Obtaining CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance) By Fraud

Obtaining Prescription Medication by Fraud:

Detective Coker and his team of investigators continue sifting through the NCIC Rap sheets of all witnesses and suspects in the Martha Clinton Murder Case.

Drugs, drug, drugs. Coker begins to recognize a common theme among the major players in this scenario: Drugs

NCIC Rap Sheets of interest so far:

Nurse Jenny Hebert has a 2011 conviction for obtaining CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance)by fraud. Detective Coker pulled her arrest jacket and studied the pertinent facts. Jenny Hebert was working for her current employer, Dr. Aiden Russo at the time. She forged prescriptions from his prescription pad and she called in prescriptions, using Dr. Russo's DEA number. All prescriptions were for narcotics, namely opiate pain prescription medication, to wit: Oxycontin

Nurse Jenny Hebert: 2009 Possession of Heroin

Detective Coker and his investigators are stunned to learn that Dr. Russo didn't fire Jenny. The real shocker was that the victim, Martha Clinton was originally charged as a co-defendant with Jenny, but Jenny made a statement to the police indicating that Martha Clinton had nothing to do with the crime and that she, Jenny Hebert acted alone. After completing a drug court, pre-trial intervention (PTI) program, and successfully completing a 30 day stint in a drug and alcohol rehab designed for professionals, namely nurses, doctors and other medical professionals, Jenny Hebert returned to her job as a nurse for Dr. Russo.

Nurse Frances Cush: 2011 Possession with intent to distribute schedule 11 narcotics, to wit: Oxycontin

Thomas Clinton: 2013 Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery upon his wife, Martha Clinton. Pled down to misdemeanor battery

Dr. Aiden Russo: Colorado, 2008 Conviction of Necrophilia; 2010 Lewd act; 2013 peeping tom 

Samuel Watson: 2014 Stalking, 2012 Harassing Phone Calls, 2011 Battery, 2011, Violation of Protection order, 2008 Sexual Battery - pled down to simple battery

Michael Prejean: Florida record conviction of drugs, sealed record. Detective Coker still unable to gain access to Micheal Prejean's sealed records in Florida. Louisiana, 2013 DWI

Dr. Daryl Kelly: 2013 Illegal dispersion of CDS - lost his medical license.

Holy Shit. The victim's best friend, Annabelle Kelly's husband, Daryl Kelly was a doctor who lost his medical license and wait ... there's more. He is the former partner of Dr. Russo. He left the pediatric clinic in 2012, facts and circumstances of his departure unknown at this time, but he opened his own small cosmetic surgery clinic. No surgeries ever performed as he is not a surgeon. His practice consisted entirely of Botox and Juvederm injections.

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Today's Clue: Letter O - Operation


  1. I am confused, but intrigued :) I shall have to check out your links. I have visited a couple of hundred blogs so far, but I keep finding my list I visit every day growing, so I suspect I will not get through the whole list any time soon.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  2. I don't understand all this drug stuff. As a younger lad we just smoked a lot of weed. These days there is such a variety of over the counter, prescription, and illegal drugs available. makes me wonder what kind of society we are evolving into.

  3. That's a lot of people (specifically doctors and nurses) with drug charges and other charges. Seems you can't even trust those you're supposed to be able to trust.

  4. Interesting. It's amazing how many people are on drugs. Crazy world.
    I'd really like to visit all the blogs, but there are way too many. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Wow, your site has me intrigued. I'll be back.
    Also, love the look here. Very cute.

  6. I'm kind of almost not surprised there's a special rehab for medical professionals. It's such a high pressure job for little reward.

  7. Melissa, this is a marvellous idea. So intriguing. Shall be back when I've more time to start from the beginning. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me at http://www.authorsupport.net and no, no way am I ever going to get round everyone :-(

  8. Hi Melissa - lots of reduced charges here ... and then all the link ups .. and loss of licences ... and now the cosmetic clinic with injections and other nefarious aspects I'd suspect ... then O for operation .. I wonder what for .. cheers Hilary

  9. Lots of connections here. Maybe some blackmail involved, as well?

  10. Whoa that necrophilia is legal in LA. I am going to have to check it out for my state, just out of curiosity. Now that really is some freaky shit, especially for a pediatrician. *shivers*

  11. Thanks for visiting. It is hard, I know. We want to visit as many blogs as we can, but then again we want to visit some of the blogs over and over. Its impossible to do both, so I appreciate single visits very much.

  12. No shit. And kids can buy stuff that is sold "legally" at head shops, but shouldn't be legal. Bath salts for instance. My step son made a trip to the emergency room on that stuff. The DEA is trying to crack down and as soon as they make a particular "synthetic drug," illegal, the very same drug reappears on store shelves under a new name.

  13. I think doctors and nurses (not all, not by any stretch of the imagination) but quite a few, have such easy access to addictive medication -- I think that is why so many end up abusing the meds.

  14. Thanks for visiting, Beverly. I wish you would have left your full name or name of your blog or an url or something so I could return the visit. I will try and find you.

  15. Yes it is and they have such easy access to the meds.

  16. Me either, but I am going to keep visiting the blogs on the list all through May and June until I do.

  17. Of course. Just haven't written that post yet, lol


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