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W is for Wagering on Cockfighting

Cockfighting is a Blood Sport Between Two Roosters Held in a Ring Called a Cockpit:

As of 2008, Louisiana became the last state to ban the sport of cockfighting. Wow, that's embarrassing. To live in a state that fought so hard to hold on to the right to watch roosters fight to their death.

Read This: Legislature Finally Votes to Ban Cockfighting in La.  But even then, our state debated for nearly a year on how to put an end to this neanderthal sport. There was talk of making it illegal to wager on the fights, but to let the show go on. Now it doesn't take a legal scholar to deduce that the the actual wagering (betting money on which rooster would kill the other first) was the primary enticement.  Then there was talk of spending another year to phase out the sport of cockfighting.

Excuse me, what the hell needs phasing out? 

You just say, "Yo, toothless man over there, listen up. Put your cock back where it belongs. We ain't playing games with your cock no more, ya hear?  If your cock needs tending to and the only way to get a rise outta  you is to bet money on your cock, well then I reckon that's something you and the misses need be doing in the privacy of your home."

Phase out- that's crap.

On Friday, August 15, 2008,  Louisiana  finally agreed to join the rest of the United States, making cockfighting illegal in all 50 states. The ban on gambling or wagering on cockfights took effect immediately thus reducing the number of spectators and fights. The law completely eliminating the sport took some more time, but eventually we made it, joining the rest of the nation, most states outlawed this barbaric sport in the 19th century. You can read the animal rights story here, Cockfighting Illegal in Louisiana: It's About Time

In a cockfight, roosters have sharp blades or spikes attached to their feet, and then are released in a pit where they battle each other to the death or until they can no longer fight. In this barbaric bloodsport, spectators place bets on the roosters, so banning the betting a year ago has already greatly reduced the number of cockfights and participants.

This is a short video clip and not one of the graphic ones, but warning: Do Not Watch if you have a weak stomach or if animal cruelty gets to you like it does me. This is not a cockfight in La., but I didn't see one one you tube. Then again, I didn't look long either. This sort of thing makes me ill.

How is everyone feeling? Are you ready for the month of April to end? Will you miss the A to Z blogging challenge?  I am ready to put more time in all that I have neglected this month, but I will miss the challenge and camaraderie.  Unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to visit as many blogs as I hoped to, but I intend to keep going through the list of A to Z participants even after the challenge ends. I would like to visit each entry at least once.


Melissa Sugar said...

"Yo, toothless man over there, listen up. Put your cock back where it belongs....I reckon that's something you and the misses need be doing in the privacy of your home." LOL! :D I'm glad they finally got this barbaric  "sport" banned, Now with all their spare money, maybe they could put it to good use? 

Melissa Sugar said...

This is a horrible event... about time Louisiana caught up... poor birds.

Melissa Sugar said...

Wow. Can't believe it took LA that long to ban this. Sometimes it should be easy.

I didn't do A-Z, but have been reading lots and I'm ready to be done--the reading add up. Good for you on making your way through the  list. When I checked late March, there was over a thousand. That's huge.

Melissa Sugar said...

Disturbing. Glad it's banned.

Melissa Sugar said...

Not going to watch that video because that is just inhumane. People who enjoy animal cruelty worry me.

Melissa Sugar said...

So at first they were going to keep it legal, but make it illegal to wager?  Riiight.  Just like no one bets on boxing or on drag racing.  The unofficial bets would have been placed five yards away, just obscured by the cigar smoke.

Melissa Sugar said...

If I didn't know better (and I possibly don't) I would say this post gave you license to use the word cock like a hundred times! Without being lewd or crude. And yes I feel bad you are living in a cockless state!

Melissa Sugar said...

You're hilarious, but yeah, this sport is just as bad as dog fighting - it's all about watching animals rip the crap out of each other. (My great grandfather raised fighting cocks here in Hamilton, Ontario. My dad's stories about them are really interesting, but pretty nasty.)

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