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Peeping Tom is a Crime in Louisiana

Peeping Tom:

LSA- R.S. 14:284

No person shall perform such acts as will make him a "Peeping Tom" on or about the premises of another, or go upon the premises of another for the purpose of becoming a "Peeping Tom."

"Peeping Tom" as used in this section means one who peeps through windows or doors, or other like places, situated on or about the premises of another for the purpose of spying upon or invading the privacy of persons spied upon without the consent of the persons spied upon. It is not an element of the offense that the "Peeping Tom" be upon the premises of the person being spied upon.

Whoever violates this section shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisoned not more than six months or both.

The above penalty means this crime is a misdemeanor.  I did not choose this crime because "voyeurism" is an unusual crime. I am sure that every state has a provision of the penal code providing that "voyeurism" is a crime. 

The reason I chose this particular crime is to demonstrate how odd or backwards some of the Louisiana laws and crimes are.

This crime, which is basically, voyeurism, is still called the "Peeping Tom" crime. It is written that way in the criminal code and the statutes. I always thought of the word "Peeping Tom" as slang for voyeurism. 

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Melissa Sugar said...

My Uncle Tom hates this law, but I don't understand why?

PS... Thanks for stopping by, and while EuroDisney SUCKED for a while (we called it EuroDISMAL or EuroMISERY) it was bought out (or infused) with some major cash and after five years I believe it broke a profit..

And, yes, I still believe in Mickey :)

Melissa Sugar said...

I thought it was slang too.   

So if its a female are they a Peeping Tam? haha

Melissa Sugar said...

Like Baygirl, I'm wondering what would happen if it was a woman! 

Melissa Sugar said...

This really does sound out-dated. I wonder if the reason it's still "in the books" is due to time and money. Might just be cheaper to keep it in. Just speculating though, because I honestly have no idea.

Melissa Sugar said...

I always thought it was a quaint expression. Sort of makes light of the offence, doesn't it?

Melissa Sugar said...

A lawyer friend at university once grumbled about gender inequality in the law. He told me that if a man sees a woman undressing through her bedroom window, he's a Peeping Tom. If a woman sees a man undressing through his bedroom window...he's guilt of indecent exposure.

Can't speak to the truth of this, but it sounds horribly plausible.

Melissa Sugar said...

So do they also call murder "wacking someone" and robbery "knocking over a liquor store"

Melissa Sugar said...

I worked with a guy who got charged with this.  It ruined his life, but he shouldn't have been a peeping.  He actually had to quit his job and move to another town.  

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