What I Did Last Summer. Fact Or Fiction?

What I Did Last Summer: Fact or Fiction Bloghop

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So what did I do last summer?

This bloghop brought to you by the awesome Emily King and the equally amazing and talented Melodie Wright

It was a spur of the moment road trip. My husband was unable to get off work so I grabbed a friend and we loaded the suburban full of our kids and some of their friends for what should have been a twenty minute ride to our lake house.

     I'm not one to normally deviate from the plan, but the kids began pleading with us to take them cliff diving in Lindale, Texas. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach all the parents for permission so I quickly nixed the idea. Then the begging and pleading took on a life of its own.
     "C'mon mom. Please. You never do anything fun or adventurous ." Dangerous was the word swimming through my brain, but we crossed the state line an hour later. As our trip was unplanned, we lacked the necessary gear, but a tour of Walmart took care of that problem.

     "Isn't it a federal offense to take kids across a state line without parental permission?" My friend chimed in my ear as we slid down the clay road leading to the one-hundred-foot cliffs. "This isn't kidnapping? Is it?" Oh great. Now she was worried.
     "They've all traveled with us at some point before." I answered, my confidence belying the sinking feeling in my gut. "So, one could argue that we have implied consent for our adventure."
      An hour later we descended down to the launch pad. I was the last to hurl my body head first into the blue lagoon of salt water that had formed from an old salt mine. With my heart racing even faster than I could run, I dove off the cliff. My heart clawed up into my throat. I was unable to speak until I emerged from the water. It was the most frightening and exhilarating five seconds of my life.
     For the next three hours we swam and floated (sans raft ) on the glassy salt water until the sun disappeared behind the cliffs. I felt like I had traveled to the Red Sea.

     Exhausted from climbing and jumping we booked three rooms at the nearest hotel where we finally reached each parent to assure them we would be home the next day. I slipped my cell phone into my purse, letting out a sigh of relief. We would not be featured on the next episode of America's Most Wanted after all. 
     Most of the parents of the kids who accompanied us on our spur of the moment adventure had just viewed clippings from our excursion on you tube-courtesy of my thirteen year old daughter and were happy to know we all had a good time and that everyone was safe.

Fact or Fiction: You make the call.

Don't forget, I am still selecting one random winner from the comment section to win a copy of Jennifer Hiller's latest thriller, Freak. 
Ten winners in all. Seven more can win.


  1. Ooh! I love your blog header! This story makes me want to go cliff diving....not that I'd have the guts to do so...but it looks like fun! I'm waiting until tomorrow to decide fact or fiction. My first thought is fiction....

  2. Too many warning bells - I say fiction.

  3. This looks so fun. We used to swim in old quarries in Indiana, but they weren't salty. I'm going to vote this is true, since you have pictures and everything...

    Thanks for the book, BTW. It's really good so far. I love the first line. LOL.

  4. Okay, I hope this is true, but I think your first story is. This is tough!

    Thanks for participating!

  5. What a crazy story, woman! I hope it's true because you'd win the awesome mom award. But I will wait until you post your second story to make my FINAL decision. :)

  6. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I'll be back. :)

  7. Hmm... I'm going to go with Fact? Cliff diving. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to do that! :D But those pix are amazing~ Hope you're doing grreat! <3

  8. Hmmm. I'm thinking this whole story is true except for you jumping. But I'll make a final guess with your second post. Good luck!

  9. I'm thinking this story is true except for one or two elements - maybe you jumping? I'll make a final guess when you post your second story.
    Good luck!

  10. Hmm, tough one but I'm going to guess fiction.

  11. You have pictures so there is an element of truth there, but I think you are trying to trick me :) I guess FALSE. Great story though :)

  12. I read somewhere that you should do something that scares you every day. Maybe it's about building character, or something.
    Glad you had an interesting day even if your husband could not get away with you.
    I also asume that all the kids survived the who adventure.
    IN comparison with you, my summer was blasé. Details are posted on my blog {Chrome on the range.blogspot.com}.

  13. i'm guessing this is the false and the down played anniversary trip is the true. both great stories! hard to choose!

  14. I'm guessing this one is fiction-but it sounds fun:)

  15. I'm going to say fact, since you concentrate more on your paranoid feelings, rather than on anything astounding that actually happened.

  16. Hi Melissa - great story - I suspect fiction .. as it just might be too dangerous - 100ft is high and I don't think you'd do it yourself ... I had to once, because there was no way back ... but never again! I had nightmares for days afterwards .. but I loved the story!! Perhaps it is true ... but I don't think so. It certainly took me back to my jump ... then I had a cold ravine to swim along, not warm buoyant water ... unh unh = not real .... cheers Hilary


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