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Law Enforcement Going High Tech With Stingray Cell Phone Spy

L- Law Enforcement Goes High Tech:

Stingray: Is it a necessary tool for law enforcement or it is an unlawful, intrusion into our privacy?

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Detective Wayne Coker is dancing in the streets ... and dancing as close as he can to the cell phone towers and surveillance vans. He has hit the mother-load. The NOPD just invested a million dollars into the newest Cell Phone Spying Equipment - The Stingray.

Now his tech team can use their new stingray and masquerade as a cell phone tower and legally tap into cell phone data in real time. Detective Coker feels like he's joined the NSA or the CIA. The damned assistant district attorney wants him to wait on a warrant. Not happening. We don't need a warrant. The law has been permitting law enforcement to access cell phone data for years without warrants.

This is amazing. He will intercept all cell phone data in real time as it is happening. They are set up to monitor all cell phones belonging to the husband, Thomas Clinton, the tenant, Michael Prejean, the victim's jilted lover, Sam Watson and the victim's former employer, Dr. Russo.

Badda Badda Bing! He'll soon know which one of those suckers is the biggest liar. Who killed Martha? Who is selling drugs? Man, this is gonna be better than payday. They will soon be in position with their tip-top-secret-cell-phone-spying-device.

This is nothing like tower dumps or getting cell phone logs or numbers called or GPS positions. This is the real deal. Real time. Real life. Live. The stingray will trick the cell phone users into believing they are actually cell phone towers. We can listen in to real conversations in real time. We can watch the user type the text message. View all their photos, calendars, notebooks. It's all fair game. Nothing is off limits

How does the stingray work? Cell phones are constantly seeking a tower, even when they are not in use. That's the brilliant part. They will seek a tower and we will be masquerading as a tower with our Stingray and the cell phone users will actually be connecting with us. Then the data will be relayed to one of our laptops and the information is ours.

 Read about it Here

They even have a Porpoise to stealthily install on the laptops. This case is gonna move fast now.

Other Law Enforcement Going High Tech Controversial Gadgets & Devices.

T-Hawk Mini Drone
Recon Throwbot
What is a Recon Throw Bot?

A 1.2 pound mini robot with audio & visual spying capabilities. This is what the manufacturer boast about these little intruders:

Once deployed, the micro-robot can be directed by the operator to quietly move through a structure and transmit video and audio to the handheld Operator Control Unit II (OCU II). These stealth capabilities can be utilized to locate armed subjects, confirm the presence of hostages or innocent civilians, listen in on conversations, and reveal the layout of rooms – information that can save lives and increase the success of high-risk operations. 

Excerpt taken directly from the company: Recon Robotics

How do you view these robots? Lifesavers or another way for the government to invade your privacy?

Hand held device allows police to see inside a home

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Interested in learning more about the Stingray Cell Phone Spying Devices:

Watch this you tube clip:


Melissa Sugar said...

I can see how these devices would have upsides and downsides. If they can be used to defuse a life-threatening situation, great. But we don't want to feel like Big Brother is watching us. I think the authorities should be careful in how they are applied.

Melissa Sugar said...

One of my favorite TV programs is PERSON OF INTEREST about an A.I. constructed to monitor all manner of digital and video data to ferret out terrorist threats, but instructed to ignore criminal threats to normal citizens as irrelevant. The creator of the machine could not abide that and recruits a disillusioned intelligence agent to help the "irrelevants" in New York City.

Since the first season, things have gotten more complicated until now in the 4th season, another A.I. has been put on line and has usurped command of itself. It now is determined to safeguard itself by controlling governments.

After the first season, I did research on just how much the government could eavesdrop on us and got quite a shock as your post details. Really unnerving post. Power without restraint is always mishandled. Human nature. :-(

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my own post. :-)

Melissa Sugar said...

I had never heard of the Stingray device. Scary!

But definitely a lot of interesting stuff when it comes to storytelling.

2015 A to Z Challenge Co-Host

Matthew MacNish from The QQQE

Melissa Sugar said...

Interesting technology, but like Nick mentioned, it definitely has the whiff of Big Brother.

Melissa Sugar said...

This stuff is just scary. The very concept of privacy is a thing of the past.

Melissa Sugar said...

Well, that is rather horrifying, isn't it?

Melissa Sugar said...

I like the mini-drone.
I'm divided on the phone tapping. We want to be safe but we want to maintain our right to privacy.

Melissa Sugar said...

I'm with you. I don't have anything to hide. I just worry that if we don't put a stop to it at some point, we will end up to much like a police state.

Melissa Sugar said...

It can be, I agree

Melissa Sugar said...

The Patriot Act did away with that . Don't get me wrong. I am all for doing whatever is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks. My problem is with some of the individual police departments who will find a way to abuse the power.

Melissa Sugar said...


Melissa Sugar said...

Hi Melissa - I guess if you've got nothing to hide, then really who would want to check in on you ... yet other organisations presumably would be able to utilise/adapt the machinery and could hurt, goad, incriminate people for no reason ... other than pure nastiness ...

Leukaemia .. I guess is a very probably disease that could affect us with all this telephony close to our heads ... I've always avoided it ..

Cheers Hilary

Melissa Sugar said...

Wow. I didn't know these existed. It sounds like something from a Science Fiction movie.

Melissa Sugar said...

The Stingray is kind of scary. The issue is whether the cops need a warrant to use it. I'm not opposed to it. I'm all for anything that keeps us safe from the bad guys , but we also have to insist the police follow the law and don't trample on our constitutional rights .

Melissa Sugar said...

I'm a huge fan of person of interest . It's one of my favorite shows

Melissa Sugar said...

Guess what program I am spotlighting for P! :-)

Melissa Sugar said...

Why do I get the feeling that Detective Coker is going to be sorely disappointed with this gadget? He just seems overconfident, I guess. Great way to build tension. I am really not surprised by this technology, but it is disturbing in a sense.

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