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No, I'm not moving. I will continue to blog, here about the craft of writing and my journey toward publication.

I have given this a considerable amount of thought & have concluded that the only way I can share some of the other interesting topics I am interested in, is for me to launch a second blog. I dread the start up know, you all remember that lonely time frame where you have no followers...then one day you have one...then three...maybe five and then woo hoo, ten! It's a lonely feeling, remember?

My new blog is a lifestyle blog which focuses on parenting issues. I will blog about marriage; divorce; remarriage with kids; step-families or blended families; updates on family law, including divorce, custody, visitation & child support and some fun stuff too. I will also be reviewing tons of products, software and services and hosting many blogfest and prize give~a~ways. 

I am currently dealing with some serious issues involving parenting teens in a techno world; cyber-bullying; cyber stalking; and parenting a child with a disability. While many of you are parents or grandparents and might enjoy some of these topics, it wouldn't be fair to inundate this blog with topics that others find irrelevant and I wouldn't be giving these topics the awareness they need if I only sprinkle this blog with these topics, now & then.

Don't worry, I promise I will still be here & will continue to follow all of your blogs, as often as I can.

Not long ago, I mentioned a big prize give~a~way, on this blog, for reaching the 400 follower milestone. Well, thanks to Arlee Bird's amazing A to Z blogging challenge, 2013, I am far closer to 500 followers, than I am to 400. I now have about 475.

This is perfect timing because I get to combine my good fortune of gaining followers from the A to Z challenge with my previously planned give~a~way, and hopefully help launch my new blog in the process.

 I will be using Rafflecopter, this time, for my contest, (live & learn) isn't that what this whole blogging process is about?

The contests (not really an appropriate word because you don't really have to do anything to win) will officially open on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 and will end on Thursday June 13, 2013. That gives you an entire month to put your name into the hopper. I said you didn't have to do anything, didn't I? I didn't lie. You don't have to really do much of anything.

You've all seen the rafflecopter entry form and you know how it works. Your name will be entered a certain number of times for doing little things like, following this blog, leaving a comment on a blog post, following me on Twitter, FaceBook, Google Plus, Tweeting about the contest, posting about it on FaceBook or other social media sites, writing a blog post on your own blog and promoting the give~a~way,...and yes...for following me on my new blog. I had to get find a way to throw the new blog in there. 

Of course some of the options are only available to you one time, e.g. following this blog, following on Twitter, etc. However, some of the options allow you to earn entries every single day, e.g. tweeting about the contest, giving it a shout out or mention on Google Plus, or other social media sites. Some options will give you more entries than others. Obviously you will have your name entered many more times for an actual blog post on your own blog, promoting the contest, but you've done this before, you get the idea.

Now, for the best part. What will the prize or prizes be? 
Is that what you want to know?
 I had a feeling.

There will be a more than one prize...more than two. This is all I will share with you today; if you want to know more, you'll have to come back on Tuesday. One prize is an Amazon gift card, but the grand for it....


The Grand Prize is an Ipad Mini 4G.

 So why don't you head over to my new blog right now. I only have one post, but's a start. Go on, I'll wait for you here, while you check out, Karma Carbs.

Okay, now that you're back, I have something else I need for you to share with the blogosphere. You may or may not know (probably have figured it out by now), I am sort of computer illiterate, and have no design ability or talent. I am seeking one of you cool graphic designer type gurus to create something that you will probably consider simple.

I would like a custom deigned button announcing my 500th follower give~a~way and alerting readers that they can win an iPad mini. Of course, I will compensate you for your services. I just don't know where to look. If you or anyone you know is interested in this job (for pay), please email me with your ideas and your fee.

Please spread the word about the launch of my new blog and this contest. The url for the new blog is only temporary while I wait for my custom domain to redirect the traffic. I think "Go Daddy", said it will take a day or so. See-total computer idiot here.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful Mother's day. See you on Tuesday.

BTW, if you do happen to stop by my new blog, before the contest officially opens, you will receive bonus entries for following me on GFC, more bonus entries for leaving a comment and a boat load of entries if you offer to post as a guest author, so check out my blog topics & see if anything interest you.

The design is not the best, but after a makeover from The Cutest Blog on the Block, it will be rocking!

After you take a look @ my topics, I will tell you about a second contest, I am hosting. My "Name this blog" Contest. So put the creative side of your brain to work. I figure that with the multitude of  authors. writers, poets, musicians & other creative types hanging out in this awesome community, someone will have a kick ass name to share.


Melissa Sugar said...

Melissa! My blog is filled with non-related writing stuff! LOL! :D But congrats on your follower milestone, and what a super generous give-a-way! I never win at these rafflecopter form things but I'll certainly help spread the word and will be happy to follow your new site. I wish I could give you some advice on the button thing you're looking for, but I'm a bit techno-challenged in this arena. Anyway, hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and I'm looking forward to your new site! (:

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks Elise, and I'll help spread the word about your WIP it Whit it good, blogfest. I've got that song stuck in my head now.

Melissa Sugar said...

What a cool giveaway and a cooler prize!! Way to go :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks, hope you will participate

Melissa Sugar said...

what a neat idea and thank you for posting about this! i would love to be a guest post blogger for you! i hope i have gotten some entries in now. thanks for leading me to your blog. my blog:

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