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Google Plus & Blogspot Profile Merge (and other questions & answers)

Random Rudeness (The picture to the side is the rude random question fairy)

 I have some questions & I hope you wonderful people have answers. I have some basic blogging questions, writing questions & then some fun questions-well- because I guess I'm nosy that way. 
 Not really: Don't worry. I don't have 75 questions. Well, actually I probably do, but I will break them up into several blog post.
Random Rudeness:  How do you like that title?

1. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what do you prefer? Do you compile a mix of your favorites on a CD or your iPad or iPod? Or do you listen to film soundtracks? Or something else?

2. This one might just be for the lady writers/bloggers/readers ~ but men, feel free to jump in if this applies to you. How many of you read while you take a bath? Not your quick bath to get going somewhere, but do any of you like to relax in a hot bathtub with a good book? Anyone brave {or stupid } enough to write while relaxing in a hot bathtub?

3. If your current WIP was being made into a feature film & you had complete control over casting, who would you cast to play your MC, Protagonist, Antagonist, Hero, Love interest, Villain?

4. How many blogspot bloggers have actually merged with Google+. I don't mean just joined it. I mean where you merge your blogger profile with your Google+ profile. I understand that once we do this we lose our blogger profile. I am okay with that, as long as I don't lose any of my important blog information. Do our contacts, friends, followers go with us to Google+?  I am hoping that a good blogger friend out there who has made the complete merge will tell the rest of us what it is like and what we can expect. What are the pros? Cons? If you had the choice to make over would you make the same choice?

Here is a post that explains how to merge your Google+ and You Tube Profiles

The same blogger,  Saket Jajoda has a Tecko blog (an area that I lack all knowledge) with an easy to follow guide on how to merge your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile.  I'm pretty sure I know how to complete the merge I'm just still so unsure.  I guess I'm a creature of habit and I'm also afraid of losing my blogger profile.  Are my fears unusual or unreasonable?

6. Google plus users: Has your Google + time taken you away from facebook or not? Can you ever see yourself relying on Google+ as your "go to" like you once thought of facebook?  Can you share any apps or Google+  features that you actually prefer over facebook? What are the biggest complaints and or let downs with Google+   (okay, I realize that the Google+ questions are somewhat compound & loaded-but I am so confused and on the fence about merging)

 7. How many of you are really into Twitter? Has Google+ affected your twitter time or performance in either a positive or a negative way?

 8.  What is your favorite writer's craft go to book for fiction writing?

9.  What is your biggest blogger annoyance?

10. What is your favorite NON WRITING blog?

I appreciate any & all answers. If you have a a few minutes, please answer a few.  Short on time? Answer one.  I know that other bloggers will benefit along with me for any answers, advice or tips you share. The other questions are just for fun and entertainment.


Melissa Sugar said...

1. Absolutely! What I listen to depends on how much I need
to concentrate. (I did a post on it last summer.)

2. Nope!

3. Hmm, if I had to cast right now, I'd probably go with someone like
Kristen Bell
for my MC. Not sure about the rest...

4. I have. Honestly, it won’t change much on your side. It just
redirects visitors to your Google+ page, instead of your Blogger
profile. Your followers and contacts do not merge, so make sure you list your
blog on your Google+ profile. (You’ll want people to be able to find you!) :)

5. Did we skip this one? ;)

6. Not really. Google+ is great for my public presence, but I'll leave my personal interactions to Facebook.

7. Nah. My day to day, 140-character, rambles still belong to Twitter.

8. I keep Self-Editing for Fiction Writers on my desk at all

9. My eyes glaze
over whenever I see a wall of text. I guess really, really long posts bother me.

10. Elsie Laron's blog

Fun post, Melissa! :)

Melissa Sugar said...

This is a lot of questions and since it's the end of the day I'll just answer a few because I'm tired :) I've seen the merging of G+ profile, and I don't like it. I don't like G+ at all. I expect there will come a time when Google will force us to move or lose our blogs, but I'll resist it for as long as possible. My biggest blogging annoyance is music that plays when I click on a blog. I get away from there as fast as possible. It annoys me even more than the word verif thingy.

Melissa Sugar said...

1) I listen to music when writing, mostly to drown out the ambient noise and voices in my head. When writing-writing, it's usually classical or Philip Glass sans words. When blogging, it's 80's rock.

2) No reading or writing near water. Nope.

3) I did the casting call kind of thing for one of my current WIPs, right here.

4) As far as Google+ goes, I'm not a fan. I'm not a hater, either, but I've found it just a repeat of Facebook and Twitter, but with less games.

9) Word Verification makes me not bother commenting. Or reading for that matter. With ver few exceptions.

10) I'm a huge fan of DEZ's THE HOLLYWOOD SPY

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi, Melissa!

1. I do listen to music. I use where all my favorite songs are free.
2. I don't read in the tub.

4. I don't use Google Plus. I'm sort of afraid of it.

7. I'm still learning Twitter, but I like it so far.

Melissa Sugar said...

This is a great post. I really like your blog!

Melissa Sugar said...

Very interesting question…. Can’t wait to
see what most say… okay, here I go.


Yes… I compile mix of songs for
each book… some scenes require specific songs…eg actions scenes = fast music

No… I actually play games on my

Hmmm for my urban fantasy I’d
like Kate Beckinsale

Half and half… I’m not a huge google+ user as
it feels like a duplication of everything else I’m doing, so I add my blogs to
it, read others, do some comments, but very minimal

Hmmm missing in action

Not really… just not getting
into it too much

I really like twitter… No
affect from Google +

Hmmm so many… I still go back
and read Stephen King’s On Writing

Unable to leave comments on
certain blogs because it keeps rejecting my account…not fun

10.  I love foodie blogs…

Melissa Sugar said...

I'll answer a couple!
Yes, I listen to music when I write, but I don't make playlists.
I haven't merged my Google+ with my Blogger profile yet.
Not on Facebook.
Favorite non-writing blog is tough because I follow so many! I'll go with CineMarvellous. Great movie reviews.

Melissa Sugar said...

no music, i like to sing along, distracting!
dont take baths, but hub does, ha! i do brainstorm in shower tho =)
no google schmoogle!
i only have time for fb once a week so twitter would eat my time i dont have...
i need writing craft book recs!


my friend's art blog, little red henry =)

Melissa Sugar said...

1. "I cherish peace and quiet. The only noise that I can handle is the rain. Silence is truly golden."

3. "I would cast Alfred Hitchcock as the narrator [RIP], Brad Pitt as the protagonist, Robert Diniro as the antagonist, Jack Nicholson as the hero, Meg Ryan as the love interest - my favorite actress - she's so cute!, John Travolta as the villiam. And, I do realize that I'm telegraphing my age!

9. "Blogger automatically sends old posts to my mailing list. This happens when I delete any post. This makes me very irritated and feeling helpless." 

Melissa Sugar said...

I write to silence - or near silence. :)  I don't read in the bath, and I haven't joined Google+.

Melissa Sugar said...

I listen to the radio, a non-repeat station which works well, unless I need a particular CD to get me in the right mood. I don't read in the bath, I'm sure I'd drop the book. I haven't joined Google+.

Melissa Sugar said...

1. No music - I start singing along or typing lyrics, so I've had to ban it :-)
2. I usually shower so a bath is purely for relaxing - and that includes a good book!
3. No idea!
4/6. I don't have anything to do with Google+ yet.
7. I'm on Twitter, but not into it :-)
8. On Writing by Stephen King
9. Captcha
10. The Mary Sue - although it's more of a site than a blog.

Melissa Sugar said...

Hey Melissa ! Thanks so much for the follow today! What a pretty blog you have (geez, suddenly I sound like the Big Bad Wolf... )
Answers? Here goes:
1. No music. No talking. No nothing. I'm the strong silent type.
2. I used to read in the bathtub all the time but now I have a Kindle and I'm afraid I might drop the damned thing in the water and electrocute myself.
3. Main character - Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men. Age her a bit and fatten her up some and she's perfect. Chris Pine is too young for my hero but he's so hot I would cast him just so I could drool on him all the time. Villain? I dunno..  Bruce Springsteen. I like Bruce... he just looks right.
4. Oh god. Are you speaking English?
5. Did I miss 5? Hellooooo, five? (echo, echo ....)
6. What IS that language you're speaking?
7. Honestly? Twitter bores me. It was cool for five seconds but now it's a snoozefest in a limited number of characters.
8. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. And On Writing by Mr. King.
9. Fecking spam. Blech.
10. I have too many faves. If I picked one they'd hurt me. Don't want no hurting today.

Melissa Sugar said...

These are good questions. You need that floating comment box so I can answer them all w/o having to scroll--my old lady brain can't remember them... LOL! OK, I did not merge my profiles b/c it said I had to do something additional... or I was going to lose something. I can't remember now, but it made me cancel the transaction. :D

I don't tweet much, I don't use G+, I don't listen to music while I write, I don't read in tub... uhh... heck. I feels like I'ms forgetting somethings... It also sounds like I don't do very much! but I am on FB, and I lurv Pinterest!

Hang on--OK, I don't really follow any nonwriting blogs. But I do get emails from iMom, and I think that actually is a blog. So yay! Did I get them all??? :o) <3

Melissa Sugar said...

I absolutely cannot listen to music (except instrumental) while I write, because I get distracted and sing along. I love music.

Melissa Sugar said...

You asked for it.  And by IT, I mean you've tapped into my me me me-ness....

1)       Can’t really LISTEN to music while I write, but I can tune out a lot. I get tunnel vision.
2)      I write in the bathtub a LOT. In fact most of my first 5 books were written exclusively in the bath, but I now do a mix. I still do the emotional scenes best there—it is an environment that relaxes me enough to really let it flow.
3)      I don’t have a famous person in my head for my MC (it is actually a woman I met at a professional conference who I don’t know well, but looks exactly right) but my sidekick, the best friend, I have the girl who plays Rosie in LotR (the gal who marries Samwise in the end).  And my MCs dad, I have the dad from Frazier in my head.
4)      Haven’t merged. I get annoyed to have changes forced on me. And to be honest, Google+ doesn’t do it for me. I am there, but haven’t really committed—I rarely use it.
5)      Is missing. Where is 5?
6)      See 4.  And no. I find FB a lot more user friendly for the silliness I prefer. It’s funny, because FB took over for MySpace very easily, but I can’t see Google+ doing the same. (it should be noted I don’t like Twitter, either)
7)      HA!  There’s the Twitter question. I have friends who love it and are really good at it. But I think I don’t have enough crack on hand to keep up.
8)      I hate craftbooks. I DO have a go-to website though:  It is a writer’s search engine to find BLOGS addressing whatever topic you are looking for. Blogs are a lot more digestable than a book and you have a better shot at finding the ‘latest’, which is particularly important for industry stuff.
9)      That there is only so much time in a day? I love blogging, but it is a timesuck.
10)   Probably Giraffability of Digressions. Mari writes, but she doesn’t blog about that—she does a lot more observation of world events and random thoughts, and she’s hysterical.

Melissa Sugar said...

1.  Sometimes I listen to music, but it can't ever be anything with lyrics; they just distract me.  I really like classical (particular Elgar's Enigma Variations) and instrumental soundtracks (like How to Train Your Dragon).

2.  I don't really take a lot of long baths, but I'm always afraid of water damage to my books or ereader.  I can count the number of times I've read in the bathtub on one hand.

3.  I actually have a whole blogpost about that:

4.  I haven't set anything up with Google+ yet.

7.  I love Twitter.  It's perfect for someone like me who has a strong need to tell everyone random things about her life.

8.  I like Stephen King's On Writing, and Anne Lamont's Bird by Bird.

9.  Biggest blogger annoyance?  People who use their blogs (and Twitter accounts) solely to shove their upcoming books down your throat.  Promoting yourself is good.  Spamming me with inconsequential information about your book just ticks me off.

10.  I... actually don't read a lot of non-writing blogs. 

Melissa Sugar said...

1. No music.

2. Sometimes read in the bath.

3. I answered that in an interview here -

4. I haven't done that (I don't think) don't really understand Google+

6 & 7 don't use Google+ much at all.

9 When people have their profiles set up as private or without listing their blogs - that means it's really hard to visit their blogs after they've commented on mine.

Also Captcha word verification!

Melissa Sugar said...

1) I listen to classical music when I write. If I had the
top hits playing, I wouldn’t be writing but acting like I was a rock star.


2) No reading in the bathtub. Now drinking a glass of wine…that
has happened from time to time.


3) Off the top of my head, I’d have to say Natalie Portman.
I think she’s a good actress and could pull off my MC.


4) I was going to join Google Plus because I got fed up with
Facebook but I don’t like being forced into sharing pictures for me to even
open my account.


7) When I first joined Twitter, I was into it, but that’s
not going to help get my name out there and help me promote my book. I spend
most of my time getting to know people on Goodreads and LinkedIn (IMO, Two of
the best places to promote just by joining in discussions).


10) Postsecrets. I’ve actually gotten some ideas from the
posted secrets.

Melissa Sugar said...

Interesting questions. I'll have to give them some thought. New follower here. I’m getting a head start on visiting my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.

Melissa Sugar said...

1. I listen to my collection of rock or listen to Slacker when I draft and revise (not when I edit).
2. Of course. It's so relaxing.
3. I haven't thought about this. I'm usually bad at casting. I don't watch a lot of movies, so I don't know all the names and faces.
4. I haven't done this.
6. I barely use Google +.
 7. Since I barely use Google +, my tweeting is about the same.
 8.  I don't have one. I have a list of recommendations that I need to read, though.
9.  captchas
10. I have two. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend and Awful Library Books. 

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi Melissa!
1. I listen to music sometimes, usually when I'm reworking a chapter--and then it's one song on a loop.
2.I read magazines in the bath.
3. I like this question, but I'd need to really think about it :)
6. I post my blog posts on Google plus but that's about it.
7. I am on Twitter daily, but some of my tweets are scheduled now.
10. Cakewrecks--so funny!

Melissa Sugar said...

1. I sometimes put my headphones
on and listen to music, but  stay away from stuff that has too many
lyrics. I mainly listen to electronic/dubstep.2. We don't own a bathtub. ):3. I'd cast new, undiscovered actors.4. I have not yet merged...but I'm new to Google +. I need to read up a little more about that one.5. what happened to 5? :)6. I'm not yet convinced Google + will have the same kind of impact as fb. At the moment, my G+ account takes up very little of my time and attention. 7. I'm new on Twitter too but am starting to get hooked.. I definitely spend more time on twitter than G+8. I have a few of them: Write Great Fiction by Nancy Kress; The Elements of Style by Strunk and White; and How to Write a Damn Good Novel by J. Frey9. Blogger! Not having the ability to easily personalize/customize my blog.10. I have several but right off the top of my head, The Sartorialist and Kerry's Paper Crafts11. This one is for you! I've passed on an award and I hope you can stop by when you get the chance to pick it up!  (:

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks Carrie, for answering so many.  I am glad you finally explained the google+merge in a way that does not scare me. I think I will go ahead and do it. I was most afraid, I guess of the followers merging.  I love Kristen Bell, she is adorable.

Melissa Sugar said...

 I'm a big fan of Dez' also.  I am a twitter newbie and I like it I just don't get how you can actually follow or keep up with anyone or any topic unless you stay glued to it all day. Obviously, I am doing something wrong. I need to find out the best twitter app to use on my phone.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Karen, I am right there with you on the auto music thing. It drives me insane. I linked to a blog recently while reading one of my favorite blogs upon suggestion of the writer. When I arrived at the recommended blog I could see that I would really like it. The blog post was catchy and about something that interested me, but I could not figure out how to turn off her auto music and I finally had to just leave. I hated it because I know I would have stayed a while if not for the annoying music that I could not stop.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Emily, I think we are on pretty much the same page when it comes to both google+ and twitter.  I do like twitter, I just can't seem to figure it out though. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of I love it.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks Elise for all the answers. It was not until I read all the way to the bottom of the comments (I've been away from my computer for a while so reading them all at once) I finally figured out why so many people were writing such funny & odd comments about question #5, like MIA or can't answer #5. I am such a goof, I guess I left it out or numbered wrong.  Thanks for recommending so many writing craft books. I love to read them.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks Coleen. I did not even know you could schedule your tweets. Good to know.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks for the answers. I am glad to know I am not the only person who relaxes with a good book in the bathtub.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Yes, I do love me a glass of wine in a hot bathtub (while reading a book).  I haven't joined linkedin, but I have been told I should (at least or my law practice). I love posted secrets also. I feel like I am spying on people.

Melissa Sugar said...

 I know what you mean. When I go to someone's blogger profile and their blog is private I just assume they don't want me as a reader (duh), but when they don't even have it listed, it is so frustrating.

Melissa Sugar said...

 I am so glad that I tapped into your "me-me-me", because you gave some awesome answers. I had a sinking feeling (is that a pun or what) that I was the only person in the universe who actually writers in the bathtub. We have a hot water heater that never runs out & I come up with some of my best stuff while relaxing in a hot bathtub (a glass of wine helps also).  I am on the fence with twitter. I like it, but I feel like I am missing pages from the manual or the rule book. I also HATE being forced to join google+, but am also afraid of the power the have to just yank blogspot away from us.

I was not aware of  Thanks for the suggestion.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Music distracts me as well, Kelly. It is weird because I can tune out all other noise-kids screaming, television blasting etc.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks Leigh. I don't even know what a floating comment box is, but thank you for pointing it out to me. I am going to start my task of trying to figure it out today. It seems I am always trying to figure something out on blogger, facebook, twitter etc. LOL

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks for all your answers. I know questions # 4& 6 seem like a foreign language to me as well (and I suppose #5 would have also-if I had not inadvertently omitted it). That is why I asked them-hoping to learn this new language. LOL.  I was afraid to read with my Kindle in the bathtub also, but my husband looked at me like I was an idiot and told me that it is not plugged in-hence no electricity-so I would be fine. I wasn't sure if was trying to knock me off or not (kidding), but decided against it anyway. I didn't want to take the chance of it falling in and worst case scenario i get electrocuted and best case scenario-I am out $200 bucks when it quits working from water damage.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks Sarah, I had completely forgotten about the Mary Sue site and I loved it. Captcha & auto music both drive me nuts.

Melissa Sugar said...

 I have dozed off and a few of my books have suffered. I have been able to rescue them so far by letting them dry, but they will never look the same.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks for answering, Stacy. You seem to be in the majority for not reading in the bathtub. I am in the minority.

Melissa Sugar said...

 I love Jack Nicholson. He is up there with m all time favorite top three actors. In fact, I love your entire cast. So if you are telegraphing your age, I am betting we are close in age.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks for the answers, Tara. I have every writing craft book ever written (I am exaggerating- sort of). Just off the top of my head my favorite ones are: The Plot Whisperer by Martha Alderson, Story Engineering by Larry Brooks, Advanced Plotting by Chris Eboch, Forensics & Fiction by D.P. Lyle, M.D.; Thanks, But This Isn't For Us by Jessica Page Morrell, The Scene Book by Sandra Scofield, The Breakout Novel by Donald Maass, Screenwriting Tips for Authors by Alexandra Sokoloff and On Writing by Stephen King.  Wow, I didn't mean to overload you with too many, but each has something great to offer a writer at any stage of their writing career.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks Alex. I visited CineMarvellous after  reading your comment. I loved it & will continue reading the post. Thanks for the suggestion.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks Tania, for answering all of the questions. I like foodie blogs as well and will have to check out your favorite.  Playing games on your iPod in the bathtub-now that's one I haven't heard. I suppose it is no different that me fooling around with apps on my iPhone while in the bathtub.  I do it a lot and so far I haven't dropped my phone in the water.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you, thank you x100 for leaving a link to yours. It makes it so much easier for me to read your blog. It is easy for  people who are associated with DISQUS because their name shows up in pink and I can click on it or their photo and be auto linked to their blog, but for non DISQUS people it is hard so thank you.

Melissa Sugar said...

 Thank you so much for the award. I am on my way to pick it up.

Melissa Sugar said...

Google is giving its all to Plus network. So much that some old engineers have left google saying that they have lost their innovative streak long before. I would like to see how long Gogle will take it to close it like Buzz. This is truth- it has not reached the non-geeks till now. Average time spent by a user on Google+ is only a few minutes in a month whereas it is to many hours on FB. See for yourself how much time do you stick to your plus profile in a month. Did you even visited it in last 3 days.

Melissa Sugar said...

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Melissa Sugar said...

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Melissa Sugar said...

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Melissa Sugar said...

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