Mother's Day: On Fire

Firetruck to my mom's rescue

Firetruck to my mom's rescue

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are Mothers, step-moms, god mothers , aunts, grandmothers or in some way connected to another person in a mom kind of way.

I wish I could say this has been the best day of my life. but a little explosive mishap nearly ruined the party. I smelled gas ( no not that kind) and so I did what I always do - I screamed for
my hubbie to confirm my fear. Now he
is the logical partner in our marriage ( the one who usually tells me I am
overreacting or am way off base) . So he strolls over to the area I need inspecting and , I'll be damned if he doesn't smell it as well. Being the proactive type, Daryl thinks he
will just nip this
little problem in the bud. Before I can scream, "Are you crazy?", Daryl has lowered his head into the grill of our swimming pool heater.

I used to think that the characters getting blown from an explosion in a film were just acting a part. I never believed an explosion really propelled you forward with a blast . At least not until today.

As Daryl reached down to turn off the heater I watched in shock as a ball of fire ignited above the heater. The flames seemed to disappear as quickly as they appeared and with a force I have not felt since being sandwiched at age 5 on the tilt-o-whirl between two human enforcers , Daryl flew toward me and the speed and force of his movement carried us both another ten feet where we landed on the underside of a glass patio table. I landed on bottom.

It happened so quickly. Most of the details are actually what my surrounding family members told me as they observed in horror . With the exception of some cuts, scrapes and minor abrasions , we are both okay.

So another lesson learned on Mother's day and another opportunity to be thankful that I am alive and healthy and surrounded by people I love who are also healthy and in good spirits.

I thank god everyday for my beautiful family and rather than complain about what is wrong or the things I don't have , I am immensely grateful for
all that I do have .

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  1. Melissa! Thank God you are both all right. I'm sorry that had to happen on Mother's Day. Heck, on any day!

  2. What a scary experience! I'm glad you two are all right. :) Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Oh my gosh. I'm glad you're all okay! Definitely a reminder to be thankful for what we have.

    I hope the rest of Mother's Day goes better!

  4. Happy mother's day! Glad no one was hurt.

  5. Well, I guess when you're hot, you're hot. But perhaps that hot is not such good thing.

    I use to be a fire fighter. I've  been at or read about some very strange fires. So glad that the two of you were not casualties of the "misadventure.". And that someone had the sense to call the Fire Dept., which you should have done in the first place. 

  6. So glad you both are ok! I guess this is one Mother's day you are never going to forget. Wish it was for something else though. Still, glad you all are ok. 

  7. HI Melissa .. so pleased all is well - that must have been such a shock .. I expect everyone will have learnt a salutory lesson from your story .. sure hope so.  That is not the thing you expect to happen .. let alone on Mother's Day ... have a  more peaceful week - Hilary

  8. Oh my gosh!  What a scary experience.  I'm so glad that everyone is alright.  

  9. Melissa! Oh my goodness! So glad you're okay! Nothing like a little excitement on Mother's Day! Take it easy~ :p

  10. That's horrible! So happy to know that you and your family are okay. So scary!

  11. Astonishing.  Too bad you don't have a video of it.  Happy belated Mother's Day.  

  12. Hey, I've given you an award over at my blog!!


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