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X, Y & Z Delayed Posting

Please accept my apology for the unavoidable delays. 
I've been unable to post for the last couple of days. I will post the final three letters today and tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience & hope you will continue trying to solve Martha's murder

This update is posted from my phone so the sizing and font might be off.


Melissa Sugar said...

No worries! I am taking tomorrow off, so my apologies if I miss your final post.

Melissa Sugar said...

At least you are committed to finishing!

~ We made it!!! ~

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Melissa Sugar said...

Hi Melissa - I need to sit and read your posts with all the clues and perhaps red herrings - but perhaps red minnows! - so I will check them out tomorrow .. and give myself time to think about things ...

I don't think it really matters not finishing on Z day - you've had so many other things going on .. but I will read, try and inwardly digest and try and work out who did dun it ...

Cheers Hilary

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