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X - Excuses & Exculpatory Evidence

E - Excuses & Exculpatory Evidence:

Exculpatory Evidence:

What is exculpatory evidence?  Evidence or a witness statement which tends to absolve the guilt of a defendant.

This post will shed light on evidence and statements which might exculpate or eliminate someone as the guilty party.

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Detective Coker spent the last 48 hours reading Michael Prejean's travel blog. He read his posts over and over. He tried to make sense of his weird travel itinerary. It seems Michael traveled to Texas for a kidney transplant and he was turned down because he was a smoker. He also traveled to India.

Detective Coker tried speaking to Prejean's mom again, but all he got out of her was that her baby boy would soon need another transplant because this one was failing and it was all her fault because she wasn't a match. Detective Coker remembered the man's blog and asked if she was referring to his kidney transplant and Prejean's mom began crying and said.

      "No, you dumbass cop, I'm talking about his bone marrow transplant."

Then she once again hung up on him.

Just as Detective Coker expected, Thomas Clinton filed an insurance claim for half a million bucks for his wife's stolen engagement ring.

Detetive Coker attempted to interview Dr. Russo, but he received word from the Chief of detectives that his presence was needed immediately. He walked into an ambush when he entered the Chief of D's office. Several special agents from the FBI and DEA were all present and Coker was ordered, then threatened with his job, to back off Dr. Russo. He was instructed not to interview anyone who worked at the pediatric clinic.

Frustrated, he headed to Sam Watson's house for a surprise interview, but the surprise was on him. Ten minutes into the conversation, the man Coker was questioning burst out laughing and explained that his name was Saul ... 

     "I'm Sam's identical twin. had ya going there for a minute, didn't I?"

Coker wanted to bash his skull in, but he refrained.

Meanwhile a custody/paternity case in Texas, shed new light on Martha's murder. A man, Brian Sepulvado gave a DNA sample in the paternity case and his DNA somehow ended up in  CODIS.

CODIS is the Combined DNA Index System and once Sepulavdo's DNA was entered into CODIS  a late hit came through alerting Coker that there was now a match in his Martha Clinton rape/homicide case. There was a positive match from the unknown semen contributor in the Clinton case to this Sepulvado.

WTF? No way.

Coker's hapiness was short-lived, however, when a records check confirmed that Sepulvado had an airtight,  rock solid alibi. He had been arrested, late in the afternoon on July 9th, at a political rally, and didn't make bail until the early morning of July 10th.

How can this be? How can we finally have a match ... but ...  the DNA contributor could not possibly have been in two places at one time.

Before calling it a night, Detective Coker received a call on his private cell, a number only three people had access to. The caller identified himself as Frank Mondello and suggested that Detective Coker meet him for a coffee. Now that's weird, Coker thought. How did the gangster get my number. What the hell, he agreed to meet him.

Mondello began by patting Coker down for a wire. He then offered the following information.

     "The husband didn't kill his wife. Don't ask me to ever confirm this. But, you can take my word for it. He didn't kill the wife. He found her dead and took the ring because he was into some scary people ... again, don't ask me who ... for a lot of money. And that's all I've got to say."

Coker walked away. Almost ready to throw in the towel. He called the crime lab and asked if there was anyway to get prints or DNA off coins, like quarters.

So, have we eliminated any suspects. Did you find any exculpatory evidence which tends to exonerate any of the suspects.

Who killed Martha Clinton? Only two letters left.

The Legal Fiction page of my blog contains updated case information.

Can't remember all of the witnesses or clues ... then check out the Idea Bank at the top of my blog in the navigation bar.

Again, my apologies to everyone who has been following along. The last two letters will go up tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I will announce the next random comment winner when I announce the winner of the Crime Fiction Murder Mystery

Today's Clue - Letter X - Xerox


Melissa Sugar said...

I wanted to say thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting. I know how it is, chasing down blogs during the A to Z Challenge and on top of that, your own! Great job, Melissa! :)

Melissa Sugar said...

I'm still following along for the rest of the letters.

Melissa Sugar said...

Gosh, I still feel as clueless as I did from day one, despite all the clues you have given. The DNA thing seems like a plant, though. I can't wait to see how this unfolds!

Melissa Sugar said...

By the look of it the exculpatory evidence came from Mondello - but who is he, and why did have Coker's private number ... and how. The twins are another thing ... Presumably the xeroxing of the quarter might help and could be a way of getting some information .. not sure how at all ...

The clinic scenario has some very odd goings on - and must be hiding something by the big wigs that be ... Russo in cahoots with someone.

Unless Sepuvaldo is released from prison for a brief time - why I don't know .. then he could have had sex with Martha .. but ... but ... but ...

I'm still stumped on to the next post ... cheers Hilary ...

PS I hope I can work out how you 'found' the murderer in a post or two ..

Melissa Sugar said...

That's a LOT of mystery! Way to go writing this one.

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