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Happy Thanksgiving & Win a Manuscript Critique.

Want to Win a Manuscript Critique From a Professional Editor?

Laura Carlson at Between The Lines: Edits and Everything Else is hosting an awesome holiday give a way. Her blog and her editing service is new to me. No, I don't live in a cave (not really), but I have neglected my blog and visiting other blogs, during NaNo,  so I just recently found Laura's blog. I discovered Between the Lines: Edits and Everything Else, when I read her informative guest post, Increasing Your Book's Momentum, over on one of my favorite blogs, The Bookshelf Muse.

The winner will receive a FREE manuscript critique and the first twenty (20) entries will receive 1000 words of FREE edits. How wonderful is that? It is extremely festive and generous of Laura to offer her professional services, so be sure to check it out. You need to follow her blog to enter and that is basically all you have to do.

Visit Laura Carlson's  website for more information on her services and rates. Be sure to read the flattering testimonials offered by her clients.

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for my two little ones just above.

I am thankful for my kids,  Blake, Bennett & Logan (photo just above)
For my kids and my nieces and nephews

For my mom (sandwiched in the photo above. My 14 year old is as big as my petite mom.
Okay. Now it's your turn.

It is almost over. I hope all of you had a very happy and memorable day. I am already stuffing my face with turkey and mayo sandwiches. 

How are you doing with NaNo?


Melissa Sugar said...

Your kids are cute. Your one daughter looks just like you.

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks for sharing the info. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, you have a beautiful family and it looks like you all had a great time. (:

Melissa Sugar said...

As a fellow blogger and former career prosecutor, I enjoyed visiting your fantastic site.

Melissa Sugar said...

Yay! I'm thankful for family and kids as well and for getting work done. That MS critique is a great deal! Everybody needs a good editor. Thanks for the heads up, Mel! Happy Thanksgiving! :o)

Melissa Sugar said...

Thank you. Still can't seem to catch my breath. Hanging in there with NaNo, one more day!

Melissa Sugar said...

Thank you Richard and I look forward to getting to know you better, after NaNo- only one more day. I have neglected my blog this past month.

Melissa Sugar said...

You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I am starting to have blogger friend withdraws. Only one more day and I am finished with NaNo, (hopefully). I think I will make it.

Melissa Sugar said...

What a fun thing! And I LOVE the pics of your beautiful family. You're all model gorgeous!!!!!!

Melissa Sugar said...

Oh! And I forgot to say thanks for signing up for the Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest! I'm so stoked you're participating! <3

Melissa Sugar said...

Ditto on the what a beautiful family comments. Wow. Y'all are ready for a reality TV show or something :) Due to my late arrival to this post, can you tell I've also been neglecting my blog and others' blogs during NaNo? I AM SO THANKFUL IT IS OVER. I did churn out 50,000+ words, though not all on one project, but best of all I finished the first draft of P&P, for which I am extremely thankful. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

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