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Writer's Conferences make a Happy New Year

Happy New Year

 I hope all of you are off to a happy, safe and productive 2013

This is my first blog post in quite a while. December, was a month chock-full of mixed emotions. My sisters and I rotate hosting our family and friends Christmas party and yup, this year it was my turn to host the festivities. Ordinarily, this would be a good thing, but we were slap-dab in the middle of renovating our kitchen. Long story short, we pulled it all together, within minutes of the first guest arriving.

Christmas is always a joyous event for our family. A unique group of us gather together to celebrate. Guest include, ex wives, ex husbands, ex-in-laws and a large variety of those we will always be connected to, as family, through our children. My husband has three grown kids from his first marriage and his oldest son, Mark and his wife and children live out of town, so we usually travel to see them after the holidays. Mark's wife Aimee, just finished her last (hopefully) round of aggressive chemo and radiation, so it is difficult for them to travel with their two young kids, ages four and five.

This year, we planned to surprise my husband. We held our annual Christmas Eve Party on the Eve of Christmas Eve and his son, wife and kids were going to surprise my husband. My hubbie, Daryl, had not been feeling well, coughing a lot, so the day before the party he went to one of those quick care places where you see a doctor without an appointment. He was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and was in the hospital the night of the party, Christmas, New Years and just now came home. So, needless to say, it was an odd Christmas. It wasn't the same without my husband at home to share it with us. Thankfully, he is well and is home now. 

So, the one time we were going to have his entire family along with my entire family, in town for our Christmas party, we had everyone, except my husband. He stayed on the phone with one of us during the dirty Santa game (that game where you steal gifts from others). It was a fun night, but with a touch of sadness. My mom, dad, all my sisters, their spouses and kids; my kids, neighbors, friends, my husband's kids and grand kids and my husband's ex-wife all celebrated. My ex husband's parents, even made the trip from Chicago.

I love when grown ups and ex's and formers can put their differences aside for the good of the children. I cannot think of a better gift for me or for my kids, than to see their faces light up when they spend the holiday with the majority of their family. No fighting or bickering. The kids win, every time, when grown ups remember that we do it for the kids and that the children are the ones who matter most.

My daughter, made this photo montage. I wish I knew how.

 I hope all of you had a happy holiday season. I have not even committed to a New Year's Resolution list year. I've been swamped with other things, but the one goal on my list that was on my list last year and the year before (that I did not accomplish) is attending a writer's conference. My husband just informed me that I am all signed up and paid for, and flight and hotel reservations have been made for the San Francisco Writer's Conference, in February. Oh yea. I'm doing a silly- happy dance right now.

Are any of you attending a conference this year? I am so excited about the 10th Anniversary San Francisco Writer's Conference. Are any of you going to be there? If so, I can't wait to see you.

And my blog is under construction again. I am trying to finally get the stand alone pages to link to the pages they are supposed to. Please be patient.


Melissa Sugar said...

Wow, sorry your husband was in the hospital! That wasn't the surprise you had in mind. Hopefully his son was able to surprise him in the hospital.

Melissa Sugar said...

That really stinks your hubby was in the hospital :(

I'm going to LDStorymakers this year for the first time. Totally excited! :)

Happy New Year!

Melissa Sugar said...

What an amazing and blessed Christmas you had! Even though your husband wasn't there, and there is illness in the family, it still seemed to have been magical. I'm glad hubby's home and well again. With all you've gone through to put on such a great Christmas celebration, it's totally understandable that you forgot the IWSG!

Congrats on going to the SFWC. I went last year for the first time and it was a great experience. My book made it to the finals of their Indie Publishing contest. This year, I can't afford it. Too bad. It would have been great to meet you.

You do have a beautiful blog. Did you design it yourself?

Melissa Sugar said...

Interesting stuff, Melissa, and lovely snapshots. I had to reread when you stated who was there... great that you all got together for the kids.

I went to my first writers conference here in the UK, at Harrogate back in July. It was truly fantastic, and attending these events will 'open more doors' for you. Rubbing shoulders with like-minded people spurs you on. You'll have a ball!



Melissa Sugar said...

So sorry your husband missed out on the holiday celebration, but good to hear he's home and well. What's also great is to see that it is possible for people to put aside their differences and come together as a family, exs and all. What a wonderful gift for the children. :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Love the happy photos. Conferences can be fun. I've been but not since I've been online. I'd love to be able to meet fellow bloggers in person! Look forward to hearing about your experience. Happy new year!

Melissa Sugar said...

Welcome back. :-D

Glad to see you had a good time, although I'm sorry to hear your husband missed it.

Have a blessed 2013!

Good luck with the blog construction.

Melissa Sugar said...

What an awesome gift, Melissa. Your hubby is very sweet. Glad he's feeling better. I can't believe he had to miss out on all the fun.

I couldn't imagine having so many exes and formers in one place. That could have been crazy. Good thing everyone put the kids first.

Melissa Sugar said...

Sorry your husband missed out on Christmas!

Read your comment this evening - LOL! Not worried about stalking. We watch that show and I guess I never made the connection. I have much longer hair than she does though. I can sit on mine!

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi, Melissa,

Hope all is well with you and yours. Sounds like you had a blast over the holidays.

Melissa Sugar said...

You have a lovely family. Sorry to hear about your hubby. That's a lousy way to spend Christmas.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm the one who's follower gadget broke right before Carrie and I entered the Get Fired Up blogfest back in March. It's fixed now, thankfully. :)

Melissa Sugar said...

First of all, I'm glad your extended family was able to get together for Christmas. What a wonderful example for your kids! I just hate that your husband had to miss it. :(

Second, that's awesome that you get to attend a conference soon. I'm so jealous, but I hope you have a wonderful time!

Third, in case you didn't make it back to my blog, I wanted to post the links here. Try this post and this download link. :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to meet you :)
I'm glad you had a good Christmas despite your husband missing it. I know what you mean about ex's getting along, because my dad comes to our house every year for Christmas even though he and my mum have been divorced for a few years now. I always like that they get along so well :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Wow, I don't know how you managed it while in the middle of kitchen renovations. Impressive. Good to hear your husband is all right.

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