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Top 10 Movie Countdown & Agent Request Manuscript

Top 10 Movie Count Down

I thought Alex Cavanaugh's Top-Ten-Movie-Countdown-Blogfest, would be a quick and easy blog post. Wow, was I ever wrong. Is anyone else finding it nearly impossible to narrow down your all time favorite movies to only 10? I didn't realize how many movies that I love. I made a list, narrowed it down to thirty-then twenty, but getting it down to ten was a challenge.

I feel like I am cheating on some of the all time best movies or that I am somehow being unfaithful. At first, I realized that I had far too many movies from my favorite genre, Mystery/Suspense or Thriller, so I removed some of my favorites from that genre to make my countdown a bit more rounded.  And putting them in countdown order- well that just about made me have a melt down. I have them in order, but since it changes each time I view my list, who knows if the number one or the number ten are in the right order? Not me!

Drumroll Please:  Keep in mind I have deleted many of my very, very favorite mysteries and thrillers. I also noticed a pattern. Many of my choices had the same lead actor so I narrowed again, trying not to let one or two lead men take over the stage.

10.  Mystic River (2003)

9.   12 Angry Men (1959)

8.   The Departed (2006)

7.  Presumed Innocent (1990)

6.  Juno (2007)

5.  When Harry Met Sally (1989) 

4. Schindler's List (1993)

3.  North by Northwest (1959)

2.  The Godfather 1 and 2 (guess I cheated here) (1972 & 1974)

and....the all time best movie ever....

Number 1.  The Usual Suspects

Sorry guys, that I have been an absentee blogger lately. I returned from the SanFrancisco Writer's Conference to a boat load of personal, family and professional issues. 

On a more fricken, flippin fabulousa note: 

Three of my top four agents have requested my manuscript. 

I am super uber excited and have been working 'round the clock to get everything in pristine condition, edited by a professional editor and out the door. Now comes the agonizing, waiting period. Wish me luck. There were days and nights and days and weeks and months...that I was afraid I could not see the end in place.

Of course, requesting my manuscript is no guarantee of anything, but it's the most promising, fulfilling and exciting part of my journey thus far.

Thank you Alex, for hosting this blogfest. I needed any easy transition back to da blog. Next month will be a writing frenzy.

Click here  & you will land on Alex Cavanaugh's blog, where you can read everyone else's best-movie-countdown! 

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