Get Fired up for the Winners

Announcing The Winners Of The Get Fired Up Blogfest!!!!!

 I want to thank each and every one of you for participating and voting. The grand prize winner came down to a tie breaker between two phenomenal bloggers and I don't think it could have been any closer. Both did an extraordinary job of lending their talent, skill, experience & expertise to other bloggers. I am honored to be part of such a sharing group of writers and bloggers.  

I have already told you how close the vote was, but I want to add this unique factor. Imagine how difficult it was to select the winner based on the criteria of the contest. Now factor in the similarity of the first names of the finalist. 

In alphabetical order:  Carrie and Cassie (one letter difference). 
I have grown so found of these two girls and their names. I swear, if I was still young and having more children their names would be Carrie & Cassie. And I already have a Casey.

Get on with it you say:
 The grand prize: Choice of a Kindle Fire or a two (2) hour plot consultation with  Martha Alderson  , author of The Plot Whisperer, is

Congratulations, Cassie.

Cassie writes a fun a upbeat blog. If you have not read it, be sure to check it out. Her blog, Reading Writing and Lovin it is one you will frequent often. Her vivacious personality is breath of fresh air.

Carrie Butler's blog, So, You're a Writer, has become one of my favorites. From her cool design to her informative and personal post, I always find myself lingering and pilfering through her older post.  I am borrowing this next line from her post today to demonstrate how she always manages to inspire other bloggers.

          " As I said on her post, for anyone who "shows up late to the party," don't think you need to wait for another blogfest to get help with your blog. With a supportive community like ours, there's no reason to go it alone.:)"

Thank you, Carrie.

The Next two winners were randomly selected.  Participants earned entries if they commented on my blog, used the word "Leap" (Leap Year) in their comment, blogged about the contest, tweeted, put a badge on their blog or sidebar, or commented on facebook.

I learned a lot from this blogfest (give a way). First of all, a lot of time and preparation goes into contest and blogfest. This was my first so I made a bunch of rookie mistakes.  I now know that I should have used rafflecopter, but I did not even know what that was when I came up with this idea. 

So I had to do the random selection the old fashioned way.  Yup, draw from a hat.   I didn't even have a raffle bingo thingy (just an L.S.U. Tigers ball cap)

Hopper~~ That's the word I was searching for.

 So let me explain the weird photo collage that you see above.   I wanted the drawing to be fair and I didn't want anyone to think I cheated so I accosted the painters who are at my house to paint my two teenage daughters' bedroom.  So starting at the top left...

     1.  I asked the stranger to please select a folded piece of paper from the hat (with his eyes closed).
     2. Then he held the folded paper up for a photo
     3. That's the other painter (painting their ceiling hot pink faux suede) my hubbie hates it.  I Kind of love it.  Grow up, right? But why? Colors are fun & cool.
     4. Then he held up the first random winner.
     5. Another photo of their wild room
     6. And the second random drawing winner.
     7. Another photo. I guess I needed to see if I am wacko for letting the girls do this??

and the winners are...

That's Right~ Leigh T. Moore (no, I mean, That's Right is the name of her blog. Check it out, here.  Leigh is the winner of a fifty dollar ($50.00 Amazon Gift Card)


The second random drawing winner is,  Coleen Patrick.  Coleen is the winner of two of Martha Alderson's books.

I know that I have a third category, but I have not been able to get to that category.  I will as soon as I can.  Thank you everyone and don't forget,

    I would like for all of the winners to please email me with your physical mailing address so that I can get your prizes to you.

Congratulations to all!!!!


  1. For real? I mean... really? I won??? WOW!

    Carrie is amazing, isn't she? Like dude, that offer she said is totally for me too. If anyone wants any advice, or just wants to chat, I'm totally up for that! I'm a gabber, so if you contact me, be prepared to have hour long conversations and forever long friendships :)

    Thank you Melissa for this wonderful blogfest! It's really been so much more than I could've hoped for. (Ha, that rhymes, lol)

    And a big shout out and love for everyone who voted... not just for me, but for my pal Carrie. Love you guys!

  2. Congratulations Cassie and the other winners!

  3. Many congratulations to the winners! 

  4. Congrats to the winners.  And holy cow - 20 days till A to Z?!?  I need to get writing some posts.

  5. Congratulations to the winners, especially Cassie! You rock, buddy! :)

    And a huge thank you to Melissa. This blogfest was a wonderful experience. Not only did it help a lot of people, but it created an awareness. If you ask me, it knit our community a little bit tighter. :)

  6. By the way, I love that you asked the painters to draw for your randomly selected winners! The photos were awesome!

  7. Congratulations to all of the winners!

  8. Hey! Whoot woo! Look at that! I won something! :D This must've gone up after I checked in yesterday. Hope your kiddos are doing better. And THANKS, Mel! You are too cool. Fun fest, and BIG congrats to all the winners! :o) <3

  9. Congratulations to the WINNERS! What awesome prizes and they all totally deserved it!

  10. Congrats to the winners! Way to go Cassie!!

  11.  Thanks you for participating, Jessica.

  12.  Thanks, Erin. I haven't heard from you in a while. Thanks for popping by. I will be over to visit your blog today. I have been swamped the last couple of weeks.

  13.  Thanks, Tasha. I know what you mean. I need to start writing some post. My goal was to have all of them written prior to April 1, but I am only on letter C. Well, at least I am not behind (yet).

  14.  Thank you, Carrie. I am so glad you participated. This was such a hard decision and I know how hard it was for the voters as well (they said so). I am glad I had a chance to get to know you better and read more of your blog. I really do love your design.  BTW, you have a prize as well. I will be in touch after Cassie selects her prize.

  15.  Thanks. Looking at the photos on my blog made me notice the odd similarity between the kids' color choice and my blog colors. I wonder where they get their funky, weird taste?

  16.  It went up late yesterday, Leigh. I intended to email the winners shortly before the post went up, but backed off the idea because so often I begin a post and am interrupted by work or family and don't get back to it until the next day. I didn't want you to get an email saying, "Congratulations, Leigh. You are a winner." Then I would have forgotten about the post and really confused everyone.  Sorry, I did not give you a heads up.

  17.  Thank you, Leigh and I appreciate everything you did for the contest.

  18.  Thank you, Jennifer. Thank you everyone. This was fun, but I have a new admiration for all of the bloggers who host these things all the time. It is hard.

  19. Congrats to all the winners! Yay for for them and for you for doing this amazing thing for the blog community. I've visited Carrie and Cassie both and look forward to many happy returns. 

  20. I'm with you Melissa. I'm a little intimidated to start one.

     I tagged you in the lucky 7 MEME on my blog if you like to participate :)

  21. Yay! Thank  you Melissa! 
    I sent you an email with my info. :)


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