Hurricane Isaac Whips Through Louisiana

Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall Seven Years To The Date of Hurricane Katrina:

 bench at the edge of Lake Pontchartrain as Hurricane Isaac approaches.
 Hurricane Isaac Whips Storm Surge on Path to New Orleans

It's not Katrina, but being on the east side of the so called weaker storm allows the water to flood in. 

It is so big and it will be so slow to wind down, it looks like we are in for some pummeling weather.

This is not a post about the hurricane. There is a plethora of news about the hurricane on every media outlet.  It is going to be pretty rough here in Louisiana,  for the next few days.  Isaac is slower moving so the rain, wind and tornados will be around for a while. This storm is so not over.  There is horizontal rain beating down. My son just told me that the rain drops pounding down really hurt his head, but of course he still wants to be outside. It is going to be a wild ride. Schools are closed tomorrow, and Friday. Over one half of  the state is without power. I don't know how long the battery will last on my laptop but I have a backup and hopefully the power will be restored sooner than later because the state was better prepared for this go round. 

Getting Re-Acquainted With Blog Followers

I don't remember who it was, but one of your awesome bloggers did something over the summer that I  thought was pretty cool. You know what it is like when you see or read a post and think to yourself, wow- I wish I would have thought of that?  Have you ever read a blog post and made a mental note to do something similar or to follow up on later? Well that happened this summer. One of you made a commitment to visit the blogs of each and every one of your followers. I wish I could remember who it was, because I loved the idea. I don't remember why they decided to do it or any of the specific details like whether they started with their first or last follower or whether or not they had a self imposed deadline. I just remember thinking it was a good idea.

When we first begin blogging it is easy to follow the blogs of all of our followers. I don't know how he does it, but Alex Cavanaugh, has over 1600 followers and racks up hundreds of comments each time he publishes a post and he still manages to stay connected with his entire army. I think he posted a while back about his system of compartmentalizing his followers so that none are ever overlooked.

As our reading audience grows it becomes more and more difficult to stay really connected with everyone. We all have different ways of responding to comments but we all make a good effort to stay connected. We have our favorite blogs that we tune into daily and their blogs often encourage or direct us to other blogs. There isn't nearly enough time in a day to visit every follower, read their blog and leave comments. I wish there was.

I have noticed a trend (or habit may be a better word) in my method of reading blogs. Of course I try to visit the blogs of those who left recent comments on my latest post and then I usually hit my favorite blogs and then I jump around following the suggestions of other bloggers.  Looking back at my list of followers it seems that I visit groups at a time-meaning groups who are friendly with each other or groups that happened to start following my blog around the same time as each other. This is not intentional on my part. I just stumbled upon this little pattern of mine quite by accident.

Is there a point to all of this? Yes!

I think it is a good idea to get re-acquainted with all of our friends and followers from time to time. I was reading my comments today after being away for a while and one of my comments was from a blogger I have not been in contact with lately. Just seeing their name stirred up that old nostalgic feeling and got me thinking, how many other bloggers have I neglected or lost contact with simply because we are both busy and the timing hasn't been exactly perfect?

So my goal for the month of September is to reconnect with every single follower. No pressure. It is not a challenge or a blogfest, just something I want to do. 

Congratulations, Shell Flower. Shell is the first of ten winners who I am selecting randomly from the comment section of my next ten blog post . The winner receives a copy of Jennifer Hiller's latest thriller Freak.

Another winner selected from the comment section of this post.


  1. Thanks for the book. I am SO excited to read it!! Good luck riding out the storm. I bet the kids are happy about school being closed :)

    I love the idea of visiting all of your blog followers. I don't even have that many, but it's enough to not know if I've been to their blogs lately. And David is truly amazing, I agree. He announces his new followers regularly and provides links. I remember being really impressed by that when I started following him.

  2. Wonderful sentiment, Melissa! And thank you. i do try so hard to stay connected with my followers. I can't visit everyone every day, but I try!
    Stay safe!

  3. That's an amazing idea! I admit I tend to seek out those who've visited and commented recently on my own blog. On the other hand, I find the "Followers" gadget doesn't always make it easy to track down the owner, but that no excuse for not trying :)

    I hope Shell enjoys FREAK (I already have it, so please exclude me from the draw!) and I hope things get back to normal soon after Isaac.

  4. I try to read every blog on my list (I usually follow back, so there you go) but I've noticed there are some topics I just don't usually bother with if I'm strapped for time. I think ti's one of those things that you wish you could stop time just to do that one thing but it doesn't work that way! Blargh.

  5. Alex has figured out Quantum physics and has slowed time. It's the only answer to how he can blog and comment on so many other blogs.

  6. Alex is Santa Claus. I swear. Also, I was glad to actually open your post today. I haven't been able to in months. Found out I needed a new browzer. Explorer wasn't working.

    Sorry about Isaac. We had Tropical Storm Debbie in our area and we couldn't go anywhere for 3 days because of a broken levy and lots of flooding. They must be sibs.

    Stay safe and well.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. I need to set a goal of visiting every follower in my blog list. No way I could keep up with Alex though.

  8. What a wonderful idea, Melissa! After I'm done with these edits, I'd love to connect more with my followers. :)

    P.S. Stay safe! Praying for everyone down there.

  9. Hi Melissa .. it's a great idea .. I often wonder how Alex does it .. and Lee for that matter ..

    I hope Isaac has gone through ... and everyone is safe ... I'm sure those raindrops hurt -

    Have a good labor day weekend .. with thoughts and glad you had a great holiday - next time you'll have internet!! Cheers Hilary

  10. You are very welcome. Amazon mailed the hard copy (that was your selection) and the delivery date is Wednesday (I had to go for the free delivery) and with the holiday weekend it added one extra day. I am doing a complete blog makeover and I will eventually have a label for all new followers, I got the idea from Arlee, during the A to Z blogfest.

  11. You do a better job than anyone else I have come across. I would love for you to do a new or actually an updated post on your tricks and tips for staying so connected. I know I could use a refresher course and I am certain that all of the bloggers who started after you posted your recommendations and suggestions would appreciate it as well. I know, it's not like you don't already have a million over things going on. Just an idea-if you ever get some free time. Thanks for everything, Alex.

  12. I run into problems with the follower gadget as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. You said it perfectly and I bet most of us feel the same way. Thanks for visiting.

  14. Ain't that the truth. Why won't he share his time stopping trick with the rest of the world? ha ha.

  15. Thanks Shelly, everything is pretty much back to normal here. I wonder if my blog is the reason you could not open it without a new browser. I will have to look into that and see if others are having the same difficulty. Are you having trouble opening any other blogs or was it just mine? I am glad it is working now. Thanks for visiting.

  16. None of us can keep up with Alex. It is like Leigh Caron said, " Alex has figured out Quantum physics and has slowed time."

  17. Thank you. How is your editing coming along? Best of luck.

  18. Thanks for visiting. Everything is pretty much back to normal down here. I think Leigh Caron said it best (about Alex), "Alex has figured out Quantum physics and has slowed time."

  19. Excellent goal! Looks like you've got a busy month ahead!

  20. Thanks for stopping by, Jeff. Nice to have you on my blog.


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