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Apologies to all! We have been at a cabin on the lake - dodging tornados. 

No internet!

No cell service!

We are on our way home and I will update this blog with the letters for then days I was unable to post!

Thank you for your understanding 


Melissa Sugar said...

Hope you had a good trip and the tornados stayed away!

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi Melissa .. just glad you're safe and back nearing home - tornadoes are things to shelter from .. take care and I'm sure we all understand .. Hilary

Melissa Sugar said...

Wow. April has not been the easiest month for you, has it? I'm drinking a glass of wine in your honor. I'd share, but I think you're busy enough without a detour to Florida. Drive safely!

Melissa Sugar said...

Wow, sounds like an adventure. I am kind of glad you are behind posting, because I'm behind on my blog visiting :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Hey, you do what keeps you safe.

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