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F - Forensic Update on Case

F - Forensic Update on A to Z Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

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F - Forensic Update — A to Z Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Facts, Witnesses & Evidence:

New Facts & Evidence:
Detective Coker finally tracked down the tenant, his name is Michael Prejean, 38 year old, attractive male, originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, lived in Florida for several years. He gave his occupation as writer. He claims to be a travel writer, not yet published, but provided a link to his travel blog. Great, Detective Coker thinks … more damned Internet and social media shit that he is too damned old for. When asked if he was a smoker, he said no. Detective Coker took a gamble, hoping the witness watched too much CSI on television and had no way of knowing that he didn’t have any DNA results back this soon. 
     “Well, how ‘bout you explain why your DNA is all over a pile of cigarettes in the dead woman’s back yard, some of ‘em not too far from where we found her dead body.”
Clearly taken by surprise, Michael pinched his bottom lip and stared at the ground. Seconds later, he looked up, still uncomfortable making eye contact.
     “I guess they could be mine.”
     “So you a smoker or not?”
     “Occasionally, but you can’t let that get out. Please.”
Baffled, Detective Coker figured he was dealing with an idiot. A murder investigation and this mope is worried about people learning he is a smoker. Coker scratched his head. 
     “Where were you on July 9th?”
     “In Tampa. At my mama’s house. You can ask her.” 
He answered too quickly for Detective Coker’s liking.
     “Oh. Believe me. We will do just that. But we’re gonna need more proof than just your mom’s word. Understand.”
Micheal nodded.
     “Did you stay in touch with your girlfriend while you were away?”
     “Who?” His eyes widened and for the first time since the interview they didn’t wander, his eyes focused on Detective Coker.
     “The nurse —  “ Detective Coker flipped the page of his handheld notebook. “ — Jenny Hebert. Works. I mean, worked with your landlord, Martha.”
     Running his hands through his mop of brown curls, Michael, stroked his chin and answered, “The nurse?”
     “Yea. Nurse. Your girlfriend —“
     “Ah man. She ain’t my girlfriend. Had to think a minute. Her. Yea, I know her, but she ain’t  my girlfriend. Sure, we mighta hooked up once or twice when she was looking for … uh … when she was looking for a good time. That’s all. Shit no, I didn’t stay in touch with her. Do my best to avoid her when I’m in town.”
     “How did you get along with the Clintons?”
     “Fine. You know. Martha — uh, Mrs. Clinton, she’s alright. Nice enough lady. Didn’t know he husband too good. He wasn’t home much.”
     “Ever hear or see the couple fight or argue.”
     “Yea. Heard some screaming and stuff. Loud, nothing physical. Not that I saw anyway. Except that one time, but that wasn’t Mrs. Clinton. I heard a big shouting match once between Mr. Clinton and Dr. Russo, but couldn’t make out any of the words.”
     “Anything else you can think of. Anyone who might want to hurt Mrs. — Martha Clinton.”
     “Naw man. She was an angel. Come to think of it, night before I left —“ Michael scratched his ear. “Would have been the 6Th or 7Th of July. Definitely after the 4Th. Anyway, Bella — that’s Martha’s best friend. Well, her husband came over and I heard him and Martha arguing, but not loud or nothing. Closed my window and couldn’t even hear sounds after that.”

Detective Coker didn’t get too much else from the tenant, but Michael did voluntarily turn over his cell phone for analysis.

Just then his phone rang. It was one of his deputies.
“Got some new info boss.”
“Go ahead.”
To sum it up, Detective Coker learned that:
  • Martha had indeed paid a visit to a divorce attorney, Mr. Eric Dupuis, who, of course, stood on attorney/client privilege and refused to even confirm that Martha was his client.

  • Michael Prejean had a record for possession with intent to distribute cocaine, heroin and prescription pain pills, and get this, he got a withhold of adjudication. For a serious drug felony. Wow. And his record was sealed. Dude must know someone with some major juice in Florida. Had to look into that.

  • Nurse Jenny Hebert had a recent arrest for obtaining prescription CDS by fraud. It wan’t in the system earlier because she hasn’t been arraigned. Out on a small bond.

  • IT guy confirms something very suspicious going on with text messages to and from Martha Clinton and Thomas Clinton and whoever made the text messages and sent them through another phone line would need some serious computer skills & experience. 

  • Thomas Clinton’s alibi witness for the night his wife was murdered, Angele Landry, is rumored to be his latest lover. Doorman at his apartment building in Baton Rouge puts them there together, but security video shows the husband leaving at 7:00 P.M, taking his car out of the garage and not returning until after 2:00 AM

  • GPS on husband’s car showed he traveled to New Orleans and to the home he and his wife share on the night of the murder, so he lied. But, GPS shows he also left the marital home by 8:00 PM and preliminary autopsy report list the time of death between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM

 Detective Coker makes a note to:
  • follow up with Michael Prejean’s girlfriend/not girlfriend, the nurse, Jenny. Get her drug file

  • Find out why Dr. Russo paid Martha Clinton a visit and why he argued with either Martha, her husband, Thomas or both. 

  • Check on Michael’s alibi in Florida. 

  • Find out about Michael’s drug arrest in Florida

  • Find out why Martha Clinton’s best friend’s husband paid her a visit and why they argued. Learn more about Daryl Kelly

  • Light a fire under someone’s ass. Get the damned DNA, Ballistics & Digital Forensic Reports expedited.

  • Get a judge to sing a warrant for the divorce lawyer to release his records pertaining to Martha Clinton. Surely, he can’t hide behind attorney/client privilege if the client is dead … can he?

Can you think of anything else the police should be doing?

Witness List:
  1. Martha Clinton — Victim (deceased) 28 year old married female, occupation: Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics; Employer, Dr. Zachory Russ
  2. Thomas Clinton — Husband of the deceased, Martha Clinton. 42 year old personal injury attorney at the law offices of Auld, Baker, Boudreaux,Clinton, & Richard & Associates, LLC
  3. Detective Wayne Coker — Lead homicide detective, Law enforcement officer (LEO) 64 Year old, Sgt., former Lt., but was demoted two years ago during an undisclosed New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) situation 
  4. Sam Watson — White/Male 38 years of age. Located victim’s body — placed 911 call. Claims to be a “very good friend of the victim,” other witnesses claim he is the disgruntled ex-lover of the victim. It appears he may have had a very different view of the relationship/affair with the victim than others.
  5. Dr.  Bowers, Chief Medical Examiner — Orleans Parish, Louisiana
  6. Annabelle Kelly — Best friend of victim, Martha Clinto
  7. Dr. Aiden Russo — pediatrician, victim, Martha Clinton’s employe
  8. Elisa Smith — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics
  9. Frances Cush — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics
  10. Jenny Hebert — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics
  11. Michael Prejean — Nurse  Jenny Hebert’s boyfriend, leases the garage apartment behind the Clinton’s home
  12. Eric Dupuis — Victim, Martha Clinton’s divorce attorney
  13. Angele Landry — Husband, Thomas Clinton’s legal assistant and rumored to be his latest girlfriend/lover
  14. Lance — NOPD Internet Tech Support
  15. Daryl Kelly — Annabelle Kelly’s husband

Today's Clue - Letter F - False Positive

For a list of all evidence, clues and witnesses to date you can always click on my Legal Fiction page, at the top of my blog in the navigation bar.


Melissa Sugar said...

Congratulations to Hilary! She's a good sleuth.

Melissa Sugar said...

The police could be doing a timeline of events, especially involving the victims last days. Unless they already have.

Congratulations, Hilary! :D

Melissa Sugar said...

Lots of interesting issues with lying going on here. Michael and the smoking, Martha's husband and his timeline. Hmmm. Also, why is nurse Jenny still employed at the doctor's office when she is accused of prescription fraud?

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