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N- In the News: Nude Photos- Better Not Text Them

Today's Letter is N- In the News

I ran across some disturbing information and thought I would have to wait until it was time for my letter T post, for texting or S, for sexting, but I believe I can squeeze it in under the letter N- for Nude Photos.
Not the way to get your ex back. Jilted teen learns the hard way

So you're girlfriend breaks up with you and breaks your heart. You're pining after her and she's not taking your calls. What should you do?

(a) Nothing- Get over it, you're only 17.
(b) Follow her around like a sick puppy professing your love
(c) Stalk her
(d) Remember the naked photo that you took of her and concoct a brilliant plan to get her back. Text said nude photo of your 15 your old ex-girlfriend to her mom and threaten to publish the naked photo on the internet if mom refuses to let her talk to you.

The answer is not letter D- Not if you don't want to go to jail.

This one is far worse. A man discovered a naked photo of his girlfriend's daughter and he sent the photo to forty of the girl's friends, from her contact list. His defense: "To teach her a lesson."

The culprit will have lots of time to learn his own lesson. He is currently in custody and facing several child pornography charges. Never text nude photos.

This nude photo story is enough to make you cringe: Teens using nude photos to blackmail other teens. This one is not any better, Teens Use Nude Photos to Blackmail Girls.

I am a mother of teen girls and the reason I initially joined Facebook was to monitor their online activity. Well, teens being as techno savvy as they are, ditched Facebook for Instagram. I read a news article about an iPhone app that teens are using, primarily for sexting and sharing nude photos. It is called Snapchat.

How many of you parents out there are concerned about the amount of texting our kids do? What about their social media presence? Facebook? Instagram? Do you monitor your teens internet use and if so what method or methods to you use?

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In a rush to get this post published and I'm still reading all of your motive/murder/crime scenarios and a few mentioned stopping back by, so I will announce the winner on Wednesday. Stop back by, tomorrow I will have another crime caper with the chance to win another $25 Amazon gift card.


Melissa Sugar said...

My youngest recently moved into her own apartment and my three boys have all been on their own for a couple of years. Sometimes when I read about the poor decisions and scary things going on in the world of "social networks," I'm grateful that the technology was not as advanced when they were in high school and that our budget didn't allow us to indulge in all the latest gadgetry while they were still at home. Of course, all four of them are very wired/connected now, but here's hoping they're mature enough to handle it better than they might've been at younger ages.

Melissa Sugar said...

Yes, I have a teen daughter-the blackmail and vicious bullying is beyond disturbing! I do think we need to do all we can to be more proactive in our children's lives. Yes, Instagram seems to be their home, now.
Thank you Melissa for this post~ I had not heard of this app-scary!

Melissa Sugar said...

We are sadly familiar with this problem in Canada. Two girls have killed themselves over sexual misadventures in which they were involved, which lead to bullying and harassment. It is a real problem.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Melissa Sugar said...

There's too much social network nowadays. Everything is so public where it's under our control or not. But it makes room for a lot of cyber bullying and we talk about this a lot at my work place with the children. And that's a primary school!
This reminded me of an episode from Castle where the MC discovers that his daughter is vlogging and there's quite a lot of personal stuff that she shares. It makes him extremely uncomfortable and he tries to explain how it could damage her by being so open like that.

Melissa Sugar said...

I know they shouldn't be sending nude pics but why are they taking them in the first place? Oh, that's right. Now I remember being 15 although it was a long time ago. A sad and disturbing use of technology which was not around when I was a teenager.

Melissa Sugar said...

So sad, really. Some teens have the technology, but not the common sense as to how to use it.

Melissa Sugar said...

Got what he deserved!
How about the story of the guy who posted naked photos of this girl and she committed suicide? Sadly, the courts are confused because it involves the Internet. What if he'd posted that photo on every telephone post in town? There wouldn't be a question of his guilt then.

Melissa Sugar said...

This is a serious problem. I hope people use their sense about these things. And, the ones who don't need to be punished.

Melissa Sugar said...

Yeah, I heard about Snapchat where the picture only stays "alive" for like 45 minutes and then auto deletes. Very scary business. Smart phones don't make people any smarter.

Chuck at

Melissa Sugar said...

Wow--never fails to surprise me by how stupid people are!! I've never heard of Snapchat. Ugh!!

Thanks for stopping by my A-Z blog!

Melissa Sugar said...

It is scary that teens, who let's face it have never been too morally upright even in my day, have the technology to share their stupidity with the whole world now. The whole Steubenville rape case is a prime example of this. Those kids who texted pics of themselves abusing a passed out drunk girl had no qualms. They wouldn't drink and drive, but it was just fine to have sex with an unconscious girl in their minds. Scary.

Melissa Sugar said...

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