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A to Z Blogging Challenge
Just when I finally caught up life interfered once again. 

So my apologies, but I have fallen behind once again. After a weekend of preparing for a monumental defamation case and following through on my promise to myself and family to be more present in our lives - kids had a big weekend. Blake attended her first prom.
Alan tuned 18 
Alan escorted a lovely girl to the Cotillion Ball

 Bennett returned from a school trip and practiced all weekend for the upcoming  soccer  state championship cup in Covington, La.

So, I'm behind. Sorry guys. I will probably post an abbreviated version of mycrime fiction mystery clues over the next four days, but don't worry- it will still contain everything needed to solve the murder. 

Too bad I'm not anywhere near my laptop.  By the time I wrote this apology post on my phone , I could have just updated my blog with my blog post for both letters P and Q, but they are on my computer and I don't have it with me.

Tomorrow, I will return with shorter posts for letters P, Q, and R.

Hope you are all  having a good week and enjoying the challenge. 

If I learned anything from my mom's fall and subsequent 3 month stay in the hospital in critical condition - it's that family trumps everything else. 
See you tomorrow.


Melissa Sugar said...

Hi Melissa - sorry that you've had your mother's fall to contend with too ..

Lovely photos of the kids - just brilliant to see the young growing up in this world of ours and taking whatever opportunity is around ...

Good luck with your case ...

and we'll catch up with the fictitional one of yours anon .. cheers and take care - Hilary

Melissa Sugar said...

Love these pictures of your family. You're right, family comes before blogging every single time. Glad you've been enjoying yours. A-Zers know what it's like. Especially towards the end.

(Sorry it took so long to get to your blog. I was buried in work during tax season - you posted on my blog a month ago!)

Melissa Sugar said...

Great pictures! I think we all forgive you for falling behind. It happens. And I'm sure we're all looking forward to your posts. Will someone be getting a polygraph test for P? ;)

Melissa Sugar said...

Real life must take precedence. it's understandable.
Take care.

Melissa Sugar said...

Your kids all look great dressed up! No worries you're a little behind.

Melissa Sugar said...

Your family is so lovely. Don't feel bad for putting them first. Ever. Seriously. I'm still just catching up, myself. Real life is WAY more important!

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