Q- Motion to Quash & Quid Pro Quo

A Motion To Quash  & Quid Pro Quo:

A motion to quash is a motion to vacate, annul, or void, especially through judicial action. There are many reasons to file a motion to quash and as many things that need quashing.

Motion to quash a subpoena
Motion to quash an indictment
Motion to quash the make up of the grand jury

Notice I said, Motion to Quash~not Motion to Squash. I often hear people mistakenly referring to this motion as a motion to squash.

Quid Pro Quo: Latin term for what for what or something for something.

Here I am playing catch up again on the weekend.  I did not get around to playing any additional crime fiction games and as you can see my post for the letter "Q" is a day late. So I was going to choose a random commenter as the recipient of one of the $25 Amazon Gift Cards, but as I reviewed my comments,  I decided to bestow this gift  on someone who has faithfully read and commented on each and every one of my 2013 A to Z blogging challenge post.

Congratulations, Chuck, from Apocalypse Now. If you are not already following Chuck's blog, you should. He writes some amazing, off the wall post and even throws in some really cool, quirky and detailed stats & colored charts. They're a must see.


  1. I often hear people say motion to squash too. Sounds more fun that way.


  2. I kind of like "motion to squash"!! LOL!!!
    Yay for Chuck!!! And I love your really fab blog! Yay!
    Goodness this A-Z is really picking up speed! Q already!?! WOW! Take care

  3. I always thought it was squash, I admit. And I think you chose judiciously. ;)

  4. I know, I hear squash, used all the time

  5. Me too, I can think of a couple of people I would like to squash, lol

  6. It is weird, half the people I hear say squash and the other half, the legal people say quash. I can see how others would thing it is squash, because that it what the proponent is attempting to do,-squash something .

  7. I always thought it was a motion to squash too. Quash is a weird word.


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