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V - Verdict, Verify & Validate

V - Lead Detective Needs to Verify & Validate the Evidence: He Needs a Verdict on Who Killed Martha Clinton

V Verdict, Verify & Validate

     Detective Coker brought Sam Watson in for an interview, interrogation. Since he discovered the body and found the gun in the victim’s hand, the police wanted to take a closer look at him. The GPS Dart was recovered and the car seen fleeing the scene of Martha’s Clinton’s home, days after the murder is registered to Sam Watson, but Sam claims he was not driving his car that night. He loaned it to his brother, Saul.

     While the official ballistics report is not back, a preliminary report verifies that the victim was not shot with the Smith and Wesson .38 caliber handgun that was found in her hand. She was likely killed with something less powerful, a .22 is the likely murder weapon. So where is the murder weapon and why did she have a different gun in her hand.

     Someone obviously put the gun in the woman’s hand after she was killed to make it look like a suicide or for some other reason. The .38 has not been traced to an owner, however, the gun found in her hand has been linked to two unsolved homicides. Detective Coker re- interviewed the leading suspect in one of those unsolved homicide cases. Mr. Tyrone Mitchell, of course denies any knowledge of any homicide, but did reluctantly pose a hypothetical to the detective. Mitchell claims that hypothetically, if he ever possessed a gun, that gun disappeared over a year ago and he believes his girlfriend stole the gun. His girlfriend’s name at the time, was Pam Robinson.

Detective Coker interviewed Pam Robinson who denied ever possessing a gun. But, Coker gained some interesting information from the interview. At the time Pam dated Tyrone, she had a roommate who shared her apartment in the French Quarter. Her roommate’s name was, Elisa Smith. Coker was unable to find Smith, but plans to visit her place of employment tomorrow. According to Pam Robinson, Elisa Smith had a boyfriend by the name of Sam. Sam worked as a pharmaceutical rep. 

Handwriting analyses is back and Thomas Clinton did not write the note left for his wife in their home. The expert compared the note to a shopping list taken from the tenant’s apartment and it is an exact match. Michael Prejean wrote the note. Of course he swears he was in Florida as the time.

Detective Coker interviewed Dr. Daryl Kelly who denied fighting with the victim, but admitted to stopping by their home on numerous occasions to collect gambling debts from Thomas Clinton. It seems Clinton doesn’t just frequent the casinos, but he bets big with a bookie and he also plays the ponies. Kelly used to own some racehorses, back when he was in Vet school. He dropped out of Vet school when he got into med school. Anyway, according to Kelly, at times Thomas Clinton owed bookies over a hundred grand for his horse track betting and football betting.

Dr. Russo admitted arguing with Thomas, but claimed it was over the way he treated and abused his wife. Their argument turned physical on one occasion, but that was a long time before Martha was killed.

Detective Coker spoke with Michael Prejean’s mother over the telephone. She was at her home in Tampa, Florida and insisted that Michael was with her on July 9, 2014. When Detective Coker told her that they have been able to positively place Michael in New Orleans at the time of the murder and that she might be charged with a felony offense if she continues to lie, she didn’t answer. Coker informed her that they collected fresh cigarette butts with Michael’s DNA and that a witness places him at the scene, she backed off her story a little bit and said that he was in Florida, but she cannot be absolute certain what time he left on July 9th, to return home to New Orleans. 

     “I know he fed and washed the horses. He gave two of them a good workout, so he didn’t leave too early and it’s a ten hour drive at least. No I don’t think he could possibly have made it back to New Orleans by the time that poor woman died. Plus he was so fond of her. Michael would never kill anyone. He loves animals, kids and old people. He’s a good man.”
      However she jumped all over Coker and insisted he made a mistake. She was adamant that Michael is a non smoker and said that Coker better remove that lie from any official documents or he would ruin everything for Michael. When Coker asked her to elaborate she said she was retaining her own attorney and hung up the line

DNA Analysis is back:

Semen found on Martha Clinton belonged to two separate individuals. 
(1) Her husband, Thomas Clinton, no big surprise there, but Coker is not willing to rule him out. He could have raped and killed her after she had consensual sex with someone else 

(2) An unknown male contributor with B- Blood Type, who is not in the system

Damn! Detective Coker thought the semen would match one of the suspects, one of the men who either voluntarily gave blood for a DNA sample or were compelled to give blood, pursuant to the warrant. But no. Hell no. Nothing can ever be easy.

The lab compared the semen found on Martha to the blood taken from:
(1) Michael Prejean
(2) Sam Watson
(3) Daryl Kelly
(4) Dr. Aiden Russo

Nothing! No match. None of the potential suspects’ blood was a DNA match to the semen found on the victim

Is it possible she had consensual sex with someone else and one of the above four men or her husband killed her? Coker has never been so frustrated about a homicide case

And how will they ever find out who used the spoof card to send the threatening messages to the victim from her husband’s cell phone

Coker obtained a few more leads, he just needs to figure out what they all mean.

Michael Prejean’s DNA was in fact found on all 17 cigarette butts located close the the body. The crime lab is still analyzing the cigarette butts — looking for a way to determine how old they are. The first officer on the scene swears one of the cigarette butts was still smoldering, as if recently tossed in the grass or gravel.

He discovered that according to the husband’s GPS on his vehicle, he not only left the family home shortly before his wife was murdered, but his car sat, stationary, in their subdivision. Why? He can’t ask Thomas because he lawyered up, but with GPS showing him within a mile of his home at the time of his wive’s death, Coker is more unwilling than ever to rule him out. He could have jogged home and killed his wife and sprinted back to his car. Or was someone else driving his car.

Coker needed a drink. He had to let all this new information simmer in his head.

Who killed Martha Clinton. Detective Coker buried his head on the bar and ordered another round. He came up empty today. No verdict on who killed her, not for Coker, not yet.

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Today's Clue: Letter V - Vasectomy  

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