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Kony-Kidnapper Make Kony Famous

K is for Kidnapping & K is for Joseph Koney

If this is your first time visiting my blog for Arlee Bird's annual, A to Z blogging challenge I should let you in on my theme. I am writing about the legal system & crimes (some of the crimes in Louisiana are very odd). 


Here is a list of all the A to Z blogging challenge participants. So hop over and visit a few more blogs. You will be treated to a medley of fascinating topics.

 I intended for the letter K to be dedicated to Kidnapping and I had a completely different idea until my thirteen year old daughter made me watch this video. I did not want to because it was almost thirty minutes, but I did and I was shocked at what this man Koney is doing.  Ironically, all of his heinous crimes against children begin with kidnapping.

I know this is a lengthy video, but if you are not familiar with Koney or the plan by thousands of Americans, politicians & celebrities to make Koney famous so we can find him and bring him to justice, please watch it. You don't have to watch it all now, just view it when you can.

Join others in the effort to make Kony famous so we can end his crimes. On April 20th the plan is to paper the streets, walls and world with signs & pictures so Koney will no longer be able to hide.

Koney 2012

You can purchase your bracelet with an individual pin number that allows you to log in securely and track the progress of Operation Make Koney Famous, by purchasing an Action Kit. The details are explained in the video.

I felt stupid for not knowing who Koney was or anything about the crimes he is accused of.  How many of you know about Koney?  About the plan on April 20th to paper the world with his photo so he can no longer hide from the authorities?

Two final issues.

  (1).  Apparently, I screwed up and I am a letter behind schedule.  I know how I went wrong.  The instructions are for us to post every single day except for Sunday.  The first of April happened to fall on a Sunday this year, so an exception was made.  I suppose that after posting on S, M, T, W, Th, & Friday (six consecutive days) I thought it was time for our scheduled weekly break.  I was wrong.   So I did not post last Saturday and I began the week of the 9th a day late and a letter short.  I have been so busy with work and family and trying to visit blogs that I have not been able to make up or catch up.  I have decided to post this coming Sunday, April 15th (while the rest of you enjoy your regularly scheduled break.)  Hope that is okay.

Did anyone else make the same or a similar mistake?  Have any of you fallen behind?  If so, how do you plan to catch up.

And..... Number two (#2)

The A to Z challenge navigation button is finally available.  It is really cool. It tells you how many blogs you have visited. You can hit the "next" button and be directed to the next blog or you can click the "surprise" button and be directed to a completely random blog in the challenge.  

I added this cool gadget to my sidebar-just now. Add the A to Z challenge navigation button to your blog.  The website that the above link takes you to explains in detail how to add the gadget to your blog as well as the benefit of using the gadget. There is also a list of different ways to visit blogs and a very good argument for selecting the "surprise" button.  Being directed to a completely random blog makes for makes for fair play.


Melissa Sugar said...

As an A to Z co-host, I'm sure whatever you do to get back on schedule will be just fine, Melissa!

Melissa Sugar said...

Look forward to the rest of your
challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 14 days already!

--Damyanti, Co-host A
to Z Challenge April 2012



Twitter: @AprilA2Z


Melissa Sugar said...

Melissa, oh how funny it is the way the world works. If Alex had not sent you my way and you had not called me out on my Jury Duty post I would have never found you. The law fascinates and I apologize if the liberty I took with the J post rasied your hackles. I was actually a little surprised that no one else took exception to my published attitude towards jury duty. I will email you a fuller rebuttal to your comment but the short version is I loved it and I love your site. My mama always said I should have been a lawyer since I like to argue so much. Have a great A-Z and Ilook forward to seeing you again!

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