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Overdosing on Kratom:

Overdosing on OTC (Over the Counter) or Herbal Remedies:

While overdosing, technically, is not a crime, I wanted to use today's letter "O", to address the rising use of trendy drugs that are technically legal to purchase in the U.S. In fact many of the these drugs can be purchased at gas stations, head shops and other stores that cater to buyers searching for "paraphernalia", commonly used in connection with other drugs.

First there was a drug called bath salts, yup, that's what I said. And ladies, I'm not talking about the those luxuries that we pamper ourselves with while soaking in a hot bath. "Bath Salts" is the the label that once described a legal, synthetic drug. It has since been outlawed in most states. There are other synthetic drugs and herbal drugs, available to anyone who wants them, but the one I want to raise awareness about is called, Kratom. Have any of you heard or read about Kratom?

Kratom, unlike bath salts, is all natural. Then again, didn't cocaine derive from a natural growing leaf or plant? Same for THC. Kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia, and apparently has been around for centuries. I'm just becoming aware of it, because of an incident that occurred where I live. A teen recently overdosed on Kratom.

Proponents of the leaf, argue that it's a safe alternative to Oxycodone and that it is actually beneficial in weening addicts from heroine. In small doses, it's purported to give the user an energy boost and in larger doses, it creates a mellow effect. Kratom is also a sedative as it acts on the opioid receptors. Proponents of the drug also claim that it works as a relatively safe pain killer and makes users feel strong, confident, active and optimistic. It also claims to work as an anti depressant and to relieve anxiety.

Here is what one website, claims about the herbal extract Kratom , from Thailand.

"Kratom is one of the mightiest tools you can ask for when it comes down to keeping body and mind synchronized, to keep both of them fit under the abrasions of modern life, and especially to bring them back to form once fatigue, pain, depression and loneliness have set in."

"It has multiple functions," said the site, which sells kratom leaves, powder and extracts, as "a strong and reliable herbal painkiller, to relive depression and as a social and professional enhancer to intensify communication skills and induce higher motivation."

Wow! That's a mouthful. So what is kratom: wonder drug or danger knocking of the doors of death? If it's so amazing and can heal and has all the answers to major medical maladies, why haven't the U.S, money hungry, pharmaceutical companies jumped on the medical miracle bandwagon?

The biggest problem I have with the claims is this: While kratom is legal in the United States, if it is truly safe, why then is it illegal in Thailand, where the leaf is grown?

There is also the issue of proper dosing.  All of the sites that I researched, recommend different amounts of kratom and it comes in powder, leaf and capsule . When the FDA and the DEA do not regulate or monitor a drug, there is no possible way for users to know how the herb or chemical will react with other prescription and non prescription medications, that the user takes.

U.S. emergency rooms are seeing a staggering trend of people of all ages seeking urgent care as a result of the ingestion of kratom. E.R. doctors are treating patients for withdraw symptoms, not unlike heroin withdraw, when they stop using kratom. Kratom is currently under scrutiny by the DEA, but unlike "bath salts" and "spice", it remains legal in the U.S.

Kratom is the third most commonly used illegal drug in Thailand and in a number of countries in Europe.

Have any of you heard of kratom? What about bath salts(the drug) or spice? What's your take on the legality of such a potent drug?

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Melissa Sugar said...

I had not heard of any of these drugs. Thanks for enlightening me.

Melissa Sugar said...

I've never heard of that one specifically, but I do know of the issue with OTC drugs.

Melissa Sugar said...

Like all things, the key would be moderation. Something many people are not good at.

Melissa Sugar said...

I have never heard of kratom or bath salts, but like you said, cocaine used to be sold OTC in everything from coca-cola to "elixirs". That is so sad that a teen in your area overdosed on it. I'm definitely going to research this herb to see if it has other names that maybe I've heard of. Scary.

Melissa Sugar said...

We've heard of "Bath Salts" up here in Canada, so it must be pretty common. I don't recall much, except that it is a particularly nasty sort of drug.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Melissa Sugar said...

The use of Kratom blends is known to provide relief from chronic pain and menstrual cramps.
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Melissa Sugar said...

This article would be improved with some numerical documentation of the number of people who have been admitted to US emergency rooms from taking too much Kratom (and only Kratom on its own as opposed to combining it with other drugs). As far as I know, this number is less than 3.

Melissa Sugar said...

I am a user of kratom. While it does have risks just like any other medications, anyone with a brain in their head can avoid these. I use it to help me make it through my night shift. I know a few others who use it as well.

Melissa Sugar said...

I think that after some testing people will be able to know what a healthy dosage is. Sometimes I think that people forget that even with natural medicines you can still take too much. I hope everyone can be safe and take only the current recommended dosages.

Melissa Sugar said...

Kratom can have a large variety of benefits but also can have dangers and side effects when not used properly. Visit this website for more the information.

Melissa Sugar said...

Kratom helps in boosting concentration and provides a wonderful warm glow and feelings of well being. For More Info about kratom capsules click here .

Unknown said...

Many people's lives have been saved by this wonderful plant. It is entirely safe by itself, and the dangers have been misreported in an absolute slander campaign by the DEA, in league with the pharmaceutical companies (the ones that have been making killer profits with business practices that have caused hundreds of thousands of young lives to be lost), in order to be able to pass their new proposed ban.

There are cases of Kratom being present in the systems of people who had to go to the ER, however the Kratom did not contribute to their dangerous medical conditions. There were many other things consumed by these people who ended up in critical condition, but Kratom is only being focuses on as a smear tactic to mislead the public. In the early days, a greedy company laced their Kratom (Krypton) with the metabolite of Tramadol, which as a potent opioid agonist, similar to heroin or oxycodone, caused deaths through the same mechanism of action as those hard drugs. Someone could lace a can of Pepsi with the same substance and cause deaths, but would you blame the Pepsi? Absolutely not. Focusing on Kratom in the same situation is, again, because the DEA's propaganda machines will it so.

I will concede that Kratom is slightly-moderately addictive, along the lines of caffeine. However, unlike caffeine, the withdrawals aren't going to cause symptoms nearly as bad as the dreaded caffeine migraine to caffeine's (ab)users. Even in the worst case scenario where a young child stumbled upon a mountain of Kratom, they could not harm themselves. It would be like your kid downing a cup of coffee when you weren't around - certainly not preferred if you care about their health, but unlikely to cause any issues unless there is some strong exacerbating factor like an allergic reaction - and it's not like we're talking about banning peanuts which kill far more kids every year.

So, really, the problem comes down to unregulated manufacturing and sales which can allow for lethal tainting. However, with the legal fight to keep Kratom legal going strong, many of its users have been not just wanting legality, but proper regulation of its production. This will avoid many of the potential problems associated with this magical leaf, albeit at an increase in cost as manufacturers will have to pass the cost of regulation onto the consumers - a price increase we're willing to pay.

Finally, shame on you for such an alarmist title to your post. In your ambition to attract more readers, you have contributed to the wrong side of a war that affects millions.

Hamza Mughal said...

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elle said...

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Unknown said...

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