I don't have a clue how much time and effort goes into co-hosting an event of this magnitude, but I can tell from many of the reflection post that the co-host had a full plate and devoted countless hours. Thank you for your selfless service.

If you want to read a very through reflective post, I highly recommend reading a post written by one of the helpers, Barbara, at Life and Faith in Caneyhead. Her theme was musical memories. I read quite a few nostalgic musical memory post and I always looked forward to my trip down memory lane.

Stephanie Faris blogged about all things 80's and that was my generation, so I loved her posts. I felt like I was back in high school and college with all the musical, magazine and movie flashbacks. Her reflection post also introduced me to the Paper Li Newspaper/Magazine. I had no idea that the challenge had a digital newspaper or whatever you call it, but if you were also in the dark about it, you will definitely want to check it out. It is the A to Z Challenge Daily.

I realize that I have not thanked or mentioned many of the bloggers I routinely follow and that is certainly not a poor reflection on their blogs. I am just trying to get my reflection post published by the end of the day, as today is the last day and I wanted to focus on some of the newer blogs I encountered. I made a new a new friend, Christina, over at The Capillary,  and her blog was original inspired by the Day Zero Project. She wrote some interesting post and I hope that some of you will pay her a visit.

 I remember a time when the legendary Alex Cavanaugh and Matthew MacNish over at The QQQE hosted a blogfest when I first started blogging. I can't remember the name of if, but the goal was to spotlight bloggers still flying under the radar, specifically those with around 100 or fewer followers. Thanks to both of them my following jumped from like 2 - 150 in one month. Why am I bringing this up? Because Christina has around 120 followers, and I hope that those of you who didn't get a chance to visit her during the challenge will do so this month.

That brings me to my next topic of interest. My biggest regret was not visiting nearly as many bloggers as I would have liked. I am 100% at fault. Which introduces my next topic ... mistake ... regret. This was the first year that I did not prepare all of my post in advance. Big ... huge ... gigantic mistake and one I won't repeat. I also must learn how to pre-schedule the publication of my post.

I think it might be easier if I just break it down into what worked best for me and what didn't. I didn't experience anything negative during the challenge. I was disappointed to find that some of the blogs I looked forward to reading, dropped out - mid challenge, but I understand that things happen in our lives that are beyond our control.

Like many of the other reflection posts have already mentioned, I noticed that the participants at the tail end of the list didn't seem to get a lot of comments on their blog post. I found this disturbing because I worried that many of the last minute entries might be first timers to the challenge and I hated for them to feel left out. I hope that it doesn't keep anyone from entering next year. Like I said earlier, I didn't get to visit enough blogs and when it became clear I would never make it all the way through the entire list, I varied my approach. Rather than starting at the beginning or with the names immediately below my own, some days I began at the top, some days the middle, other days the bottom and still other days I randomly selected a number like 901 and worked from there. I will continue working through the list for the rest of May and June or until I have visited every blog at least once.

That was another personal issue I faced. With my time extremely limited I often had to choose between working my way through the list or making repeat visit to blogs I had already visited, but wanted to continue reading.  I varied that decision as well.

Prior to this years challenge, I had been on an extended blogging hiatus. When I stopped blogging, I fully anticipated returning at some point, but as the weeks grew into months, I now believe that I might have quit all together. I am so glad I decided to participate this year. It reacquainted me with bloggers and friends and provided fresh, new motivation for blogging. I immediately realized how much I missed blogging and I know now that I am ready to commit to a steady blogging schedule.

Okay this is getting too long and is so unorganized. but I am desperately trying to get it up before the deadline and I have so many bloggers I want to thank and recognize, but I just can't mention everyone   or this will be another 2000 words.


Most bloggers had a theme. I noticed more themes this year than ever and I really liked it. It was nice knowing what the blog posts would be about. I also learned ,many new things, gained much needed writing advice and traveled all over the world with the various themes.

The quality of blog content was amazing


It is still hard for me to comment on some of the blogging platforms. For WordPress I was automatically logged in under some crazy name I must have created years ago for the purpose of commenting. I've also heard that many WordPress bloggers skip over blogspot bloggers because it is too difficult for them to leave a comment. Diqus is the absolute worst and oh what irony that it ... I use Disqus. I wish I had never switched over, but I don't know how to switch back without losing all my comments.

Thank you to everyone! If you want to take a stab at solving my crime fiction murder mystery click on the Legal Fiction page of my blog for a recap and on the Idea Bank for a witness list and a list of each daily clue

If you haven't already ordered your A to Z Survivor T-Shirt, do so now.

Be forewarned, ladies, if you order the ladies cut, it runs small. Or I am just too top heavy. But, I love my shirt and I've already worn it twice.

A great big thanks to Jeremy Hawkins for designing the survivor shirt.

OMG - here comes my post, excuse all typos, please. I had a blast!


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