U - Undercover Police Officer

U - Undercover Police Officer

"Why the hell didn't we learn about this sooner?" Detective Coker is pissed off.

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

No wonder their rap sheets were hidden so deep it took Detective Coker weeks to get his hands on them and what he read didn't add up. How could drug dealing nurses still hold a license and be practicing in a pediatric clinic?

Nurse Jenny Hebert & Nurse Frances Cush are both U/C  ... that stands for undercover. They are police officers working undercover. Too bad neither vice nor the feds, DEA would give anything up. Special agent in charge claimed that it would jeopardize an ongoing, four year, deep, undercover investigation into the manufacturing & distribution of narcotics. On top of that, several local doctors and doctors in Florida are the targets of a major undercover operation. So, Detective Coker has been ordered to do nothing to jeopardize the cover of the two women police officers.

He is baffled. Who the hell is the target and what does the drug investigation have to do with his homicide?

Today's Clue: Letter U - Urine

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  1. Hi Melissa - I was thinking about can you determine the gender of the person by their hair - but I see you can ... I watched the video; However again I'm stumped .. unless there is a twin involved ...

    Congratulations to Nick - he does write wonderful stories and those words he's choosing are such fun to read and see .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Melissa - I've always found it strange that 'normal' police are left in the dark re undercover work - though it's interesting in a tv storyline ...

    Urine - Drink -Driving or Drug- Driving .. criminal records - but they'd have come to light ... unless drops of urine have been found elsewhere, or on clothing where the urine is not (so far) recorded in evidence ...

    Interesting as it all ties together .. cheers Hilary

  3. It's almost impossible not to leave behind trace evidence.

  4. Fascinating that the gender of person can be determined by hair alone. I have definitely not ruled out a jealous girlfriend or spouse of one of Martha's lovers. Congrats to Nick. He's such a nice guy and his blog theme is awesome.

  5. I knew something was up with those nurses. Funny, though, because I suspected the renter guy to be U/C way back, given his history and freedom. You're doing a great job of making everyone seem guilty, but also innocent--I mean not guilty :)

  6. I guess being under cover would be an interesting predicament to be in.


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