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N- NCIC Rap Sheet & Necrophilia

Letter N - NCIC Criminal History Rap Sheet

Letter N - Necrophilia 

A to Z Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

We all know that detective Coker has been waiting for the criminal history rap sheets to come back on all the potential suspects and witnesses in the Martha Clinton murder case.

Do you know what a rap sheet is? When you work as a prosecutor, one of the first things you do, before you ever call a witness to the stand is run their rap. You also run a rap on every suspect before you file charges. You run it though NCIC.

The FBI maintains the NCIC database. The NCIC rap sheet contains data on every person who has been convicted of a crime. Rap sheets also show arrest that didn't end in conviction. Rap sheets let officers and prosecutors know if a person is wanted for questioning or criminal charges. The NCIC rap sheet alerts patrol officers if a person is considered dangerous to law enforcement or the public, if they have outstanding warrants and a host of other valuable information. Your NCIC rap sheet is the information that a police officer accesses during a traffic stop when he asks you to remain in your car.

Detective Coker's been scrolling through the first round of NCIC rap sheets he obtained. Interesting reading so far.

Jenny the nurse has a conviction for obtaining prescription drugs by fraud. Michael Prejean has some charges down in Florida for drugs, but the NCIC rap sheet doesn't show a disposition. That's not uncommon for a rap sheet.  So, he's going to do some old time police work and get on the phone and start calling the Florida clerks offices, arresting agencies and the district attorney's office and get to the bottom of Michael Prejean's criminal record. He also has an alias, so this might be worth looking into. He will need to obtain a copy of Michael Prejean's FCIC Rap sheet under his current name and his alias.

But, that's not what threw him for a loop.

Dr. Russo has a conviction in another state for Necrophilia. In case you are wondering, Necrophilia is the sexual attraction or sexual contact with a corpse.
Gross. Yuck! Macabre. Morbid. What kind of man has sex with dead people? Dr. Russo seemed like such a normal man. An attractive, married doctor, no less. What the hell was Martha Clinton doing with a freak like Russo? Well, Coker hasn't confirmed the affair between Dr. Russo and the victim.

 Time to look at this messed up doc from a whole new angle. Detective Coker almost missed the conviction because ...

 Get this ...

Necrophilia isn't illegal in Louisiana.

Shit. That means they really need to look hard into Dr. Russo's background. No telling what kind of sick and kinky crap he's been into in Louisiana and just never been charged.

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Today's Clue: Letter N - Nullomers


Melissa Sugar said...

Yikes, Necrophilia is one scary word. Can't believe it's not illegal in Louisiana!

Absolutely adore your banner, layout and colors of your blog! Well done!

I'm delighted to have connected through A-Z!

Melissa Sugar said...

Necrophilia is legal in Louisiana? Whoa. Is that because some areas are tied to voodoo?

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