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G - GPS Darts

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Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Detective Coker received an anonymous tip that a white/ male, dirty blond hair, approximately 30 years of age was seen rummaging through the crime scene (home of the victim - Martha Clinton). Police arrived on scene and the unsub jumped into his White Ford Explorer and took off at a high rate of speed. The anonymous tip came from an unknown / burner cell phone.

Officers on the scene saw the unsub shoving unknown items into the car. Officers on scene confirmed that yellow tape still identified the area as a crime scene. Mr. Thomas Clinton was notified and denied any knowledge of the trespasser and claimed that neither he nor his late wife had any workmen, repairmen, or employees that should be on the premises.

Officers questioned the garage apartment tenant who claimed to have observed the man enter the garage and remain for approximately 20 min. He entered the garage empty handed and left with a blue gym style bag that appeared full. Tenant, Michael denied knowing the man's name or identity, but couldn't swear he had never seen the man before. It was possible that the man was a friend of the victim, but the tenant believes that if he ever saw the man before he doesn't think it was on the property. He acted rather vague and finally said that the man could possibly have been either an employee at Dr. Russo's clinic or possibly a friend of the nurse, Jenny, who worked at the clinic. That was all he would say and if the officer wanted to question him further, he believes it is time he spoke with a lawyer.

During a high speed chase of the suspect vehicle, Detective Coker was able to get close enough to successfully launch and land a new GPS Dart.

Say what? GPS Dart? What's that you ask?

Call James Bond or Agent Smart you say.

No need. GPS darts are in the beta testing period now . They are exactly what they sound like. To avoid the dangers associated with high speed chase, law enforcement officers launch a gun that shoots a dart that lands on the absconding car. The dart remains intact until the driver stops to remove it -- thus allowing the pursing police to catch the suspect with minimal danger to pedestrians, other drivers and the community. The dart continues tracking the car until it is found or removed.

Now Coker will just wait for the driver to stop or for his car to be located via the attached GPS dart. 

Today's Clue: Letter G Clue- Geofeedia 

This possess written and published from my phone. I have not been able to access my computer, so I hope the style, font and order is not jumbled or confusing. 


Melissa Sugar said...

GPS dart is a smart thing.
Sorry you can't access your computer.

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi Melissa .. what an incredible invention .. that GPS dart. Whoever entered the garage apartment had to have had a key ... and being there for 20 minutes was quite a lengthy time ...

So key holder, and really needing to locate something ... a diary, an address book ...

Interesting .. sorry you're still without computer etc .. this worked fine from the phone .. cheers Hilary

Melissa Sugar said...

Hilary, you are really paying close attention . You are on top of everything . I am impressed

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