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Buccaneer Blogfest- Melissa Sugar's Blog

Buccaneer Blogfest - Week 1 Roundup

First up let's give a sing out to our Buccaneer Quartermaster Sharon Bayliss and Buccaneer Cap'n, Court Young for hosting this Jolly Rodger. 

Ahoy There! 

Melissa Sugar's Blog (Tell us about it)

Day 1- Tell us a little about you & your blog?

Okay, I can do that. I can talk about me- don't I always? Too much? Nah! But, what can I tell you that I have not already written?

The basics, which I have written, but I realize that many of you are new to my blog so.... and those of you who have heard all this before-feel free to jump ahead to my next topic. BTW, Assignment two is also  about- yup, you guessed it, me.  So, what I will do is try and tell you things about me that I feel certain I have not already written about- ad nausea. You know, like how much I love & adore my kids, or that I am a lawyer who is hoping to land an agent for my legal thriller, or that I am a writer... yada..yada...yada, or as my precious kids say, "Blah blah, blah".

1. I suffer from extreme ADHD, which means that at times I am able to concentrate and remain organized and at other times my mind is racing faster than a greyhound dog on steroids and my attempts at multi tasking accomplish little more than creating more work for myself.

2.  My biggest fear (right now) is the realization that my parents and my husband, while in good health, cannot live forever. My husband is twenty-three years my senior and the same age as my mother. My father is about twenty years older than my mom. For some reason, this year, I have struggled with accepting the likelihood that my father does not have many years left and I want to make sure that I treasure my time with him.

3. The time I was most afraid in my life was the summer of 1990. My ex husband (of 20 years) and I were in Greece, on a small island, attending a semester of summer school abroad through Tulane Law school and my appendix ruptured. I was transferred by sea ambulance to the mainland for emergency surgery. We did not speak Greek and no one at the hospital spoke English. I truly thought I was going to die. I remember pleading with Steve, "Please don't let them operate on me, I am so scared. What if they don't know what they are doing?"  I will never forget his response. In a calm and steady voice he tried to ease my terror. " Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Just think about the cowboy days. They operated on people back then without anesthesia and people lived."  Did I mention that he was trying to reassure me?

4. I hate those little card things inside of magazines that fall out as you are reading. You know the subscription offers.

5. I am happiest when I am in or near water. I love oceans, rivers, lakes, pools and water holes. I am most relaxed while in the water, either swimming or just floating on a raft.

6. Bigots and intolerance make me really angry. People who are two-faced, trouble makers, or gossips infuriate me. I don't mean the fun kind of gossip. All girls gossip-it's what we do. I am referring to mean spirited people who spread rumors and innuendo with the sole purpose of discrediting someone else or hurting them.

7. I know how bad the sun is for my skin and health and despite that I still spend hours with my family on the beach or at the lake. 

8. I eat peanut butter on everything including ice cream.

9. If I knew I had only one meal left in my life, it would without a doubt be Mexican food (Tex-Mex).

10. I drink orange juice straight from the carton when no one is looking and I hate- I mean hate, milk. I cannot and will not drink it.

11. I have been known to wear one blue shoe and one black shoe to court 

Part Two:

Why did you start blogging? What are the goals for your blog?

I hate to sound generic, but I started blogging because every professional or expert in the field insist that an unpublished author must develop a platform before their book is even finished. The influential people in the author/agent/publishing industry highly recommend connecting with others through social media.

The goals for my blog have changed and continue to evolve. That is my fancy way of saying, I really don't know what the end goal is. In the beginning my goal was to just put my self out there. As I made friends and got to know other blogger/authors my goal widened to include promoting the work of other writers when  their books were published. 

 I suppose my current goals can be summed up as:

1. Continue to make friends and contacts.

2. To figure out what I want from my blog and work toward tailoring my post to my end result.

3. Figure out the best way to brand what I am selling. As my book is not yet published, I am not selling copies of my book. I know that as authors we are the focus of our branding. I am just unsure how an unpublished author brands her blog and herself. So I am blogging to build my brand- I am just not quite sure how I am supposed to do this.

4. Until and if I figure out the whole branding thing. My main goal (hell, even after I figure it out) is to write, meet and get to know other writers and people in the industry and to offer support in promoting my fellow blogger/authors' success and hopefully they will do the same for me when, not if, the time comes to promote my book(s) not book

I will be back this evening. I hope to have a special surprise for you. Until then:

Arr. This blogfest be pleasing to me eye.


Melissa Sugar said...

Peanut butter is good on everything! Ever had it on pancakes? Pure Heaven.
And don't worry, after two books, I still don't know what I'm doing in terms of platform.

Melissa Sugar said...

It was great getting to know you a little better, Melissa. I struggled with similar anxiety this winter, after my father's heart scare. It's tough, isn't it? *Hugs*

Melissa Sugar said...

This year was an intense year for fear of losing loved ones for me, too. Not only did a friend lose a child, but my dad had a quadruple bypass and we learned that he had been exposed to agent orange in Vietnam, which is why he has had 2 cancers and heart problems despite his otherwise good health. It has been intense to see him post-bypass as it is a tough road and it's really hitting home that he is not going to be here forever.

As for the blog/author thing, I think it is a lot more important to build a platform for non-fiction writers. It's good to show an online presence and willingness to promote yourself  as an author, but platform is more your credentials or audience for non-fiction. Since you are a lawyer and you write crime thrillers, you've kind of got the platform thing nailed, in my opinion.

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing with us!  I have been struggling with with the idea or writing both fiction and non-fiction for a while now and I'm having a touch time with my platform, too.  Another thing we have in common is that we are late comers to this blogfest... I'll be playing catch up this weekend in preparation of the week 2 schedule, so if you want to do the interview requirement from yesterday with me,  just say the word!

Also, I really liked the point you made on branding yourself.  I don't think my ultimate goal it to sell... and I don't even know if I'l ever get published, but I just have to get my story out there, some how, some way...

Melissa Sugar said... you put peanut butter on your Tex-Mex also??

Loved discovering more about you! :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Hello Melissa, I just found your blog. Thank you for sharing. I share some of those feelings and dilemmas. Best wishes on getting published.

Melissa Sugar said...

I also HATE bigots, ignorants and gossip. :-)

As for branding when we're unpublished, I think the best is to keep my brand a blank canvas for the publishers and just come across as this nice writer-person. 

Melissa Sugar said...

Your writing is awesome! I'm hooked!

Melissa Sugar said...

Your four current goals for your blog are pretty much the same as what a lot of us have concluded after blogging for a while.  Editors and agents may chiefly emphasize a blog as a marketing platform, but the nature of the internet gives a diversity of goals.

Melissa Sugar said...

I LOVE your introduction. I already feel like I know you a little. And yes, Tex-Mex is the greatest thing ever.

Melissa Sugar said...

Nice to meet you Melissa.  I'm a  new follower :  )  Loved reading about you, helped me realize that all my naivete' is shared by others. 

Melissa Sugar said...

It's never easy realising that our loved ones may not be with us forever...or in fact WILL not be with us forever. I prefer not to think about it myself :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Hey Melissa! I missed you this week at the Buccaneer Blogfest!
And I loved learning your little secrets! Fun:) Have an amazing weekend!

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