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Top 10 Things I Can't Live Without

10 Things I cannot Live Without (well, would rather not)

What prompted this post?

 As I reached inside the refrigerator and grabbed my tenth diet coke for the day , as an afterthought I also snagged a bottle of water. I was on my way outside to swim or sit by the pool with the kids and their friends. I armed myself with my usual poolside necessities, e.g. diet coke, a book , notepad and pen, cigarettes and lighter (I know....I know.., I'm working on it), a beach towel, my iPhone, Kindle Fire and the home phone. Yes, it took more than one trip.

Our teenage girls  and their  friends also had an array of necessities: Fingernail polish, magazines, cell phones and towels. Now my ten year old and his three friends just shot out the door like rockets armed with, well..nothing. They did not have a single towel between the four of them. They cannonballed into the pool with such ease and without distraction. Why waste time setting up residency next to a pool lounger with with a bunch of stuff that requires two or more trips back inside the house? As soon as they realize the chlorine will sting their eyes, I will undoubtedly hear them holler in unison for someone to bring them  goggles. That someone will be me. I am sure to be asked to take a few more trips inside or to the garage to gather the pool toys, water guns, rafts, balls and other devices they didn't think of until the exact moment they wanted that exact item.  When they have tired of pool fun  all they have to do is shout, "Mom" or "Ms. Melissa, we need a towel."

So, back to the refrigerator. As I added the bottle of water to my armload of other items, my son, Bennett asked me why I needed both water and diet coke. It is hard to explain really. I like, I mean I love diet coke and I need water. I especially need water if I am going to sit out in the sun and dehydrate my body. That goes double if my hubbie is making his famous vodka freezes (Yummy).  But, then my son stumped me with one of his additional questions.

"Mom, are you addicted to cigarettes?" Damn, here comes the do as I say not as I do speech. But, before I could even answer, his friend said:

"Ms. Melissa, I think you are addicted to diet coke, too." Wow, observant point for the pint sized dude.

"Ms. Melissa, you're addicted to books too, aren't you?" Now there is a wise observation. I always knew my kids had smart friends. Then my son wanted to play a game. Not the usual Marco Polo or water volleyball. He asked me to name ten things I could not  live without.  Before I could even spew his name and glowingly say , my kids, he added a rule. 

"And don't say us, or the dog or, money or family or all those usual things grown ups say. I mean the things like diet coke that I know you can't live without."  

Okay, kid here goes:

Top Ten Things I Can't Live Without:

10.  Diet Coke

9. Bookstores~ Actual bookstores where I can walk around and view books. I need to hold them, touch them & smell them.

 8. Southern Cooking

 Jambalaya, Fried Chicken, Gumbo, Grits, Hot Tamalas, Ribs, and Crawfish to name a few.

7. My Spring Flower Garden

Gardening is like therapy for me.

No, that's not my flower garden. Mine is a work in progress right now. Much like my novel, it needs a tad more nurturuing, feeding, TLC and most of all-time...more time...and even more time.

6. Swimming Pool

Visit this site for unbelievably cool pools.   Again, not my pool, but a girl can dream.

                                                              5. Beaches

I am partial to the white sand beaches  of the gulf coast.

                                                                          4. Family Vacations to  Destin & Seaside Florida. 

Seaside Florida is about 30 miles east of Destin. It is a picturesque town. The quaint, pastel cottages have porches, baclonies and white picket fences. The town square is filled with chic boutiques, art galleries and an open air market. The cobblestone street leads to a half mile stretch of a beautiful white sand beach. You feel like you have stepped onto a movie set. Seaside has been the setting for quite a few films including The Truman Show.

I have the best childhood memories of family vacations to Destin, Florida. My brothers, sisters and I have continued the tradition annd vacation to the Gulf Coast with all of our children and our parents each summer.

3. A good book, a notebook and a pen.

 I have to be able to read and write or I will go crazy. Yup, I said go crazy. So, if you are thinking I was already a little cuckoo, I will say go more crazy. How's that? Can I add another semi-related item to this number? My blog!! It has to be on this list. I know I am kind of cheating, but hey I am grouping like items that can kind of be counted as sort of a  bundle???

2.  Laughter-Laughing. Is that a thing? Well, whatever it is, I simply could not live without it.

 I love to laugh. I love people who make me laugh. That is one of the first things that attracted me to my husband; he always made me laugh and still does.  I can be in the worst mood or incredibly sad or steaming mad and if you can make me laugh my mood will change.  Kids are the best at making me laugh. They say and do the funniest things and the best part is that they don't try and they don't even realize they are being humorous.

1. Photos- Photo Albums-Memory Books

I love making photo books about everything, but I don't do it as often  as I used to. I was really into scapbooking when my kids were little and I am so glad that I have all their firsts and major milestones forever recorded.  I take a million photos.  After my scrapbook phase I started making digital photo memory books using Shutterfly, an on-line place to store photos and purchase photo gifts. and  I treasure them.

 I don't seem to have the time I used to, but I am so blessed to have the world's best ex-in-laws and they are awesome grandparents. They live in Chicago, but they visit several times a year and for all birthdays and every major holiday. Granny always sends me a photo book of their trip and time with our family and the kids within like a week or two of leaving. I really look forward to receiving it.  People always ask what would you grab if you could only grab one material item from your house if it was burning down?
That's a no brainer- Photo albums, memory books and photos. Luckily, most photographic memories I have are now stored digitally so they will never be lost.

So, that's my list. How about you? Do you have anything you just can't live without?



Nicole Pyles said...

Awww I love bookstores too!! And I got so exited because there is a NEW Barnes and Noble opening by my house. So happy!!! Another thing I can't live without is my cell phone, my laptop (as awful virus ridden as it is), and a notebook and a pen. Coffee, wine and chocolate...I don't know how many that is...but that's my list! :)

I'm envious you have a pool by the way!

Melissa Sugar said...

You are really missing out. You have to try it, but I have to warn you, it is usually super fattening. It is so hard to diet with all this good food around.

Melissa Sugar said...

This is a pretty good list. I think it is very reasonable actually. I don't think I would be able to live without good food, at all. If I had to live without potatoes, I would be the grumpiest person ever. 

Melissa Sugar said...

Great list... I have to agree on the book store. For me, hubby would be at the top of my list:) and chocolate...

Melissa Sugar said...

my son and his family visited destin---they loved it too----i don't think i would like to go without my morning coffee---have to have some sweets too even if it is artificial sweetener---hmmmm of course my family----so nice to meet ya and loved your post---sounds like you have a very full life!

Melissa Sugar said...

Seems like you and I have some things in common! I get up have a diet coke and a smoke I to am "Working on it" although my husband says I'm just working on smoking as much as I can and that my viens run with diet coke.
I also love the beach although it's been years since I have been to one.
I HAVE to write! Also I love books but now that I'm blind I cannot read them as the type is to small.
I just told my husband the other day I would grab the dogs and my pictures if the house caught fire. Nice to know i"m not alone! :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Loved this post Melissa! Bookshops would be on my list - I love wandering around them and spending too much money. Sadly in the UK real bookshops are disappearing fast due to competing with online stores.

Melissa Sugar said...

I hate that bookstores are disappearing. I love just being inside them. All of the mom and pop or not chain bookstores in our area have closed. The only one left is Barnes & Noble.

Melissa Sugar said...

We really do have a lot in common. It is so funny that your husband says that about diet coke. Mine asked me if it would be easier for me to just set it up to pump in my veins though an IV.  Thanks for visiting. I most definitely would grab the dogs and photos.

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks for visiting, Lynn. I love your blog and glad to be following you. I don't meet too many people on here who have even heard of Destin. It is a beautiful and fun place to vacation.

Melissa Sugar said...

I forgot chocolate. Of course, my kids and husband would be at the top of the list, but my little boy asked me to leave people and dogs

Melissa Sugar said...

I guess it really is an addiction . I mean, I have to have it as soon as I wake up in the morning, before I get  the shower.

Melissa Sugar said...

Yum. I love all kinds of potatoes . Thanks for visiting. Sorry I haven't been around much lately.

Melissa Sugar said...

I used to be addicted to Diet Coke. When I moved schools, there was another staff member who was addicted like me. The rest of our staff got on our case because apparently the aspartame turns poisonous at body temperature. So we both quit cold turkey - it was hard! But within 2 days, I no longer had headaches and within a week the 'arthritis' in my joints was much better. I found out my arthritis is there, but it's very manageble when I don't take aspartame... When I tried a diet coke last summer, I was surprised to find I didn't like it at all!

I love your list of can't-live-withouts! The photos are such a great inclusion!

Melissa Sugar said...

This order can change at any givein moment so it really isn't a structured top ten:

10. Don't care if this makes the exclusion rule of your son...I can't live without my two dogs! I miss them even on vacation.

9. Vitamin Zero water. I love this stuff and have actually got my wife to cut back on her addictive Dr Pepper by turning her on to this stuff.

8. Back up devices. And back ups for those devices. Is it paranoid to believe all your photos and videos will die a slow and agonizing death if you do not do this. Triple redundancy AND off-site back up. Couldn't sleep without it.

7. My blog and the friends it has brought me. Even though virtual, I have met some really talented people and some actaully like me back...much like a beloved pet I suppose.

6. My personal digital recorder. Next to a camera it is the one thing I am never without.. I would have forgotten more than I remember if not for my trusty sidekick. Also leaves more room in my brain for useless stuff.

5. My Nikon D3100. I have had it for a year and it is still teaching that I can take bad pictures. I learn every time I use it and strive to improve my skills. Gotta have it.

4. My Orgreenics cookware. I make breakfast every morning in these pans that require no butter or oil to cook. They are organic coated and have none of that carcinogenic crap you get from Teflon and worse...from scratched Teflon. I love these pans...and my wife got them for me!

3. My Kindle Fire. 'nough said.

2. Under the category of frivilous for most...I am part owner in the Green Bay Packers football team! I would never leave my stock certificate behind.

1. My Music! I get caught up listening (like I did last night) and 2 hours are gone like that. I just bought a $350 gadget to take 40gig of music with me to Belize. If we get ship wrecked I will figure out how to generate electricity!

Melissa Sugar said...

Let's see... The Great Outdoors (hiking, fishing), Diet Mt. Dew, Coffee *i know*, Books, My laptop, My tablet, My smartphone (also not proud, but I needs my peeps!) Sensy Candle, my big overstuffed writing chair, and last but not least... NETFLIX! and I am not ashamed to say that I have it on my cell, tablet, laptop, and ps3...cuz you just never know.  lets just say... I am NEVER bored.

Melissa Sugar said...

For me, it's Diet Dr Pepper (Diet Coke if there is no Diet Dr Pepper), books, and my computer (or laptop). And somewhere to exercise. :D

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