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Life Without The Internet

What Would Our Lives Be Like Without The Internet?

After a lengthy absence, I have many tidbits and announcements to share.

It feels like forever since I was last here. I posted my IWSG post and my family.and I left two days later for a ten day family vacation in Perdido Key, Florida.  My parents have a beautiful condo right on the beach with has all the luxurious amenities a person could ask for, with one small exception.

No Internet Service

I was like, What? You gotta be kidding me? Is there anyone in today's time that doesn't have Internet? I mean they have a top of the line MacBook Pro in the den and in the kitchen. What do they use them for? The answer was simple. They don't. My mom and dad are older and are two of the only people I know who have not either eagerly joined or at least reluctantly been harpooned into the information age. So we called the cable company and scheduled an appointment for them to come out and set up wireless Internet. Unfortunately this did not happen until our last day and by then we were kind of enjoying our beach vacation - sans Internet.

We got home the night before the kids began school and of course the first week back is always a bit hectic. I missed out on some important events and  blogfest and the release of Jennifer Hiller's second thriller, Freak. I bought the kindle edition and read it on my cell phone in two days on the beach. Another breakout thriller for Hiller.

I announced earlier in the summer that I would host a give-a-way with awesome prizes in recognition of having 400 followers. Yea! I turned on the computer today and discovered that I have reached the ---milestone.  I spoke too soon. One of my followers is no longer following me, so I am back to 399. I originally intended to include Hiller's book, Freak along with some other blogger/author friends books in my give-a-way, but I am going to do something different.

I will host a 400 follower give a way through rafflecopter beginning very very soon. I hope to reach the magic number this week.  I will simultaneously be giving one copy of Jennifer Hiller's newest thriller, Freak, to one commenter every day for ten days.

I am going to promote a different blogger/friend/author's book each month by giving away free copies simply for leaving comments. Now that's an easy way to win a book!

I was about to go into the tragic tale of the missing manuscript (well several scenes that have been handwritten, but not yet transferred to my computer), but that is another post . Suffice it to say, my husband is in the dog house. I have remained positive. I am a firm believer in the old saying that when something bad happens in our lives we can find comfort in knowing that something good or better always emerges.

Those of us who have developed good coping skills or even those of us who utilize our natural instincts, often know how to make the best of a bad situation and with some positive thinking and hard work, we can even turn it into a better one. That is what I am doing now.  I'm not sure of the exact wording, but it is a saying, phrase or proverb about looking for the sliver lining or believing that everything happens for a reason.

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." ~ I cannot remember who said this, but I like it. 

What do you do when something bad happens or when something happens that you think you cannot recover from?

Do you think we have become too dependent on the Internet?

Don't forget: I will draw one random name starting today from the comment section and the lucky recipient will win a copy of Jennifer Hiller's latest thriller, Freak. I will draw a new winner from the comment section of my next ten blog post. Winner can choose either the Kindle edition or a hard copy of the book. It is incredible. If you liked, Creep, you will love Freak.


Melissa Sugar said...

Hey Melissa! Welcome back! Sorry about that one follower. You'll be back over four hundred before you know it. And your features and giveaways sound awesome

Melissa Sugar said...

Welcome back, Melissa! We missed you. :) I love what you're doing with FREAK. I already have a copy, but it's great to see support for Jennifer!

Ack! I hate to hear that something happened to your manuscript, but as usual, you have a wonderful attitude things. I'm sure the next version will be even better!

Be sure to let me know when you do your 400 Follower Giveaway. I'll help promote it. :)

P.S. Did I tell you that I finally get to release my cover and book trailer on September 10th? I'm so excited!

Melissa Sugar said...

I spent several weeks in the summer two years ago in a mountainous region that had no internet- was wonderful getting away for a while. I missed my cyber life but I spent so much more time having real connections with the people around me.

Melissa Sugar said...

Your new blog look is awesome. Sorry you lost some writing, but if you try to re-write it from memory, it will be edited and probably better, right?

And, yeah, I spend WAY too much time in front of the computer.

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks Alex, but I think I actually lost another one as well. It is okay. I still measure success by the standard you outlined in one of your post (comments - not number of followers). It is good to be back.

Melissa Sugar said...

Thank you Carrie, hopefully I will be at 400 this week or next. Congratulations on your release. Please let me know what I can do to help.

Melissa Sugar said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes we get so consumed with technology that we forget how intimate a real live connection can be.

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi Shell, thanks for stopping by. Luckily I do not have to re-write from memory because I have utilized some great outline and plotting scene card ideas that I learned from Holly Lisle and Cathy Yardley. It has been a lifesaver

Melissa Sugar said...

Glad to have you back, Melissa! I'm sure you'll be right back up to 400 followers in no time!

Melissa Sugar said...

Great story Melissa! I love great family vacations, to me there's nothing better. I love your blog,Thank you for sharing it with us!

Steve R said...

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